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Looking for new fins - wetsuit diving (5mm), primarily frog kick, prefer Mares bungie strap

Discussion in 'Fins, Masks and Snorkels' started by mscmicrobiology, May 16, 2019.

  1. mscmicrobiology

    mscmicrobiology Angel Fish

    I have been diving most recently with Mares X-streams (~150 dives with these). I find them overall very good for flutter kick but just alright for frog kicking. They are also starting to show signs they will be buckling/breaking just past the hinge point. I also find them a bit on the buoyant side (my feet feet particularly light). That said, I have some Mares bungie straps on them .... can't rave enough about them, far superior to metal spring straps IMO and best straps I have ever tried. I tried some Mares Volo Power fins previously but hated them, too flimsy/not firm enough/no bite, and they shredded at the material transition points after <25 dives. They were also horrible for me for anything besides straight flutter kicking.

    I am looking for something to replace my X-streams with. Priorities are durable, traditional paddle/technical (ie. non-hinged/split/freedive), well suited for frog kicking/helicopter/back finning with only minimal flutter kicking, preferably neutrally buoyant (typically tropical/temperate salt water with 5mm full semi-dry suit/boots - ya I am a cold wimp!). Lesser priorities are preference for Mares bungie straps, black fin color.

    I had been checking out the Mares Avanti Quattro Plus fins, they seem to check all my boxes, but after using the X-streams and seeing how plastic/thermoplastic/rubber combinations can develop weak spots, I am a bit hesitant. My LDS doesn't seem to be a fan either, though they are definately biased toward North Atlantic Drysuit Technical diving here.

    I had also looked into the Mares Power Plana fins, they also seem to check most of the boxes, but I am concerned they may be too heavy for wetsuit diving the tropics. I will not be diving doubles, drysuit, or cold water. I find my style of diving is recreational with tech flare (including techniques for tight penetrations, shallow caves, swim-throughs, chimneys) and these shorter-firmer fins seem well suited otherwise.

    I would really welcome some of your input and first-hand information.
  2. ams511

    ams511 Solo Diver

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: Miami, Florida
    Check out the threads on the Deep 6 fins, those will probably my next fin purchase. Another contender or contenders would be OMS Slipstreams and the Dive Right fins.
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  3. -Moe

    -Moe Nassau Grouper

    I also found my legs when using X-Streams a little floaty even wearing just board shorts in warmer waters so I switched my tall booties to a shorter model which helped. Everyone I know who use Mares Avanti Quattro Plus fins say they love them.
  4. Sh0rtBus

    Sh0rtBus BUBBLLLLLLES! My Bubbles ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Denton, TX
    Don't have any experience with the Deep 6 Eddys myself but they're definitely on my list because of near neutral buoyancy. If you're finding your Xstreams a little buoyant with a 5mm semidry on, maybe you want a more negative fin? If that's the case then I can highly recommend the Hollis F1. Great power with flutter kicking but have that stiff sidewall that's great for frog and helicopter kicks and even do well at backfinning. I dive them myself and although yes they are a bit heavy @ roughly 3 lbs negative, they do everything I need them to do and I've been extremely happy with them over the last two years since I got them. The Scubapro Jet fins are another great choice for the types of finning you're describing and used by lots of tech divers. I think they're a little less negative than the Hollis F1's and the blade seems to be a bit shorter, which is better for maneuvering in tight spots like caves, tunnels, etc. But I'm sure the shorter blade also sacrifices a bit of power compared to the F1's. I could be wrong, though, as I've never dove the Jets. I have friends that have them, though, so maybe I need to try them out and see so I can give a better opinion. Anyway....that's waht I've got for ya'. Hope it helps!
  5. SandyRobinson

    SandyRobinson Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Moultrie, Georgia
    I use the Dive Rites since they are lighter. My daughter uses Jets since she needs the weight.
  6. Zef

    Zef Divemaster


    I use Cressi Reaction fins they work great for flutter, helicopter, and frog kicking and I can fin in reverse with them sans problems.

    I have had my Cressi Reactions for over 4 years now and they are still going strong with frequent use and very little signs of wear. I recently replaced the adjustable heel strap with the elastomer/bungee strap and am wondering why I didn't do that a few years ago.

    I find them to be rather neutral...my feet don't feel like they are floating or sinking with them and I use them comfortably with both my wetsuit (5-6mm booties) and drysuit (aqualung fusion boots) without issues.

    I wear a US size 10 running shoe and have the L/XL fins.

    Here is a link to a pair of black ones:
    Cressi Reaction EBS Scuba Diving Open Heel Adjustable Fins with EBS Bungee Strap | eBay

  7. mscmicrobiology

    mscmicrobiology Angel Fish

    I ended up trying out some Mares Power Planas. Love the fins, them being negative is actually a plus. Only thing I am running into is the fit. I am primarily using 6.5mm Waterproof B1 boot (size 11 mens shoe). I find that the tech style fins are really difficult to get fitting properly. The size (R) fits laterally but I find the foot pocket too shallow and my toes are getting cramped against the end. I find the size (XL) too loose laterally even though they fit better front-to-back. I wonder if I should just use the size (R) and put on a larget bungie strap or steel strap so my toes aren't quite as squished up.

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