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"Stolen" from dive shop in Boca Raton, FL

Discussion in 'Lost, Found and Stolen' started by Trisha Cardillo, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. aerocheck

    aerocheck Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Deerfield Beach, FL
    They got me too but luckily just for a dive computer that had been sent to ScubaPro for repair. I got all my gear back before they bailed out but had to have it all reserviced because it had not been done properly. Sad because Bob & Sean always seemed like decent people. Mine isn't worth filing any kind of a claim over, but if I can help anybody out with their claims, let me know. I found a document online that MAY be related. This was found through a public search for Robert Meadows in the Palm Beach Court Records. Lists an attorney that is representing a "Robert Meadows" in a Bankruptcy. I haven't been able to find anything specific on any of the bankruptcy court websites yet.

    As a side note, I have since taken my gear to Pompano Dive Center and Tony has been absolutely amazing in helping me deal with ScubaPro and get everything back on track.

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  2. Cert1967

    Cert1967 Let's Go Skiing

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: Vail, Colorado
    Sorry, you lost your gear.

    The lesson here is that it pays to know who you are dealing with and their financial capacity. Buyer must always be aware.

    Small biz in the SCUBA industry? Tough environment in which to make a living. Tougher to become a creditor of such a business.

    Suppose you find 'your' BCD on a resale site - what are you going to do? How will you prove that you owned the items? The regulators - do they have serial numbers?

    How about a little research?

    BK - you can establish a free Pacer account to search BK cases. Searching today, neither the Robert or Sean Meadows or World of Scuba would appear to have filed BK. You can check for yourself, it's free if you only take a peak on Pacer.

    The Cohen firm (the scanned doc up-thread) is indeed a big BK firm. A common BK ploy is to tell creditors that the BK filing is imminent and then do nothing. Sometimes this dissuades a creditor from going forward with litigation. Maybe they are just waiting for the full fallout from their business/personal ventures. Seldom does a small business owner have financial problems confined to only their business (in this case their LLC).

    FL Civil Courts - the search link is below. Search for Robert, Sean, and Karen. Decide for yourself if the cases were predictive of the eventual personal and business outcome.

    Your Insurance? ACV for personal possessions? Perhaps you should consider changing your policy to 'replacement cost'?

    Small Claims? If they file BK, you are likely out your initial costs, time and trouble. BK, oh boy an unsecured claim.

    5k? It's your money, gone all too quickly in attorney fees and costs. Maybe you just take the hit and move on saving your time and trouble.

    Do It Yourself? You should carefully consider the downside of running afoul of the automatic bankruptcy stay. Google is your friend for a general look. BK attorney might be a good idea. Your risk, your decision.

    WOS Insurance? Perhaps their insurance might cover the theft of goods? You might research, 'bankruptcy and its impact on property claims'. Would a recovery by WOS on a theft claim change your creditor status?

    Maybe your best recourse is ScubaBoard's ads for used gear. There always seems to be some nice stuff for sale.

    Good Luck

    Palm Beach County Civil Court Search

    Federal Case Search (BK)

    Perhaps a quick peek into their 'warehouse' address

    FL Div of Corporations
    Filing Information
    Document Number L13000096065
    FEI/EIN Number46-3120706
    Date Filed 07/05/2013
    Effective Date 07/05/2013
    State FL
    Status INACTIVE
    Event Date Filed 09/22/2017​

    Principal Address, Changed: 08/08/2017
    SUITE B-3
    BOCA RATON, FL 3343​

    Pacer Search

    Search Criteria: Party Search; Last Name: Meadows; First Name: Robert; Middle Name: W; Jurisdiction Type: Bankruptcy
    Result Count: 11, Latest filing date was 2014

    Search Criteria: Party Search; Last Name: Meadows; First Name: Sean
    Result Count: 13, Latest filing date was 2016, none in FL

    'Word of Scuba' not found in pacer bk search
    Palm Beach County - 'Robert Meadows'

    Filing Date 01/02/2018
    Division Name RJ: County Civil Central - RJ
    Case Status Open

    Filing Date 09/09/2016
    Division Name RS: South Branch County Civil Division - RS
    Case Status Closed

    Filing Date 05/19/2011
    Division Name RF: County Civil Central - RF
    Case Status Closed

    Palm Beach County - 'Sean Meadows'

    Filing Date 01/15/2015
    Division Name RS: South Branch County Civil Division - RS
    Case Status Closed​

    Cohen Law Firm
  3. Schwob

    Schwob Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Illinois
  4. Steve_C

    Steve_C Great White Rest in Peace

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Raleigh, NC USA
    How are you supposed to know their financial capacity? I have never been to a shop or a charter where they made the books available.

    Looks can be deceiving. We had a very popular dive shop in our area. Large scuba club. Quality instructors. Then one evening the not so old owner dropped dead. Turned out he was a great instructor but not such a good businessmen. Shop and wife tried to keep it going but all of a sudden within a few weeks it was closed once they understood the books. If you had receipts for equipment and could prove that it was yours you could get it back. The instructors were great in offering the classes you had paid for even though as I understand it they did not get paid. But any sort of deposits, fill cards, etc. were taken by the creditors. Still a lot of folks lost some time and money.
  5. Cert1967

    Cert1967 Let's Go Skiing

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: Vail, Colorado
    Of course the books - such as they might be - are not available to you. You have to use a little common sense in relation to your risk tolerance.

    There is little risk when using a credit card for purchases, subject to chargeback rules. Sure better than cash or check.

    More risk when making a series of cash prepayments for a Liveaboard trip. Or credit card payments well in advance of the trip. The trip of a lifetime, that you saved years for? Better do your research or risk the lifetime trip.

    Leaving equipment for service? Well, let’s hope a belly-up shop calls and tells you to hop on down and pick it up. Better than walking away with the back door open.

    Above the shop left a trail of civil cases that in hindsight were predictive of their failure. Perhaps the Groupon offers were a sign of desperation. How did the shop look? What was the inventory of basic goods?

    Maybe you had a special order - for an item you knew was available in the marketplace - and time went by with the shop not calling you for pickup. Either no credit or inability to meet minimum order requirements. Service slow? Maybe the shop outsources and can’t/won’t/hasn’t paid the 3rd party service company for the work they did on your gear.

    Chat up one of their independent instructors to see if they are paid promptly? Or have a suspicion?

    When you look back at most business failures, the signs are all too clear.

    What’s your risk tolerance at your favorite LDS?
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  6. MattMattMatt

    MattMattMatt Garibaldi

    If anyone is interested in avoiding assisting putting money into Bob Meadows / / Robert Meadows pockets he's now partnered with Pineapple Scuba in Oakland park. Buyer Beware
  7. Tournesol2000

    Tournesol2000 Barracuda

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Toronto
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Was there last month. Thankfully did not buy anything from them. Will stay clear in the future.
  8. tekkydiver

    tekkydiver Regular of the Pub

    The SCUBA business is an easy money maker.
    Here's one for sale in Palm Beach County. Started in 2018
    Any takers? 2019-07-22 (2).png

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