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Lake diving in Arizona?

Discussion in 'Southwestern Region' started by tonyc, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. diverjed

    diverjed Manta Ray

    # of Dives:
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    I know it's a bit of a hike from Phoenix, but Lake Powell offers some awesome diving, I dove it last year. You can do a search on the web and link up with a dive shop, I dove with an outfit out of Page, AZ.
  2. Fishkiller

    Fishkiller Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Mesa Arizona, The all beach no ocean state.
    Some answers

    the water temp last weekend was 75F at 33FFW viz was 5 feet

    the Helicopter can only be reached by boat

    the School bus is at 90 feet and has decayed beyond a safe limit to do any diving IMHO

    Zellet and I are going to do some diving at the Key Hole the 18th anyone want to join????

    the basic plan is to get to the end of the rope, if you show up you'll get the entire story but suffice it to say that there is a rope attached at one end of a cable and goes that-a-way, we only got a few feet before we had to end the dive.....
  3. tonyc

    tonyc Nassau Grouper

    Well, Thursday my wife and I went out not far from the marina by ourselves, and then this Sunday, I went out on the diver down dive boat. Had a great time even though the viz sucked. Did my first deep dive to 82 foot- It was completely black down there. also stumbled upon a pretty cool rock wall that we swam around.
    Felt a lot safer on the boat, just having people topside to keep the boats and wave riders away. When my wife and I went, she was a little nervous because of the viz, so we stayed around 25 foot. We could here boats continuously above us and it was hard to keep the dive flag from blowing away.

    Fish killer- We'll be in San diego on the 18th (and on the lois anne on the 19th :) . Michelle (my wife and "Official Dive buddy") and I actually have four days off some our going to get some diving in over there. What's the keyhole???

  4. Nodack

    Nodack Angel Fish

    Me and my wife certified in Saguaro Lake last June and I couldn't see my hand when I held it in front of my face. We figured if we could get through that we could get through anything. Try not losing your dive buddy when you can't see more than two feet. My compass even got stuck and wouldn't register. We swore we would never dive there again. Right after that we dove 2-3 dives a day in Cozumel for 10 days. I felt like we were floating in space because the vis was so good there.

    Do you guys really get good dives in AZ?
  5. heymonkey

    heymonkey Angel Fish

    Actually, the past few weeks at Pleasant have been nice. 20+ ft. viz and the water level is up... The warmer it gets, the more viz drops. Saw some nice conditions at Canyon Lake too over the winter - bit chilly though. There are some cool rock formations if you know where to look in the local lakes... I don't imagine there's much in the state that would even come close to Cozumel, but you can get good dives in AZ - depending on your expectations. :wink:
  6. AevnsGrandpa

    AevnsGrandpa Barracuda

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Bloomnigton, Illinois
    Hey all Phoenix area divers,

    I will be in Tempe on business the week of May31-June4th and would love an excuse to haul all my dive dear through the airport to get a chance to dive.

    I get in to Phoenix at 11am or there abouts so I could dive later that afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday after 6pm and Thursday after 1pm. Flying out on Friday.

    I don't really want to haul all my equipment unless I get something planned and nailed down. Traveling with others and I won't have a car when I am there. Staying at the Fiesta Inn on Priest.

    If you are interested you can PM me.

  7. Nautical Cowboy

    Nautical Cowboy Guest

    You could try Lake Mohave... Just before entering Katherine's Landing turn right to Cabin cove. Lots of divers go there. There is a school bus at the bottom, a few boats and some good marine life (approx. 40'). This lake has everythng in it, including airplanes.
  8. Nautical Cowboy

    Nautical Cowboy Guest

    You could try Lake Mohave. Just before entering Katherin's Landing.. turn right to Cabin Cove. There is a school bus at the bottom and a 28' boat, great marine life and more (Approx 40'). Water has been very clear. Can see about 45' down in some areas of the lake. The lake has lots of stuff, including aircraft.
  9. kmac

    kmac Solo Diver

    Was at Saguaro the 19th... had a 3mm and was getting hot enough I was having to flood the suit every 10 minutes...

  10. Raptor

    Raptor Guest

    I've recently dove lake pleasant, canyon, and apache. I want to try Mohave as the water seems to be quite clear from the surface. last dives were at apache (9/11/2004)and canyon. apache lake is really good vis for the circumstances. the water in the first 20-30ft has alot of chunks of algae (coming from Rosevelt) but below that the vis gets GOOOOOD !!!! 25ft easy, however it is dark and a flashlight is recomended. Lots of really interesting diving at the rock ledges, with cutbacks and caves. I'm going back as soon as I can scrounge up some spare time (blasted housework). the diving we do is from a pontoon boat (rental) and gets you to alot of places. not to much accessablitity for shore diving. we dove 6 divers off a 24 ft'r and had a ball.
    We dove canyon lake on 10/2/2004, several spots and found best vis to be 4 ft, nothing like diving by brail, gave me a good navigation work out. Will try to post more info sooner after next dive (Apache 10/30/2004 or so ?)
    enjoy !

    Dale N.
    PADI #0407070395
    Advanced certified diver
    Buckeye, AZ

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