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Seacraft DPV's?

Discussion in 'Dive Propulsion Vehicles' started by WantSomeScuba?, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Raptor^

    Raptor^ Garibaldi

    Any update to this?
  2. WantSomeScuba?

    WantSomeScuba? Dive Shop

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: Alaska
    Also curious. My dive buddy got an ear infection, so I never made it out to see Edd. He glowingly recommended them though, and I was super bummed I didn't get a chance to get out and rip around on one.
  3. Superlyte27

    Superlyte27 Cave Instructor

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Florida
    I've looked at the Seacraft a lot last week. I don't like the controller. Burn time and speed is less than the Genesis. I will say that the Seacraft is the only scooter I've seen that has the thought and engineering in it that comes even close to the engineering in the Genesis. I'm sure once Jon gets back home, he'll come and report how it went. One thing is for certain, both SC and Genesis flat out raped Suex.
  4. Witold Hoffmann

    Witold Hoffmann Garibaldi

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Poland

    ...First of all- it was great to come over to DEMA, and TE-20 event and meet some of you.

    As i am in the Seacraft project for quite a bit of time, please see below some of the topics discussed with meritoric input about them.

    First of all- as DPV testing and comparison is extremely depending on the testing conditions, it is very hard to really compare scooter parameters. We did quite a lot of real testing, and sometimes data stated by manufactures is simply speaking, poetry and fairy tales. We did all of the testing according to most accurate test standards (internal loggers, 500m 50m calibrated test lanes, standardised drag of diver and standarised diver), however... it seems would be best to make a http://www.tahoebenchmark.com/ valid for 2019 :wink:

    Some answers for your questions/observations:

    1. Time lock- a feature of "dropping the gear" to 0 after a predefined time. It can be programmed 3-60 seconds, and it's intention is runout prevention, in case of emergencies (and not switching off the scooter). I personally keep it low- on 5s. As no DPV has such feature, many people don't love it at start, but with some hours start to appreciate it much. Just mind, that double tap in 0.6s (fast) gets you back to previously driven gear.

    2. "Slow ramp up". With magnetic drive we use (engine full in the water, no transmission), it's steering is somehow not trvial and need to be developed by ourselves. Up to mid 2019, there was only "smooth" ramp available, but in software 2.0 (compatibile with all previous scooters) we implemented new driving mode with almost immediate full thrust output.
    More info: Model 2020 released!
    Depending which unit you test, all can be upgraded- you might have had it, or not.

    3. Reverse can be easily turned off in settings :wink:

    4. There unfortunatelly were no chances for side-by-side tests on last event. Seacrafts were never built for speed (this is mostly a "fancy" part- once you get above 80m/min, "burning a lot of Watts" to move non-hydrodynamic optimised object through the water. Actually, Seacrafts are still one of the fastests DPV's, but for speed we built:


    Most key-goal was drive efficiency, and keeping a lot of burntime and power in small scooter (not hardest to build biggest scooter on the market :wink:)

    3. Comparing range's with Genesis what some of you speak about. (cool construction! And only one around which is built with some more modern engineering and thinking behind)
    In 15,9kg Future 1000, there is 1000Wh of battery. In 15,2kg Genesis 600 there is 675Wh (website data), and this is more less same weight class.
    Future 2017 series was burning ~171W to move 2x12l backmount diver in drysuit with 46m/min speed
    Genesis from Tahoe report (Jon- let us know if this is already upgraded) was burning ~165W for 45m/min speed, with single-tank diver.
    As drag of single/double tank is different, hard to compare, but in the same weight class Seacraft simply has 40% more battery inside, and i believe a bit smaller power intake.
    Also, we need to do 2020 model through tests, as there will be some further improvement there.

    4. As post-swirl stator is made on airfoil shape, it's "counterforce" (actually it is gentle direction of water flow, which also add more thrust) is always equal to torque at all speeds. It is actually zero torque ( )

    Any topics more i might know the answers and help- let me know :wink:
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  5. Dusty123

    Dusty123 Angel Fish

    So how do you go about upgrading one?
  6. Raptor^

    Raptor^ Garibaldi

    Where and when will these big news be announced?

    I belive things like this, and marketing of course, are the reason Suex is smashing other manufacturers in terms of customer base. They are present, delivers outstanding support and customer service in addition to solid products that has been proven over time.

    Buying into a one-man show or very small family business is difficult for a lot of people considering the cost and possible uncertain future. Suex is a big established company that will continue even past one or more individual(s) possible retreat/retirement etc. Take light mfg. MB-SUB for instance; when the owner retired that was the end of that shop and all future upgrades/repairs/spares/support. So now you are stuck with a "dead" product where also the second hand value will suffer hard after a closed shop for whatever reason.

    SeaCraft is also a company with multiple people involved, which gives credibility that they will stick around for some time. Nothing is certain either way for any company or business, but is is a factor to consider.
  7. Jon Nellis

    Jon Nellis Captain

    We can't have big news without pictures these days and our crate from Key West just returned yesterday (shipping weather delays) with the new goodies that address those very concerns. Look for a new thread this weekend with the release. Sorry for the delay.
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  8. Superlyte27

    Superlyte27 Cave Instructor

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Florida
  9. jimparker

    jimparker Garibaldi

    Hello to all those interested in the Seacraft DPV.
    To clarify the status of the Seacraft support and manufacturing, DPV-Tech is the importer and service center located in Warren, Vermont.
    We also assemble and test the lithium ion batteries at our facilities in Vermont.

    There are many unique features of the Seacraft that have been discussed by Withold Hoffmann from the factory in Krosno Poland. DEMA was our first major introduction of the technology to the US market.

    However, we are just getting started and are working quietly and diligently to not have any false starts in this growing market in the US.

    The Seacraft was designed by aerospace engineers starting with a clean sheet of paper and input from the worlds leading technical divers.

    Currently Seacraft holds the world record for deepest DPV dive in Lake Garda Italy to 1,038 feet by Jarek Macendonski.

    Here at DPV-Tech we have one goal, to make ownership of a Seacraft a great experience.

    So there will not be a lot of hype, only feed back and steady improvements to performance and durability.
    Our hope is the product will find its following through positive feed back from divers.

    Jim Parker
  10. jimparker

    jimparker Garibaldi

    You can send your lower half of your Future to me and I will up load the latest software, which allows for diver selectable constant torque(fast start). You will also see improvements in battery life.
    Call me if wish 802-793-3300. www.seacraftdpv.com

    jim Parker

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