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Temp or perm minor disabilities

Discussion in 'Divers with Disabilities' started by CBulla, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. Scubakevdm

    Scubakevdm ScubaBoard Sponsor ScubaBoard Sponsor

    Hey Colin! When you get the green light let me know... we'll do a little East Coast secret spot trip. I'll pull the bands for you, no prob. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  2. CBulla

    CBulla ~..facebook conch..~ ScubaBoard Supporter

    :.printing this thread..:: I'll take you up on that Kev :)
  3. Scubatooth

    Scubatooth Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Plain old Texas

    Dee told me that you were havin surgury and i finally found this thread. you and i seem to be in the same boat in having recurrent problems.

    I have crohns that i have had for coming close to 10 years now but as in the past couple of years i have had 2 surgurys (2nd one being middle of last month). When i had the first one i was told that there was a significant chance that i would need additional surgury in the future but time frame depended on me and the disease process. Well my latest road to surgury started back in mid july when i got sick while working for the boy scout camp and ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. after getting out of that hospital spent the next 3.5 months getting treatments to see if that could stop what ws going on and get me feeling better, but after that time things had gotten worse the Dr ran out of options and back to the surgeon i went, and scheduled a date. the surgury it self went fine as they removed a 10 inch section near the terminal illieum that was causing the problems and closed everything up. i spent about 5 days in the hospital, which was pretty good for me as i was told 7-10 days going in. the surgury and the hospital stay wasnt all that hard or any problems it was the week after the surgury when i got a post op infection that required me to go to the surgeon and get it looked at and were he opened the area up that was infected and allow it to drain and heal on its own(IE real slowly). that was a great day, thank goodness for the drugs or i would have been screaming most of the time. So that was a kink in the recovery but im doing fine and getting better by the day and hopefully by first of the year i will be back at 100%.

    also pic on the shoulder and theres enough steristrips to cover everything, i wont bother taking a pic of my scar as i might cause a few people to see there last meal again as for the reason explained above.

    As for a Disability are you on disability right now colin? reason i ask is that if i were to apply for it, it would be a miracle to get it.


  4. CBulla

    CBulla ~..facebook conch..~ ScubaBoard Supporter

    Wow Tooth.. Since I'd never heard of Crohns I had to go do a little reading on it. Yeah, we're kind of in the same boat in a way - recurring surgeries and dealing with pain in some fashion. I'm glad to have the pain killers myself, there are times (right now for instance where I'm going as long as can without them) when weather changes have me very uncomfortable.

    I am not on disability.. funny thing, I was cut from corporate between Charley and Frances. My surgery was already scheduled and VocRehab decided to reopen the case on me (they paid for it originally) since it wasn't my fault the injury recurred (the doc said age played a factor) thus I am actually on unemployment. Now, the weirdness is that with that with this surgery, I'm actually less desirable to be employed for IT because most places want you to pick up things and move them around (most of the time for no good reason other than they don't want to move the monitor themselves).

    The other weird thing is that Charley killed the IT market around here so nobody is pressing me to find and IT job.. or any job really. This has left me the opportunity to change careers into something more in line with what is needed around here as well as recover. My PC business that I ran part time has been flat, contracting has been flat - my study time has been great and as a result I have made contacts and should start field study with a friend of mine this upcoming week. :)

    My dad is on disability for his heart - his advocates are the VA however and their case that was presented was very solid. "He works, he dies."
  5. Bob3

    Bob3 Dive Shop

    Dang, lotsa gimps hanging out here. :wink:
    I've been trying for years to get my dr to prescribe extended stays in warm locations so I can soak for long periods of time in warm water. No luck so far, but at least he does agree with me that I should spend as much time in the water as possible.
    I use surface supplied air almost exclusively now, no more annoying tanks to shuffle around & the heaviest thing I have to contend with other than my weight belt is a gas can.
  6. cowprintrabbit

    cowprintrabbit Barracuda

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Denver, CO
    Update - saw the surgeon today, he's not sure if I need surgery, so I have to go in for a bone scan, an MRI, and a pulmonary function test :11:

    Guess I better learn to gear up in the water and lose the whole "Girl Power" tude about carrying my own gear, huh? Grrr...


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