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Garmin Descent MK2

Discussion in 'Computers, Gauges, Watches & Analyzers' started by Peter Bomberg, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. TuckerIdaho

    TuckerIdaho Contributor

    Omniswivel Y makes everything happy. :)

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  2. waterone

    waterone Contributor

    I had not hooked the mk1 up to my computer much other than when sending dives to Subsurface so I had not played around with connect online much. I ended up doing a complete copy to my computer and then copied them over to the mk2 since the files looked the same. For about 4 minutes I thought I bricked the mk2 but i guess it was doing an update as well. Once the dives were in the mk2 it auto updated Connect and brought the dives back.

    After having the mk2i and playing around with it a couple days I'm really glad I ordered it. The screen is noticeably larger and the display seems to be more crisp. The lighting while it never was an issue on the mk1 also seems to be a large leap forward and the blacks are darker. It also has a ton more functionality and screens.

    When i bound the pod the music and tones were not loud enough for me to take much notice but my kid said he had no issues hearing it. It seems to get quite the distance for above water Bluetooth connection as I got solid connection while it was in my garage while I was upstairs inside my house, so multiple walls and about 80 feet distance.

    Taking it snowboarding today to see how it tracks and diving next weekend.

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  3. TuckerIdaho

    TuckerIdaho Contributor

    Much like other Garmin devices, you might want to change GPS update rate to 1sec.
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  4. waterone

    waterone Contributor

    Is that the Data Recording option, or is there another area to change it as well? It says that it might not record the entire activity if it last for longer periods of time....but doesn't give an idea what is considered longer times! Longer than 1 hour..3...10..:confused:

    I plan to go for about 6- 8 hours today so I wonder if it will capture it all.
  5. TuckerIdaho

    TuckerIdaho Contributor

    Ehh maybe ignore that advice, it'll absolutely eat the battery. (I know a marathon at that interval beat the hell out of it)
  6. waterone

    waterone Contributor

    It ended up kicking me out around 1.5 hours but I didn't notice since it was under my glove. I do recall it was vibrating a bit but I thought it was just texts. It was probably telling me it was saving the data.

    Not sure if it was because the lift was too long, or the setting. Normally the MK1 would record the full time even with extended breaks. But my son also had that setting and it kicked him around the same time.

    It didn't use too much battery for that time though.

    Going up on Sunday to see what it does but ill watch it more closely. Kid thinks he can beat my top speed now that he has something to track him.
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  7. Gjoyce3

    Gjoyce3 Registered

    Back on the band bandwagon. I found the Apollo gauge wrist strap that comes in a 1" size - the exact size needed. Slightly expensive at $20 and the included velcro strap clocks in at 13" which is too short for my dry suit use. However, the spring buckle is threaded like a scuba belt buckle - a quick trip to the store and $4 later, I have a self adjusting velcro watch band. Another option would be to get the elastic velcro strap in the appropriate size.
  8. stuartv

    stuartv Seeking the Light ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Manassas, VA
    Looks cool, but I wonder how long the springs in there are going to last after they get exposed to salt water a few times.

    FYI, I got a couple of these for my Terics. I haven't dived them yet nor tested the fit over my drysuit. But, I think they're going to work very well with a wetsuit and my neoprene drysuit, for sure. They may even be stretchy enough to work over my trilam drysuit with dryglove rings.

    Pajama Stretch Watch Straps - Black
  9. Ucarkus

    Ucarkus Contributor

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Berlin, Germany
    Anyone knows whether pulse oxmeter is recording in dive mode? Another question; I just got my tankpod and wondering what the practical battery life is?
  10. nurkol

    nurkol New

    Looks like a new Descent on the way March 8th; IPH-03898 at FCC ( https://fccid.io/IPH-03898 ) is a GPS Dive Watch ( e-Sertifikasi | Sertifikat ), and the
    SAR report (part 1) in section 9 lists the item in question as '*PMP Grivory, GV-5H**/Stainless | A03898 | 010-02132-01', which is the same part # as US Mk2i

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