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Hey there

Discussion in 'Ideas and Stories' started by Kayla, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. Orlando Eric

    Orlando Eric Instructor, Scuba

    Guess I am the only a-hole here that sees a problem with a sixteen year old two year veteran (Basic OW!?!) diver being the number two man (vice president?) of a twenty-seven member team.
  2. Orlando Eric

    Orlando Eric Instructor, Scuba

    Actually I rebutt my own remark. I do not have a problem with it as i am not down their line or drowning in their lakes.. do what you want in Burlington, Washington I never plan to go there.
  3. TheAvatar

    TheAvatar Barracuda

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: 9300ft above sea
    I thought she was the daughter of the VP?
  4. Boater Dan

    Boater Dan Barracuda

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Western PA

    1) I absolutely commend you for being involved at your age. Today, way too many of our youth choose not to be involved today. Keep it up.

    2) Post on the PSD forum as often as you wish. Everyone is welcome as far as I am concerned. Everyone can provide input, and the day I quit learning, you can plant flowers over me.

    3) I will also voice my concerns about someone of your age performing PSD doing rescue and recovery work. If you take the time to read a few of the posts by Gary D, recovering a human underwater, in low visibility conditions can take it's toll on an individual. I have been involved with deaths in fires, vehicle accidents, and drownings. While you feel you can handle it, I can recite exact details of each incident from many years ago.
    My 18 year old son went open water this year and I will not permit him to dive on a human rescue/recovery until he has gained much more real life experience through his efforts with the VFD. It is not fun, it is stressful, it is dangerous, it takes it's toll. Be careful.

    4) If you and your father feel you are mentally prepared to perform this work, then I wish you well. There are not many youths who could do so and not be affected.

    Good luck and dive safe.

  5. Gary D.

    Gary D. ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Post Falls, Idaho
    Some people seem to be beating up on Kayla without knowing very much about her team. All we know is what has been posted which is usually only part of the story. I’m sure their training is more in depth than we are seeing here.

    Even though I have a little problem with her age, I was only a couple of years older when I made my first recovery. I was a snotty nose teenager and that recovery changed my life, I would guess, for the better. None of us have any idea of how mature or mentally stable she is but my guess is that she would score high in both areas. Those two areas are about the most important factors in making a good PSD.

    I don’t remember any of her posts claming she was a PSD. I think all she had referred to is being a Search and Rescue Diver. In my book they are similar but still miles apart. A little above sport and working up the ladder, not doing a full PSD job but doing more than the average sport diver. Nothing is rushed and it is done as safe as possible.

    She is most likely safer doing what she is doing than just going out diving with a bunch of classmates. At least it’s supervised.

    Washington State has some very strict rules and regulations against most things and I’m sure some of them would flow into any type of recovery diving. If the state isn’t having a problem, neither should we.

    It sounds like Dad is spearheading the operation and that she is Dad’s assistant so why not give her the VP title. After all, it is just a title. Nobody on my team was even born when I started diving and I have been in-charge of the team for the least amount of time. If I was the team leader due to seniority how would anyone else learn anything. Being on top is just a title and nothing more.

    In the office or out of the water at meetings someone needs to be the head of the class and that’s where the Pres., VP, Sec. and the like come into play. But when it comes to the water everyone needs to work together and anyone at anytime should have the power to call the dive.

    A couple of years ago I had one of my snot nose team members pull me and ground me for something I didn’t see was a problem. He did so I got dry, no questions asked. I wasn’t happy but I didn’t fight it. He saw something I didn’t. Working together is the goal we all need to strive for and there is no room for bickering.

    I am going to support Kayla, her team, her Dad for taking her under his wing, and what they do for the public. Nobody on this board is better than anyone else and like a diving operation we need to work together and support one another. Sure we are going to disagree with stuff but that is just human nature. The important thing is to get over it.

    I’m not trying to pick on anyone here but I think we have all said something here that was not supportive of Kayla and what she is doing. Let’s band together and give her all the support she need to do a good job.

    Gary D.
  6. Greg D.

    Greg D. Solo Diver

    Well put Gary,

    When I was a teenager I was more worried about chasing chicks and going to parties than serveing my community. :dazzler1:
    It's admrible that she is doing these things at such a young age and we should support that.

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