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Drowning: A peaceful way to go?

Discussion in 'Basic Scuba Discussions' started by occrider, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. BKP

    BKP Great White

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Atlanta
    I agree...

    ...or blow ourselves up, or run headlong into bulkheads...
  2. Lake Muroc Diver

    Lake Muroc Diver Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Shelbyville Kentucky
    I too was a near drowning victim. I was wading in a flooded creek on what was the lower tier of a levy, with my 9 year old brother. I was twelve at the time. We both stepped into a washed out bank that was the center of a whirlpool. Although we were both on the local swim team, we could not surface. I made three unsuccessful attempts to catch a breath. Each attempt fell shorter of the surface and resulted in the gulp and gasp of water with panicky gulps and choking. The third attempt at reaching the surface resulted in a little light only visible through the muddy water.
    I sank to the bottom area, sort of floating around. With a mental image of the next day’s 3rd page Newspaper column “Two brothers drown in swollen creek". Darkness and quiet, no struggling.
    Then, lying on my side, my toe contacted what must have been an exposed root. I pushed on it with what was left of my strength. Suddenly I was clawing at the bank and in the air gasping and choking on some air.
    In the next seconds I climbed out, saw my brothers fingers just break the surface and stuck the barrel of the rifle I had into that water where he grabbed it and was pulled out.
    The initial struggle and choking was terrifying. The feeling of peace did occur about the time I was having the daydream/ night mare of the news article with our deaths recorded.
    I have not been afraid of the water since. I have had two more exhaustion episode in the ocean. One surfing in big surf and getting to ride in the washing machine at a Hawaiian surf spot. The other trying to rescue some beach bunny's oversize beach ball in a stiff offshore wind.
    I still spend all my money on water fun because I know I was born for it.
    Drowning is initial panic and a peaceful end. At least my event was. My brother says the same.
    I sure hope you never get to test my experience for validity.
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  3. cruiser

    cruiser ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Dallas, Texas
    Drowning peaceful? Not so much. Unless you did a bunch of pills beforehand or were highly narced. Like going over a reef wall, where it's 7,000 feet to the bottom, and just drifting down, down, down. (Totally don't get stabbing yourself in the chest. That would really hurt).

    Best way is freezing to death. Once your skin gets frostbite, your nerves no longer register the cold and you get warm and sleepy, never to wake up.

    Growing up in the midwest, we learned this in 1st grade as "what to do if you're caught in a blizzard to stay alive." You keep moving so the above doesn't happen. Kind of morbid stuff for a 1st grader, this was the early 60's.
  4. sadkjhdkasjhkjashk

    sadkjhdkasjhkjashk Garibaldi

    Hi, I saw a comment you left on a thread a while back ago:

    Drowning: A peaceful way to go?

    that one and I wanted to ask:

    You said:

    "What makes drowning (seem) far from peacefull is the fear of dying, not the fact that you are dying, I think.
    Somoene mentioned that drowning could be very similar to suffocating. If so, Id say its not really bad at all, as long as you dont let yourself freak out..
    Both through my different jobs and through my MMA training I have suffocated and been blood choked many times. Losing the blood flow to your brain is faster, but none of them are particulary painfull at all.. Choking takes a while as you need to use the o2 you already have inhaled before you pass out.
    Blood chokes make you unconcious near instantly if they are well performed and can kill you in as little as 10 seconds and SHOULD NOT BE TRIED AT HOME! (or at the bar or anywhere else)"

    And this has me deeply disturbed. How can you possibly say that drowning, and suffocating only SEEMS far from peaceful, and is not a horrible way to die? You said it's from fear of dying, and not from the fact that you are dying. But I don't think it's etiher. If someone set you on fire, would that not be a horrible way to go even if you didn't fear dying? Most people who survive suffocation, especially domestic abuse by partners who strangle them have PTSD, and Trauma for the rest of their life.

    The fact that you say that suffocation is not really bad at all as long as you don't let yourself freak out shows you know nothing about Biology, and Science. Every single human being who is suffocating will be forced against their will to freak out because of the fact that the brain will go into fight, or flight mode from animal instincts, and it is rooted in a primal, primordial fear. Suffocation is one of the worst indescribable types of pain, and panic, and fear, and sheer utter horror, and terror that you can never imagine.

    There is no such thing as ANY human being who can just let themselves suffocate with no fear, or panic whatsoever. EVERY one of them will freak out whether they want to, or not, and they will have NO control over it, or their reactions, whatsoever. None of us do.

    If what you say is true than why is Water Boarding people considered torture, and being shut down? Why are so many people against it?

    Why is animal protection people saying that drowning animals as a way of putting them down is cruel, and inhumane? If it's not bad, scary, or painful what is so bad about that method of euthanasia? Anyone who used it on an animal would be labled an evil monster with no feelings for anyone else, or regard for animal life, and dignity, and rightfully so.

