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In the beginning

Discussion in 'Force Fin' started by Blair Mott, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. uncleavi

    uncleavi Instructor, Scuba

    That's my Brother in law!
    He is a pretty good diver and he should be the one taking pictures of the new Tan Delta Military fin for me. Is there any doubt as to why he's my favorite sibling of my [Force Fin diving] Wife?
  2. Blair Mott

    Blair Mott Dive Equipment Manufacturer

  3. DrDuktayp

    DrDuktayp Divemaster Candidate

    I borrowed a pair of Extra FF from our local dive shop and did a nice easy night dive with them. I had the whiskers turned to about parallel to start the dive. I did about 10 minutes or so then turned them out so they followed the line of the fin.

    I found they had more power with the whiskers turned in but preferred them out as they did manuevers (turns, backing up and helicopters) better for me. They flutter kicked much better than they frog kicked.

    If I run across a 'deal' on them I would pick up a pair. I do think that I would like the bungie over the webbing but really the webbing was pretty easy to put on.

    When I get a chance to try out the Pro Force I will. There are lots of them around as the local harvesters prefer them. Kind of nice to be able to walk in them.

    I know that you all know about these fins already so, I am wondering what the little nubs on the bottom are for, walking in? Or do the nubs do something during the dive?

    Also, I see that the line up is pretty extensive. Is there a Force Fin model that does the frog kick pretty well?

  4. meesier42

    meesier42 Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Kennewick, WA
    The bumps are called Vortex Generators they create small vortex behind them, this keeps the speed of the water over the back of the blade high by reducing the surface tension. Why is this important you ask? well with the size, length, and stiffness of the Extra Force and the Excellerator the water slowing down and "sticking" to the blade will cause drag and blade shutter in the weakest part of the kick stroke- the recovery
    so in a nutshell the "bumps" help ensure that these blades are the most efficient fins available
  5. kdove

    kdove Registered

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Hong Kong
    I love my buddy!
    The Cubs are breaking my heart, but at least I've got the coolest fins around.

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  6. DrDuktayp

    DrDuktayp Divemaster Candidate


    Thanks for answering my question. I figured they had to be for something. Nice link too, there is a wealth of information at the FF site.
  7. uncleavi

    uncleavi Instructor, Scuba

    Here I am in Bora Bora with the new SD-1 Military Tan Delta

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  8. Bob Evans

    Bob Evans Contributor

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Santa Barbara, California USA
    Avi, I love you. While your diving I started the UDT fin mold. Hopefully might have a pair of Poly-urethane Tan Deta's for the DEMA show. The foot pocket really looks like I might be able to add to it's comfort and size adjustment. I also thought it might be fun to let the scubaboard members decide on a price given all my cost and Tan Delta material cost for this UDT project.
  9. pearl97t_bird

    pearl97t_bird Registered

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    Location: Oregon
    How can I become a Force Fin Tester and get to test those fins?

    Well I just got back from buying some new dive boots and it was interesting. I took my fins in with me to make sure the new boots would fit my fins. I set my fins on the ground since I had to pick up some other stuff and would do the boots last. After I had gotten everything I was ready to try a set of boots with my fins and I had to go looking for my fins as there were several people that like the fins and wanted to try them on and then wanted to know where to get them. So told them to FF website or to call the company and gave them the number and told them to ask for Bob or Blair. When it was all said and done I had give out your information to at least 8 or 9 people. The store owner spoke with me and wanted to take a look at my fins and asked several questions and i gave him the company contact info. These fins attracted lots of attention and alot of people wanted to know more information about them. Of course I love them and have used FF when I was in the army. Any I got home and I was unpacking my new stuff I got at the LDS and my son grabs my fins and puts them on and looks at me with his "binky" (he is only two years old) so I took his photo and I wanted to share it with every one. Well Bob it looks like my son knows a good set of fins when he sees them. Thanks for making a great product Bob.

    Sam Chavez

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  10. uncleavi

    uncleavi Instructor, Scuba

    My wife is due in November and I hope to have my Daughter diving Force Fins ASAP!

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