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Ontario Dive Locations - Upper St Lawrence

Discussion in 'Coordinates' started by DivingGal, May 15, 2002.

  1. DivingGal

    DivingGal Divemaster

    approximate max depth (in feet)
    Lock 28 (30), Connestoga (30)

    Rothesay (35), Prescott docks (30), Loblaws (52)

    Muscellonge (70) Gaskin (70), Lillie Parsons (80), Daryaw (95), Kinghorn (90), Keystorm (115), America (92),

    Other wrecks in the area:
    Although the Vickery and the Peel start shallow (Vickery at 65 and Peel at 80) Please see Indeco's post for more about them. Thanks for the info Indeco!

    Also these three technical sites - JB King (155), Jodrey (242)and Oconto (200)

    Anyone have anymore?
  2. Butch103

    Butch103 Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives:
    Location: Southeast Ontario (Marmora)
    Dammm DG I didn't know the Connie was so deep....technical dive? maybe...........:wink:
    zider likes this.
  3. gadget

    gadget Nassau Grouper

    Forget the Jodrey..... Conestoga here I come :D
  4. DivingGal

    DivingGal Divemaster

    ok for you challenged types -- the Connie is only 30 ft geesh
  5. indeco

    indeco Angel Fish

    since you did say these are max depths i felt it important to correct two dangerous errors

    The Peel is beyond recreational limits. The wreck sits in 135. The remains of the engine can be found in water closer to 80 feet but that is by no means the wreck. Make sure you view this wreck from 70 or 80 feet west and enjoy its shadowed profile. Do not lay lines here or they will be removed go with someone who can take you there and and keep this location rope free (they are not needed)

    The vickery Starts around 65 at its rail near the windless. Off the Stern by the rudder you will have near 125. If you go down to explore the masts you will have depths near 150. Help preserve this wreck and remove nothing.
  6. DivingGal

    DivingGal Divemaster

    First, let me say - most of the wrecks that I've posted info on (in this thread and the others about dive sites in Ontario) I've not been on! I've posted information that I've gathered from here and there on the web. Some of the information has proven to be --- well unreliable!

    It's to the credit of divers like Indeco, who have taken the time to read the posts, and correct the information. Thanks one and all!!!!

    I prefer to max out in the 100 - 120 ft range (though I did sneak down to 125 down in the Carribean on one dive)... so the real facts about the deeper dives -- the technically advanced dives, is something I'll only hear about from those divers who are technically able (and willing) to dive them - then share the information.

    Indeco, had experienced some of these dives, and has shared the following facts:
    Jodery - bow sits in approx 155 to 240 ft, the stern mainly at 175ft
    Oconto - for all his dives on her, has only maxed at 185 ft
    JB King - does go to 155ft, but as it is in pieces, most sit at around 130ft, but the depth in combination with the current on this wreck is something only for the very experienced diver.
  7. barb

    barb Barracuda

    Ahem, Ahem,

    I hate to add another correction but the Musccalonge "Muskie" is closer to 93' deep. I just came back from a dive to it. Unfortunately, the vis. was terrible and still too cold for the usual large schools of fish. It's not much of a wreck - or it's really wrecked actually ha, ha, ha, but you can often see large fish here. They make em bigger in Canada eh?:frosty:
  8. barb

    barb Barracuda


    It was very rude of me to correct your info. and forget to say thank you for taking the time to offer this info. I appreciate it as I'm still discovering all the great places to dive in Ontario especially if they're close to Ottawa.

    Thanks Again!!!:)
  9. DivePartner1

    DivePartner1 Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: McLean, Virginia
    A group I dive with from Annapolis, Maryland is considering a trip to the St. Lawrence over the Labour Day holiday. Can anyone recommend any dive boats, shore points, or dive shops? We considering something around the St. Lawerence to the south of Ottawa as the crow flies to minimize the 13 hour drive, but would consider other sites, particularly for good wrecks.

  10. DivingGal

    DivingGal Divemaster

    For charters to see some wrecks:
    Out of Brockville (about 1.5 hrs from Ottawa) Bottom Time Charter

    Out of Kingston (about 2 hrs from Ottawa ) Big Jim's

    There are a nubmer of shore dives - drifts, wrecks and "lost villages"

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