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Make Good Money as a Scuba Instructor

Discussion in 'Basic Scuba Discussions' started by captdave, Oct 11, 2001.

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  1. joewr

    joewr ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives:
    Location: Northern California

    I rarely give my adult sons unsolicited advice (quote, my grandmother: "Anytime you feel like giving advice, take two aspirin and go to bed."). However, one thing I did tell them was to NOT go into a profession for the money alone. Do it because you enjoy it! No one can pay you enough to go to work everyday to a job you hate!

    I was fortunate--in nearly 30 years of earning a living, I only had one year of a job that I disliked. However, it was "my turn in the barrel" and I knew that it was temporary...

    Joewr...NetDoc, life is good!
  2. TwoBitTxn

    TwoBitTxn Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: North Texas

    No offense taken dude, :wink: I'm too easy going for that

    Diving gal.. your welcome...DM's have a tough job. I spent some time in the medical field and I guess you can kinda liken DM's to nurses. Lots of work for little pay and no recognition.

    Final dives of the season for me this weekend. Yall have a good one.

  3. Sara Smiles

    Sara Smiles Angel Fish

    Its called a MEASURE OF SUCCESS.
    How do you measure a man's success?

    Some believe more MONEY means your successful - this is the
    capitalistic, materialistic supposidly progressive viewpoint
    (United States, 2001).
    Do you need to buy your kids a $250. plastic car to drive around
    the yard or 10 toys at Xmas? Or your wife a brand new Lexus.
    Throw away the leftovers we don't eat them. Put some fancy
    packaging on those eggs so we can sell MORE.

    Some believe HAPPINESS in what your are doing in life and JOY
    are a meaure of your success - this is the traditional, good guy, 1950's time frame viewpoint (Budapest, Hungary - love it).
    Buy the child 1 toy at Xmas, tell him you love him dearly.
    Your wife doesn't have a car. The leftovers can be made into
    another meal. Bring your own egg carton to the store and bag
    to carry groceries, less garbage, we throw packaging away anyway.

    Do we measure a man by his wallet? or what? this is
    freedom of choice in what YOU feel is the success.

    Dive instructors are usually in it because I believe they love the sport.

    I know both types of people and this perplexes me?

    The MONEY type are losing their fortunes in the stock
    market they have worked their butts off for 40 years
    getting. SAD. Never had time to play.

    The JOY type have banked in on 30-40 yrs of enjoying life, playing golf, scuba diving, spearfishing etc. and worked at what they enjoyed just to survive. They now have no retirement money
    cause they spent it all or never made any money.

    Who is better off? I don't know...

    Is this the root of the forum?

    Oh gee, let's get away from this time sucking computer and go outside, yeah it's 5:00 p.m. quitting time, lets get out of here -- possibly night diving.... (joking)

    COMPETENCE, nem, no, is this some kind of foreign word. I
    don't think anyone practices that anymore in the U.S.

    $$$$$$$$$$$ and more....$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    no offense to anyone, this must be a value judgement call?
  4. scubakat

    scubakat Senior Member

    I'm with you on that Sara.... Except that I am outa here and I am going night diving (NOT joking :).

  5. WetDane

    WetDane Manta Ray

    Yeah - well - I'm NOT outta here - and I'm in CA so I'm NOT going night diving... Bummer - you and Dave have fun...

    Big T

    Sara - whaddaya mean "joking" about night diving?
  6. scubakat

    scubakat Senior Member

    I did see Dave & Mike (Not Mike G.) out there. When I got there I saw a pair of lights in the shallows that matched yours & Dave's & I thought for sure that you were with him. I was surprised to see Mike get out! I dove with my friend Linda. Tomorrow I am off to the San Juan's for the weekend, I hope you get home & get some dives in. You missed out on the Pizza & Beer too!

  7. jarke55

    jarke55 Guest

    Hey, Im a new instructor to be very soon. Its going to be a babyboomer second career.I know what you are saying. You have lit my lightbulb.Still young and impressionable. Thanks for the insight. Jarke55
  8. SubMariner

    SubMariner C'est Moi ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: A Canuck Conch
    In case no one noticed, this thread is 5 years old.

    Just thought I'd bring that up if anyone was expecting an answer.
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