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The Dive sites of the GLWC Region

Discussion in 'Great Lakes Wrecking Crew' started by Divers Incorporated, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Divers Incorporated

    Divers Incorporated Dive Shop

    # of Dives:
    Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan and White Star Quarry
    I was at the Scubaboard booth at DEMA this past November and there it was suggested that I put together a working forum to let Divers type about their favorite dive sites. I thought it might turn out to be a good winter time project. Please follow the suggested form (below) and use whatever dive site in the GLWC region you wish to include. Including Northern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Western Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Anywhere in the Great Lakes is also open for submission as long as you are leaving from one the the above states. I know divers would love to know more about the inland lakes, drive and dives, and some of your favorite shipwrecks. The site can be open to the public or private, but if it is private please let us know. Here is the form:

    Name of the site:

    Description of the site:

    Depth Range:

    Water Temps:


    Aquatic Life:


    On-Site Amenities:

    Website or Phone Number:

    Open Hours:


    Boat or Shore Access:

    How to get there:

    Rating you would give it: (1= Bad, 5=Excellent)

    The more submissions we get the better this will be so feel free to add even the simple sites. Also feel free to try a new spot and post it.

    Safe Diving,
  2. Divers Incorporated

    Divers Incorporated Dive Shop

    # of Dives:
    Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan and White Star Quarry
    Name of the site: White Star Quarry

    Description of the site: White Star Park in Sandusky County Ohio, is an 800 acre park located near Gibsonburg, Ohio. On the park property, White Star Quarry is a 15 acre man made lake with a number of underwater features including sunken boats, a sailboat with the masts still in place, a police car, and one of the most unique features of any quarry, a crusher pit (similar to an underwater building) connected to a tunnel that goes from the deep portion to a block house at the average depth of the quarry. There is a lot of parking and two main entry points. Training platforms are there for students as well as some underwater buoyancy courses.

    Depth Range: The average depth of the quarry is just over 45ft. There is a sump pit that is 60-65ft deep and the crusher pit is 75- 80' deep.

    Water Temps: In the summer the temperatures can be 70degrees on the surface and in the mid 60's on the bottom. The spring and winter are considerably cooler.

    Visibility: The average visibility of White Star Quarry is around 30 - 40 feet. In the winter and early spring the visibility has been known to be over 50ft.

    Aquatic Life: The Quarry stocks Rainbow trout in the spring. Since fishing is allowed, there are few left by fall. The rest of the season you can find Perch, Catfish, Crayfish, Bluegill, Koi, Bass and of course Zebra Mussels.

    Fees: There is no fee for bystanders, non divers and pets. There is a $10 per day fee for diving and at the swimming area in the summer there is a fee for swimming. You need to fill out a diving form (a colored envelope) and drop it in a special payment slot with your money for each day that you dive. You must have exact change or you can write a check. There are two pavilions that have the forms and the information about registering is posted near the diving sites. Instructors are free if the obtain a pass through the quarries website.

    On-Site Amenities: From May 1 until October 31 there is a scuba concession on the site opened on Weekends. From Memorial Day until Labor Day The concession is also opened on Wednesday and Friday Evenings. There are restrooms, changing rooms, picnic areas and the concession sells pop, water and snacks. Airfills, Nitrox fills, and equipment rentals are available through the concession. Camping is available on the park property. There are shore and ladder entry/exit areas.

    Website or Phone Number: (419) 637 3483, White Star Quarry, Gibsonburg, Ohio one of the best inland dive sites in the midwestern USA. Midwest dive sight.

    Open Hours: The Quarry is open every day from 8am until Dark April 1 - December 31. The quarry is also open for diving New Years Day, and first weekends in January, February and March for winter diving 10am - 4pm. Night diving is permitted Saturdays, from Memorial Day weekend until the last weekend in September.

    Restrictions: There is no night diving allowed other than specific Saturdays. A permit is required to dive the tunnel and it is only available on the weekends when the concession is open. Snorkelers must have a flotation device or a wetsuit and must pay for and sign a diving permit.

    Boat or Shore Access: Shore Access, Non powered boats are allowed on the quarry, so Kayak Divers are welcome.

    How to get there: It is near many major freeways, if you Mapquest 895 South Main street, Gibsonburg, Ohio 43431 you should find the easiest way there.

