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Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

Discussion in 'Southwestern Region' started by booth22, May 21, 2008.

  1. stnichols

    stnichols Contributor

    # of Dives:
    Location: McMurdo Station, Antarctica
    Yesterday three of us went out to Beismeyer Point to get some dives in. Conditions looked very good and they were.
    On the first dive we headed down along the east side of the road. Jack was towing a dive flag on a float. He forgot to unlock his reel and for a bit he was towing the flag completely u/w. Vis at the begining was in the 30+ range. We spotted some large fish but they kept their distance from us. At the 50' range you could see a cloud like layer. Below that the vis dropped to around 15' or so.
    At Capt Pete's Christmas trees there were lots of blue gills and one large catfish that just did not want to pose and have his picture taken. Oh well.
    Second dive we headed out at 60 degrees from where the road enters the water. In the wees along that heading was an in your face Bass. I got some good shots of him. We headed down the canyon to about 75' before turning back. Vis below 50' was like the first dive.
    My citizen dive watch showed a min. temp of 56 degrees. My dive computer showed 58 thru the entire range.
    I'm going to try and attach a shot from yesterday.... if it doesn't work I'll be yelling to Calle for help :eyebrow:[​IMG][/IMG]
  2. sea princess

    sea princess Contributor

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: In the blazing hot desert, Arizona
    Hey steve nice picture. Sandra and I had a great dive that day. Thanks for helping us out with her Gear problem. You saved our dive and I can't thank you enough!
  3. pdelannoy

    pdelannoy Contributor

    Did my AOW and dove the last two days with the Scubateers. We did two dives, both night dives on Friday at the Pipeline. Water temp 55-59 depending on depth. The vis was at least 30 feet. Saturday we were at Scubateers Island. Amazing vis and dives, even in the the sometimes pouring rain-like it mattered. On both days, dives ranged between 25-80+ feet. Anyone looking to boat dive, you need to check out the Scubateers. Great service, great people, and great instruction. Hats off to Aaron and Rob.

    Looking forward to my next outing. :D
  4. ScubaSteve2000

    ScubaSteve2000 Contributor

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    It wasn't cold Saturday. It was dang cold. Fingertip numbing cold. The kind of cold that permeates your body and you think you'll never be warm again. The only relief was to dive.

    Bill and I should seriously consider professional help and I don't mean the dive instructor kind either. :shakehead:

    Actually the diving was great. The vis around VP continues to be awsome. There is some particulate matter from the surface down to a depth of about 35 feet limiting the vis to 20 feet or so. Below that the vis opens up to 40 feet or more. I swear I'm going to bring a tape measure one of these times. They make waterproof tape measures don't they? We saw the Scubateer's boat when they were at Scubateer's Island. They weren't scared of a little cold wet weather either.

    The vis is still great and the bass are still red eyed demons. The water temp on the first dive was 55 degrees. We swam out to the deep wall and hit a depth of 115 feet. No dive lights needed. There were light milky colored whisps at about 50 feet. Portence of the algea bloom to come.

    By the time we ended the first dive we saw a group of 7 divers in a class on VP proper. We were by the picnic table. The SI was the hardest part of the day. I was caught a bit unprepared for the weather and my clothes and sweatshirt got wet while we were setting up our gear. I didn't bring anything warm and dry to change into. We kept our wetsuits on and got into our cars to warm up.

    We took an extra long SI since we went so deep on the first dive. On the second dive we decided to swim out toward the big bouys that mark the enterance to Pleasant Harbor Marina. We kept our depth to about 50 feet. The temp was a little warmer at 57 VT3 degrees.

    We had a great time. The lake was as smoothe as glass most of the day. Besides the Scubateer's dive boat we only saw a couple of other boats on the lake. No jet skis buzzing around. Just a strange silence. It was nice. I kind of hope it rains next Saturday too.:D

  5. RAWalker

    RAWalker Instructor, Scuba

    Brian and I spent Easter Sunday at Vista Point and did 2 dives. We set up at the bottom of the trail closest to the ramp by picnic table and when we set our buoys we anchored them just a few feet from the wall so when we dropped down we went straight down to 60'.
    First dive we headed straight across the ramp reaching a max depth of 81' before we start up to 60' on the other side at which point we turn around. A few Bass in the area to keep things interesting.
    Somewhere between surfacing and gearing up for dive 2 Brian lost a Mask so be on the lookout. I had a spare with me and it happened to fit so we did get to have a second dive.
    On the second dive we swam along the wall to 82' Brian found a hat and we saw a few more Bass also found a tire at 80'.
    Limited boat traffic, sunny with a nice breeze. All in all a great way to spend Easter Sunday.
  6. sea princess

    sea princess Contributor

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: In the blazing hot desert, Arizona
    as soon as I am cleared to be in the water i will be on the lookout! Thanks for sharing your dive details friends...
  7. pdelannoy

    pdelannoy Contributor

    Hey everyone,

    Dove B.P yesterday. First dive out to the culvert; second dive in the shallows. At the christmas trees there were quite a few bluegills and no cats. Vis was 30-40 at the trees and down at the culvert. Water temps at the trees was 59 and 55 deeper.

    In the shallows vis was 25-30. Warm 59-60. Saw Mr. Ed the big cat in the rocks at 30-35 feet. Several stripped bass.

    Awesome day.
  8. phatso-29

    phatso-29 Registered

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Real life picture, ain't I cute.
    Dove off Vista point today. Man, the viz was the best I have seen at the lake since I have been diving there. Ambient light all the way down. Themocline at about 80 feet the temp dropped form 61 to 58 or so. Saw a couple of fish, a bass and a cat (Mr. Ed?). Otherwise an awesome dive in a very oddly clear lake.
  9. scubajcf

    scubajcf Contributor

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Arizona
    Dove out at Vista Point today. Weather was beautiful. Clear skies, very little wind. The lake was in stellar condition. Visibility at 30 foot depth was easily 40 feet. When we were down at 100 feet, visibility was easily 20 feet. No lights needed, ambient light was plenty. My Oceanic Computer read 60 degrees and plenty comfortable in a 7MM wet suit.

    Our best dive of the day, was over the wall by the northern boat channel (a quick swim, Northwest, from the picnic tables). Once you hit the wall, keep heading Northwest. When you hit the rail follow it. There was a wakeboard rack around 78 feet and a metal box at 102 feet. We made it down to 105+ feet.

    This is definitely the time to be diving the lake. Hot weather is expected next week. Get out and enjoy the spring diving!

    WeÃÍl be out diving next thursday night and next weekend, email me if your interested in joining us.

    The Picnic Table Area was filled to capacity. The point itself had a large class. Very cool to see so many divers enjoying the lake.

    Thanks to Jaime for bringing out snacks for everyone.
    Great Job Nancy!!!!

    Look forward to next weekend!


  10. SherlTheperl

    SherlTheperl Registered

    Had a great time and a new milestone of depth for me.

    Thanks for being my buddy, John, since Rob couldn't dive. He is now raring to go on Thursday night :)

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