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Mares Nemo Excel

Discussion in 'Mares... Just add Water!' started by drew52, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. drew52

    drew52 Instructor, Scuba

    First off this is an awesome looking computer. I've had it for a couple of days and nearly everyone I see has commented on how great it looks.

    It also have great features and just about everything can be set, changed or adjusted.

    The only issue I have at this point is I can't find the surface interval. Is there something I am missing? Am I missing something in the manual? It seems impossible to find something that tells me how long I've been out of the water.

    Any one got any ideas how I get to see my current surface interval?

    CODMAN Barangay Pasaway

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    I don't believe the Nemo has this option. but a quick look at the computer to see at what time you surfaced, combined with the watch function will give you the same info as a Surface interval timer!

    Just trying to help!:coffee:
  3. drew52

    drew52 Instructor, Scuba

    Thats great if you remember to look at the watch as you get out of the water. If you don't then... So far the only option I've found is to look at time in in the logbook, add the dive time to this time which gives you a time out and then... way to much maths

    Pain in the .... if you ask me.

    Anyway I really like the computer but it seems a real pity you can't see a surface interval.
  4. robway034

    robway034 PADI Pro

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Montclair, Virginia, United States

    I am not completely sure what you are referring to, so if I give you some useless information or something that doesn't address the question then allow me to apologize in advance. I am just trying to share some information that might help:
    The sufrace interval on my Excel starts once I am out of the water. As a matter of fact, I took a look at my watch just before typing this and it clearly shows the time that I exited the water at 9:25 last night (teaching OW in the pool). It also, with the press of a button, shows I am only one minute away from my "safe to fly" (LOL)! So, if you haven't had your watch in the water yet then that maybe the problem. Surface interval is a default activiation for the Excel and won't be visibile until you've actually made a dive (below 4 feet I think). It even does this in "bottom timer" mode.

    I hope that this addressed your question.

  5. drew52

    drew52 Instructor, Scuba


    When I get out the water my computer displays the plane for the no-fly time and shows me my desaturation time. But no surface interval. Do you know if there are settings I am not seeing in the manual.
  6. Don Wray

    Don Wray Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Sardis lake, Ms.
    I don't have the new one but I do have a stainless Nemo....There isn't a timer for your surface interval but if you'll go to the plan dive mode, you'll see that the numbers are adjusted for your next dive. The longer you stay out, the more time it'll add to the planning for your NDL.
  7. sharkman72fla

    sharkman72fla Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    I am looking at purchasing this watch/computer as well. My only concern is the battery? I own a Citizen Professional Diver which is solar powered. With the Nemo, how do you replace the battery when it needs it? There are no jewelers I know of that can properly change a dive watch battery and keep the depth rating on it. Thanks!
  8. drew52

    drew52 Instructor, Scuba

    according to Mares you need to take the computer in to a Mares Authorised service center. I would say that you could take it back to the people you bought it from and they could arrange the battery replacement. You could also just send it to a Mares service center yourself. They claim the battery lasts about 170 45 minute dives. The computer may also be turned off if you are not using it so as to save battery power.

    So far I am happy with my Nemo (done around 30 dives with it) and with my experience of other user replaceable battery computers, I'm happy for the inconvenience of sending mine in. My wife has just sent her third replacement Suunto Mosquito back as the face has slowly been cracking. The others had buttons fall off and other problems so...
  9. jrlevin

    jrlevin Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Hong Kong
    Does anyone know how to check the battery life. I am about to go away next week on a 3 week dive trip and dont want to have a problem.
  10. Phil Mintz

    Phil Mintz Dive Equipment Manufacturer


    While it can be an inconvience, we do reccomend that you bring it to an authorized service center for battery change. We had a lot of the original Nemo's coming back flooded and most were due to improper battery replacement. In our technical seminars we are now training dealers to change the battery also, so some LDS can do this, but only if they have been taught. It is not that the process is so difficult, but it is not worth ruining a computer if you are not completely sure.



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