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Smoking Protocols on Dive Boats?

Discussion in 'Basic Scuba' started by DandyDon, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. divemed06

    divemed06 Contributor

    Well, where I live, smoking in public places (ie. bars, restaurants etc) has been banned. It initially caused a big fuss in the smoking community as well as the restaurant/bar owners (due to lost revenue). A few years later, not much complaining being done by the smokers...they simply go outside when they need to light up. Bars are smoke free and IMO, everyone is much happier....and safer. What's the point of this: if it affects your health and ONLY your health, do what you want, but if it affects other people's health and well being, you have a reponsibility to take extra care. Wait till you get of the boat or ask the other divers if you can borrow their spot for 5 min. until you finish your cigarette as to not inconvinience them. Ultimate solution, stop smoking:) Won't solve the world's problems but certainly won't harm us!
  2. DiveKitty68

    DiveKitty68 Contributor

    Smoker: "Mind if I smoke?"
    My Husband: "Not at all. Mind if I fart?"

    He's crude and embarassing but generally effective. LOL
  3. Michael Schlink

    Michael Schlink Instructor, Scuba

    Divekitty- a friend once said " there's no place that a farts not funny"
  4. DiveKitty68

    DiveKitty68 Contributor

    your friend was on to something there....
  5. hex92

    hex92 Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Virginia
    I didn't bother to read all 5 pages of moaning by non-smokers, so maybe someone already pointed this out.

    I am a former smoker and it bugs me to be around people that smoke.

    But you are on a dive boat that is most likely a Diesel engine. A whole pack of Rastfarians could be on the stern or aft and you probably wouldn't be able to smell the ganga over the fumes from the engine.

    I don't want to be around smokers when I eat, or in my house, but on a ship deck reeking of diesel.....whatever, I got bigger things to worry about.
  6. BCSGratefulDiver

    BCSGratefulDiver Mental toss flycoon ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: On the Fun Side of Trump's Wall
    In other words, you really just wanted to offer a put-down ... without the bother of actually reading the conversation. Yeah, that's valuable.

    As to your point ... depends on the boat, and in most cases it won't apply at all. On a boat, diesel fumes are only an issue in a following wind ... and even then only if the boat's going slow ... or if the boat is running during a pick-up. When the boat's anchored, the motor is off. When the boat's underway, it's no different than auto exhaust on the highway (do you smell fumes when you're driving your car?)

    Sorry, I don't think your observation is germaine to the point of the conversation. The originator of this thread stated this was a "cattle boat", which I take to mean it was jammed full of fellow passengers. Those people have a right to not inhale somebody else's cigarette smoke.

    I support your right to indulge in an unhealthy addiction if that's what you choose to do. Lord knows I've had a few of them over the years. But I don't support your right to force others to indulge it with you. And on a crowded boat, if someone lights up, your options of places to go to get away from it are extremely limited ... if even possible.

    If you can figure out a way to smoke in a crowded place without making others inhale your smoke, go for it. Otherwise, please don't.

    If you think that position is "moaning", then it's obvious why so many states have decided to adopt laws to force you to do what you should've chosen to do voluntarily.

    ... Bob (Grateful Diver)
  7. Michael Schlink

    Michael Schlink Instructor, Scuba

    I know Don's initial point was in regards to the boats protocol, but I think we've moved on to the issue of smoking or not. I just don't think it's appropiate on a dive boat that's usually full of non-smokers. The last stat. I read was that 35% of the general public smoke, whatever that means. I have friends and employees that smoke, they know not to do it around me, and they know that if I smell it the're going to hear about it. As has been said, if I go to a bar or club I expect to have to put up with it, that's why I don't go to those place much anymore. But when I'm on a dive boat I don't expect it and I don't put up with it. I feel sorry for the one or two smokers hanging in the back of the boat trying to feed their addiction, but if I see my wife (a former smoker), wrinkle her nose, I'm going to say something, I'll sart with polite, but if that doesn't get it done-well then.
  8. MgicTwnger

    MgicTwnger Contributor

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Springfield, IL
    In other words, you feel justified being rude if other people don't do what you want?
  9. bwerb

    bwerb Hoser/English Translator, eh

    Ah let's begin the dive into moral relativism shall we...:D
  10. cyklon_300

    cyklon_300 Contributor

    as evidenced by the numerous rules, city/county ordinances, and state/federal laws prohibiting the act. Remember the bad old days when people could smoke at work, on planes, and in the movies?

    This week Ireland outlawed smoking in pubs and I think I recall a news blurb about California considering sanctions against smoking on some beaches. For the good of the majority, the trend is to eliminate smoking in public.

    When they are eventually restricted to only smoking in their own homes and cars, maybe they'll get the picture that their habit is an unwelcome assault on the health of others.

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