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poseidon regulator

Discussion in 'Poseidon' started by n3rdftw, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. n3rdftw

    n3rdftw NAUI Instructor


    I recently bought a random Poseidon(edit-> Jetstream 3960) regulator off craigslist that seemed to be in good working condition. It pressures up and the regs seem to breathe easily, but I haven't taken it to any depth outside of the tub...Once I got home to do some research on it, I realized that I got myself deeper than I expected...

    I was unfamiliar with the poseidon brand before I bought it :shakehead:
    Since I didn't do my research, I didn't realize how rare they were in the Texas area

    If I primarily dive in a lake caused by a reservoir, which is around 50F to 80F, and in the Caribbean, I realized that I might not need such a kind of regulator...
    Can someone here vouch for the use of a Poseidon as a recreational level regulator, and direct me to someone who will service them in Austin Texas? I tried calling around, it seems most shops do not service them, even Scubaland, the "authorized seller" of poseidon according to the Poseidon website does not service them in Austin.....

    Also, it seems hard to tell the actual year of manufacture, is there a way to tell? What should be the average cost of service parts?
    I got ONE quote out of 4 shops I called that estimated it to be around $150 or so.....

    Edit -> After some research... after I buy it -.-;
    It seems to be a Poseidon 3960 from 2007 based on the serial number.
    Sadly, as an indictment of my equipment recognition skills, I didn't even realize that it had the 2920 DIN -> YOKE converter... for some reason i thought it was a giant yoke reg...

    EDIT -> Some pictures

    IMAG0474.jpg IMAG0473.jpg IMAG0472.jpg IMAG0471.jpg IMAG0470.jpg IMAG0469.jpg IMAG0468.jpg IMAG0467.jpg IMAG0466.jpg IMAG0465.jpg IMAG0464.jpg IMAG0463.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2012
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  2. kombiguy

    kombiguy Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Palmetto Bay, FL
    I love my Poseidons. They're usually pretty pricey, and as you've found out, difficult to get serviced. That's why you generally don't see them used by basic recreational divers. As far as service goes, try dropping Mike a line at Dive Right In Scuba. He's in Illinois, but they did my Poseidons for me a while back.
  3. Gilldiver

    Gilldiver Loggerhead Turtle

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Northeast US
    Scotty at TDL can do them, also Ed at Divers Cove in Essex CT. You may find that shipping by FedEx ground half way across the country is cheaper than driving to the local dive shop.

    Next question, which Poseidon did you get?
  4. SeaCobra

    SeaCobra Dive Shop

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: West Chester, PA
    The Poseidon Diving Systems is located in Conroe, TX, give them a call at 281-465-8600
  5. n3rdftw

    n3rdftw NAUI Instructor

    hey, i would like some further advice regarding this.

    i paid $75 dollars for this Poseidon 3960 regulator. was this an acceptable price?

    I was looking to spend about $100~200 or so after servicing on a nice used regulator.. sadly, i did not due my research and i only found out about the high maintenance cost now. Is this Poseidon worth maintaining (for me) if the maintenance cost is ~150 every other year, and if all I plan on doing is recreational diving in the gulf and in lake travis (40F ~ 85F) at depths up to about 100FT, for about ~40 dives a year? Is this too much regulator for me? Would I be better suited to selling it again and finding something cheaper and easier to maintain? (I see the DIN->YOKE and the various stages selling for high enough that I wouldn't lose any money) (took an oceanic reg class so I think i could be able to service my own oceanic regs if i bought the service kits online)

    Also, the rubber is frayed on the HP port to the SPG, how dangerous is this, and can a standard HP hose be used to connect the SPG to the 1st stage? I was wondering if this particular model is compatible with standard HP and LP gauges and 2nd stages. I've been reading that some Poseidons had different metric threading sizes, and maintained a higher "LP" pressure than standard equipment. Would it be easy to swap stuff around with other regulators with this set-up? Can the SPG/octo be used with other 1st stages? My goal was to use my ancient SP MK2 as a backup, and I wanted to know if I could swap stuff around as circumstances demanded.

    Thanks for any advice.. i know i just wrote a wall of text...
  6. diversteve

    diversteve Technical Admin

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Scubatoys is a Poseidon dealer. So I would assume their $50 plus parts reg service applies. Scuba Regulator Repair - Scuba Annual Service

    Nice thing about a Poseidon is they breathe really well at depth.

    I'd at least change the hose. It doesn't look good. If the HP side goes, it will empty a tank pretty quickly. My buddy had an older Jetstream - I can't recall what gauges he had with it but they weren't made by Poseidon.
  7. Seraphimx

    Seraphimx Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Montreal, Canada
    The poseidon's are upstream regs, freeflow's over-pressure exit through an OP valve on the 1st stage. That's why mixing Non-Poseidon regs can be a bit of a hassle. Still, if you have one poseidon 2nd, I think you can still use a regular Octo.

    100-200$ is kinda low for a scuba regulator. You may find it at that price. But just servicing it would cost in the 75-100$ range.

    Poseidon's haven't changed much and the design inside is bulletproof. Must be why they haven't changed much over the years on the original design.

    I see that your trying to sell them on SB. I say keep them, repair them & dive them for a long time.
  8. diversteve

    diversteve Technical Admin

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    My buddy did, his Jetstream had a non-Poseidon - I think it was Mares - Octo. Worked fine.
  9. n3rdftw

    n3rdftw NAUI Instructor

    what about the otherway around?

    putting the jetstream 2nd stage on something like, my old scubapro mk2?
  10. diversteve

    diversteve Technical Admin

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Don't think that will work...

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