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Seasoft Drysuit

Discussion in 'Seasoft Scuba' started by Medic1777, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. coldwaterlloyd

    coldwaterlloyd Manta Ray

    I have used Seasoft gloves and hoods for years . I love the product and their innovative designs . I would not hesitate to buy one of your suits Bruce . Trouble is my current suit has a lot of dives left in er.
    I do not know of many company's that have not had a quality control glitch at one point or another . If this is limited to 75 suits it is manageable . I recommend contacting anyone that had a problem while diving and make sure they know the whole story .
    I recommend Seasoft products .
  2. Indian Valley Scuba

    Indian Valley Scuba Dive Shop

    # of Dives:
    Location: Harleysville, Pennsylvania, United States
    Indian Valley Scuba has the complete Seasoft line of drysuits and undergarments on our Dueling Drysuits Demo Tour, so anyone is welcome to come out and test dive them and evaluate the quality, fit and function for themselves. The tour will be running forty-five days this year across the Northeast. And the best part? The demo is FREE!

    Complete Dueling Drysuits tour details, dates and schedule can be found by clicking here!
  3. mdb

    mdb ScubaBoard Sponsor ScubaBoard Sponsor

    Bruce produces a very high quality drysuit. The Seasoft drysuits are very well designed with quality features.

    Seasoft is located in the Pacific NW. Bruce and his crew have a lot of experience in cold water diving.

    Good for Dave and the IVS folks for adding SeaSoft to the Dueling Drysuits Demo.
  4. offthewall1

    offthewall1 Instructor, Scuba

    My last post was on April 4th... and it is now May 10th... so here is an update.

    Bruce has sent back a large portion of the money owed to us - but not all of it. As of the writing of this email, we are still awaiting the final payment.

    Bruce has not yet received any of the suits back from us - as per the agreement, we would not ship them back until we had received a complete refund... and two pre-paid UPS shipping labels (call tags) so we could ship them at Seasofts expense.

    I emailed Bruce about a week ago to find out when the final payment and call tags will be received and I have received nothing in response.

    It is true that our customers have decided to keep their personal suits and that Bruce has extended them a lifetime warranty on them as he previously posted.

    I have in fact as of the writing of this email received a test suit from Oceaner (labeled Seasoft) for me to dive and put through extreme testing. I have not yet had a chance to dive it... but will follow up once I do.

    I want to thank Bruce for his apology and hope to continue doing business with him once this entire situation is settled.

    It is my hope that this glue situation will be figured out and the suits given more attention by consumers. They are the most comfortable dry suit on the market.
  5. Indian Valley Scuba

    Indian Valley Scuba Dive Shop

    # of Dives:
    Location: Harleysville, Pennsylvania, United States
    Here's an update from the Indian Valley Scuba Dueling Drysuit Demo Tour - the Seasoft suits we are showing and diving look great and have received rave reviews from our test divers. I believe whatever issues may have been encountered in the past are behind everyone now, and we encourage divers to come and test dive the suits with us!
  6. MasterDiver1

    MasterDiver1 Guest

    # of Dives:
    Location: Panama City, Florida
    I purchased one of the seasoft commercial style suits a few months back after seeing them at a dive show. My first dive resulting in water entering the suit straight through the glued seams on the boots. The zipper also came apart. I only got one dive on the suit. I sent it back and i was told that the suit was completely redone and new boots added. To me, it looked like they simply painted over the seams on the boots with aqua seal. None the less, i dove the suit again and it leaked straight through the glued seam on the boot and now right through the leg! the suit also looked like it has been thrown around a little and was dirty. I am very disappointed with the quality and response from seasoft. In addition, I was visiting southern california at the time i bought the suit and met the rep i think it was paul or peter, i cannot recall. He was veyr rude and short with me and my buddy. We are professional US NAVY divers and deserve at least an ounce of diving respect but the rep treated us like we had never set one foot in the water - Bruce you gotta do something about your rep and the quality! I love my BC and kit bags - hate the suit.
  7. dorsey61

    dorsey61 Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    As of today do you still use Seasoft Dry suits
    Do you know if the problems have been resolved?
  8. Bruce Justinen

    Bruce Justinen Dive Equipment Manufacturer

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Olympia, WA
    Here is what we know, we have resolved all issues with the glue that we are aware of. No new suits from 2011 have been returned for warranty issues with the zipper panels. It is sad that we make such great drysuits and that this zipper glue issue poisoned a great reputation among some customers. In the meantime we have been working, improving and making suits. We won a recent faceoff against the other major manufacturers last year.

    Here is the link: http://ads.bonniercorp.com/scuba/PDF/ScoringChart.pdf

    We have quietly worked our way back, just ask someone who has a SEASOFT Drysuit. By the way we are continuing to improve and make every drysuit better.

  9. coldwaterlloyd

    coldwaterlloyd Manta Ray


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