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Solo sidemount configuration

Discussion in 'Solo Divers' started by pisoiu, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Darcimus

    Darcimus ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Regina, Saskatchewan
    To connect an alternate air source to the second regulator port the latter must be adapted by
    replacing the mouthpiece with the SDK-6 kit as described in section 1.3 for the application of
    the main second stage. For simultaneous use of the main regulator and an octopus connect-
    ed to the NEPTUNE II we recommend the use of at least one adjustable regulator. The NEP-
    TUNE II includes a medium size regulator attachment; also available as an option, is a small
    size for those regulators with small mouthpiece.

    Apparently the Nira manual says you can attach to that port, so as long as that's done correctly, I would think you would be okay.

    That said, stuff breaks all the time. Stuff that's made to be supposedly unbreakable, and bad things happen to good people as a result. Ever hear of the Titanic? You thinking it'll take an act of god to break your mask doesn't make it so. If it's made by man, it can (some day, will) fail. Do you want to bet your life on your assertion that your mask is essentially unbreakable? I'm betting that Ocean Reef wouldn't make that assertion. I'm fairly certain that if you talked to them, they would tell you to play it safe and not put all of your eggs (or in this case, air) in one basket.

    My suggestions (take them or leave them, but it's what I do, and I want to make it home when the dive is over....I'm getting too old for near-death experiences):
    1. Carry a spare mask. You've gone through the expense of buying a sidemount setup. I'm pretty sure you can afford a mask.
    2. Carry a pony. For you. Don't attach it to the FFM, your trip to the surface should be fairly short and the discomfort won't last too long (ie. the dive is over, kiddo, time to di di). If you want to attach another second to one of your tanks in case a buddy runs out of air, go ahead. Karma will thank you later. The pony is for you, for when (not if) your mask fails.

    and this is just a suggestion from me personally:

    3. In your mind's eye, see yourself slapping whoever sold you that mask. Breathe in. Breathe out. Slap. They should have trained you on its use and capabilities (including attaching another second if that's your thing), and should have given you proper advice on redundant air sources. (Redundant air leading to the same source - your FFM - isn't true redundancy, at least not the way you have it set up.)

    Maybe find a second that breathes a little on the wet side? Probably save some money that way at least.

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