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remembering doublehose diving

Discussion in 'Vintage Equipment Diving' started by scubapro50, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. scubapro50

    scubapro50 Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Port Arthur Texas
    what makes me feel good is that I gave about $70 for my doublehose new and now in good conditon (serviced and working with excellent chrome and hoses) they can run up to $300 on ebay......
  2. pescador775

    pescador775 Loggerhead Turtle

    I became interested in diving after seeing the 1951 movie "Frogmen" starring Richard Widmark. I started with surplus equipment cobbled up with a "Seahorse" converted aviation regulator. It was some years before I acquired a triple tank Aqualung like used in the movie. Childhood impressions are strong and I still use a similar rig from time to time.

    My dive buddy of many years preferred the Nemrod because of the super tough hoses and because the Nemrod will never freeflow through the mouthpiece should there be a leak in the first stage. The later models had a HP port as you mentioned but no LP port. As the new fangled "BC's" came into vogue I took pity on him and "borrowed" one of his Nemrods. I returned it to him two weeks later fully capable of running an auto inflator. This was done by drilling and tapping the first stage to allow insertion of a 3/8" O ring fitting. The Nemrod is bulky and the brass main casting is so thick that this is an easy and safe procedure. The LP chamber on the back is milled, then drilled and tapped. The LP inflator hose is routed perfectly over the left shoulder of the diver. His name was Bob, also, a crusty YMCA instructor and dive shop owner.
  3. ScoobieDooo

    ScoobieDooo Manta Ray

    Have any pics of that modification? Smart idea...
  4. Nemrod

    Nemrod Solo Diver

    A good USD Royal can bring quiet a bit more than 300 dollars, some have gone over 400. The newely available run of freshly minted banjo fittings allow the use of a SeaVu (SPG) and of course there are adaptors for running a safe second and inflator hose from the hookah port.
    During a recent dive a group of tech divers kind of laughed at my Mistral, they had so much weight, dry suits, multiple everything, their dive failed due to equipment malfunctions. At another location I saw a guy with a reg rigged with three second stages, dual consoles each with a computer and another on his wrist and he was carrying an extra mask, two lights, scissors dangling everywhere--best I could tell his max depth was 20 feet! He had enough lead to sink the Titanic, tech BP, huge wing and dozens of D rings as well.
    The following day a Padi instructor was diving three or four students, he set a bouy for some reason and they were working around the bouy various excersises. Again, they all had tech equipment, multiple everything on Y and H valves. One of his students shot to the surface from about 20 feet after getting water in her nose during a clearing drill! He went after her and got tangled in his bouy line and was hung like a fish upsdie down with his BC nearly inflated fully as he tried to break away from the bouy rope! I want to ay I saved the day by pulling my knife and slicing him free but alas, I waved at him, swam up, pulled the loop of rope from his manifold and swam off, no BC, no weights, no multiple anything.
    On yet another day some curious overly equipped underwater explorers wanted to know what course we fellows was taking that allowed us to use double hose regs. I think the answer from one of our fellows was that this was not a course--we did not need no stinki'n course!! or something like that--lol.
    This past Monday I dove the Desin Jetties. I solo dived. I used a USD DA Aquamaster running a SeaVu via the new banjo fittings, USD Mae West CO2 vest, 2/3 suit, 4 lbs lead, steel 72, UDT Duckfeet, old Dacor oval mask, large SeaHawk knife on leg, dive flag, Voit depth guage with compass. Strictly vintage. It was a great dive, max depth was about 40 feet. At 1/3 air gone I surfaced to see my progress, resubmerged and returned to my entry point. Fun dive. N
  5. ScoobieDooo

    ScoobieDooo Manta Ray

    Thats for the funny story! Thats TOO funny!

    I myself used to be one of these 'semi-techies' as well. Drysuit, Apek's regs, bla, bla.

    I have a simple SS BP and wing for deeper wreck dives and a vintage rig for fun stuff with a simple US Divers backpack, simple PSI guage, vintage Aqua Lung dive knife, Scubapro Jets, and my Aqua Master DA with and an Octopus. No computer, no drysuit, etc. Low cost and fun!
  6. dilligaf368

    dilligaf368 Nassau Grouper

    Double hose regulators were THE way to go in '67 but that NEW single hose regulator was on display. Lots of Guys looked at it and thought it would be easier.
    Of course back then we were taught the Treatment tables too. I guess not "taught" but went over them and did some in class "dives" using the treatment tables. I dreaded the table 4.
    Ascent rate was "follow the smallest bubble". Only gauge for the tank and even that was optional. That is what the "J" valve was all about. Breath sharply when You thought You were low. if the air draw was hindered then time to go back to the surface.
    We only used wet suits as the water was a lot warmer then, the rock was still cooling!................Bill
  7. pescador775

    pescador775 Loggerhead Turtle

    Scoobie, sorry, no pics of the Nemrod mod. That was in 1975 and "do it yourself" was still a common practice among my generation. I didn't consider it a big deal or anything.

    The regulator must be disassembled. Remove everything from the main casting-- the springs, poppet valves, relief valve, etc. Looking at the back of the main casting (the exterior) it can be seen that there is a low pressure chamber which forms a distinct bulge and terminates in a relief valve port on top. Using a milling machine, form a flat spot on the left side of the LP chamber. Locate center, drill and tap, mill an O ring groove. Clean and reassemble the casting. Reset the intermediate press to 130. Complete the reassembly. Test.
  8. JaxvilleDiver

    JaxvilleDiver Solo Diver

  9. ScoobieDooo

    ScoobieDooo Manta Ray

    Too bad its not more of the brass and chrome design that was popular during the vintage era. This version is loaded with plastic parts and a painted-on finish on the Titan 1st stage. Not really my idea of what oughtta be seen on a $900 US regulator.
  10. drbill

    drbill The Lorax for the Kelp Forest Scuba Legend

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Santa Catalina Island, CA
    My goodness, it has been decades since I dove with a double hose reg (back in the early and mid 60's). However the re-release of Aqua Lung's mistral has me thinking- as a videographer it could solve a few problems for me!

    Currently the only thing "vintage" about my diving is ME!

    Dr. Bill

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