    Why would it be inhumane to euthanise a human patient via drowning or suffocation who wants to die? If it's not bad, scary, or painful then why don't humans choose that option of euthanasia, and who do no rights to die companies use it? Anyone who used it on a human would be labled an evil monster with no feelings for anyone else, or regard for human life, and dignity, and rightfully so.

    I have had astham my whole entire life, and I KNOW what it's like to not be able to breathe, and be scared all the time. I have to fight for my air on a day to day basis. Suffocation is therefore a HUGE phobia of mine, and my most feared ways of dying ever. I guess all my pain, suffering, and panic is just all in my head, huh? I guess that I'm not actually in fear, gasping for air, and in pain from my lungs burning, and I don't have air hunger?

    I guess all the scientists, and doctors who document Air-Hunger, and how horrible suffocation actually is are all wrong then?

    It''s not from being afraid to die either, because I will choose death over pain. If I had the choice of being killed painlessly right now, or being suffocated with a plastic bag until I pass out, but I survive, I would choose the painless death just so I wouldn't have to experience the horribleness of suffocation.

    I would rather burn alive to death rather than be drowned, suffocated, smothered, or choked/strangled.

    Why don't you try doing some REAL reseacrh on what suffocation is like before running your insensitive mouth. Until you know first hand what it's like, you have no place to talk.

    What you said is very extremely offensive, and insultive, and a direct attack to my daily struggles. It's rude, and insensitive to all suffocation victims out there, both the dead ones, and the survived ones, (myself included) and shows you don't care about anyone else's feelings but your own if you're seriousely going to say that suffocation is the best way to go out, or at least is not a horrible way to go.

    How is suffocation not painful? Is intense panic not considered painful, or are you just super human, or some sort of alien, because 99.9999% of people would experience suffocation as extremely horrific, and painful.

    I bet you wouldn't allow one of your friends to tie you up, and hold a plastic bag tightly over your head, and suffocate you until you pass out, as a test, and then film it for us to prove your point.

    "Both through my different jobs and through my MMA training I have suffocated and been blood choked many times. Losing the blood flow to your brain is faster, but none of them are particulary painfull at all.. Choking takes a while as you need to use the o2 you already have inhaled before you pass out."

    Can you elaborate on that part for me? What jobs besides MMA caused you to suffocate? Can you go into details about all the times you suffoacted, how, and why they happened in the first place?

    If they happened during MMA, this strikes me as odd, and highly disturbing. Only Blood Chokes are supposed to be legal in those, and Air Chokes illegal.

    And if Air Chokes ARE legal, they are only supposed to be used to make the other person tap out. So no passing out should EVER happen from an Air Choke. Blood Chokes are one thing because you can pass out in seconds. But Air Chokes take minutes on end.

    So, why would you be suffocated until you pass out? Did you just not tap out during the Air Choke, and remained stubborn until you passed out?

    Because there is no such wrestling tournanemt, organisations, comapnies, sports, etc where doing an Air Choke on someone with no way of tapping out until they passed out would be legal.

    If that happened, whoever allowed it would be sued, arrested, and shut down as that would violate all safety regulations, and consent, and would be abuse, and assault.

    I'm really confused. Please elaborate on all the times you suffocated, how, and why they happened in the first place.
  5. sadkjhdkasjhkjashk

    sadkjhdkasjhkjashk Garibaldi

    Why were you never afraid of the water after that? Didn't you see tought that you still had to go through a terrifying experience first before you reached the peaceful state? Was the terrifying part of it not long enough, or terrifying enough to leave you with Trauma, or PTSD? For me, I won't go anywhere NEAR water BECAUSE of my fear of suffocation. I can only hold my breath for 20 seconds, and even that is Hell, and panic for me. Suffocation of any type for any amount of time is autoomatically so bad for me that I would take any other type of death over it. What causes me to experience, and see suffocation as so much worse than everyone else?
  6. ofg-1

    ofg-1 Course Director

    "You're right, Ed. A parachute not opening - that's the way to die, getting caught in a combine, having your nuts bit off by a Laplander. That's the way I want to go." Frank Drebin ,The Naked Gun
  7. Bubblesong

    Bubblesong Marine Scientist

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Massachusetts
    @sadkjhdkasjhkjashk you say you have asthma. (Yes, I read your entire two posts, although i had to take potty breaks that first one was so long)
    So i hope you are not a scuba diver, but instead have some other reason that you decided, “Today is the day I’m joining Scubaboard!” Please let us know your interest in Diving?
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  8. Bob DBF

    Bob DBF Solo Diver

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: NorCal
    Although I agree the post was longer than necessary, I certainly don't agree that asthma should , in every case, preclude one from diving.

  9. Diver below 83

    Diver below 83 Regular of the Pub

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: SoFlo
    it would seem they literally made an account yesterday just to come comment on a post from 2008? So 11 years later. They also are not a diver. Lol. Ok. Cool story bro.
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  10. Blueringocto_73

    Blueringocto_73 Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: NorCal
    If I had to go. Let it be in the dentists chair. Some Nitrous flowing. Oops mixture a little too lean. And then....
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