    Rating you would give it: (1= Bad, 5=Excellent) Definitely a 5. I think this is one the best inland dive sites in Northwest Ohio.
  3. Divers Incorporated

    Divers Incorporated Dive Shop

    # of Dives:
    Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan and White Star Quarry
    Name of the site: Spring Mill Pond

    Description of the site: This peaceful spot has the advantage of no boats, no current, a sandy beach, and bathrooms! The pond has a maximum depth around 35 feet, and is home to several species of fish, especially near the reed-bordered edges of the pond. Sights include picnic tables, a snowmobile, an underwater bathroom (complete with toilet, tub, & sink), and more.

    Depth Range: up to 35ft

    Water Temps: Really warm on the surface in the summer and late fall. Cold other times of the year

    5-15 feet but can be stirred up by lots of swimmers.

    Aquatic Life: Trout, Bass, Blue Gills and Lots of Crayfish. There have been also reports of the elusive fresh water Jellyfish.

    Fees:One-day vehicle permits cost $6. Season passes are available.

    On-Site Amenities: Bath house, toilets, grills, vending machines, sandy beach, and volleyball courts.

    Website or Phone Number: Call Island Lake Recreation Area at (810) 229-7067 or visit
    the DNR Website

    Open Hours: Year-around for day use but campgrounds close and water service is shut down during the winter months.

    Restrictions: None

    Boat or Shore Access:
    Shore Access

    How to get there: Spring Mill Pond is in Island Lake State Recreation Area, near the junction of U.S. Highway 23 and Interstate 96 near Brighton, Michigan. From U.S. 23 North from Ann Arbor, take I-96 East to Exit 151 (Kensington Road). Go south 3/4 mile on Kensington Road. After a bridge over the Huron River, turn left at the entrance to the recreation area. Pay the daily fee at the gate, turn right, and follow signs to Spring Mill Pond (on the left a few miles inside the park).

    Rating you would give it: (1= Bad, 5=Excellent) The convenience of diving is fantastic but the depth and the visibility give it a 3.5
  4. ComputerJoe

    ComputerJoe Dive Charter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Alpena, Michigan
    Name of the site: Middle Island Sink Hole

    Description of the site: About 300' in diameter with a shear wall on the south, a large crack to the west, and large rocks to the east. In the SE corner the 50' wall drops down to the spring outflow and a "crater" area that is very clear. The rim of the crater is covered with a purple algae mat and long white algae tendrils in the higher flow areas just outside. Just east of the crater is a canyon that drops down from 22' to the flats at 75' and the suspended soilds that cover the bottom. Buoyance control is a must, or stay over the rocks, as these suspended solids are up to 15' deep and there is lots of downrigger wire tangled in the rocks on the east rim. Do not want to get tangled in wire in zero viz. The crack to the west starts in maybe 25' and drops to 35-40' and it runs for about 100'. This crack appeared about 5 years back and needs inspecting each year to see whats new.

    Depth Range: 12' to 75'

    Water Temps:40-50

    Visibility: 40-50' away from the spring, crystal clear in the spring.

    Aquatic Life: Bass galore in 2007 above the thermo cline, Walleye at depth.


    On-Site Amenities: Call Capt. Mike Theut at Middle Island Bed & Breakfast about staying on the Island. Seeing The Light - Middle ISland Lighthouse

    Website or Phone Number:Wreck 31

    Open Hours: April to October docks are in at Rock Port

    Restrictions: Some scientific expirments were being carried out in '07 so leave the buoy's with the H sinkers alone. Also there are PVC pipes stuck into the bottom with baggies attached that they are trying to capture gas samples in.

    Boat or Shore Access:Boat, 2.4 miles east of Rock Port, Alpena County. 100' north of Middle Island

    How to get there:About 8 miles north of Alpena, Mi. At Opechee's Gas stop turn right (Rock Port Road) follow to the end and the State Boat Launch. Head east to Middle Island, Follow the north shore and look for the white w/blue stripe NOAA buoy.

    Rating you would give it: (1= Bad, 5=Excellent) 5
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  5. Barracuda2

    Barracuda2 Solo Diver

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: Northwest Ohio
    Name of the site: Gilboa Quarry, Gilboa, OH

    Description of the site: Gilboa Quarry is a 25 acre full service dive resort with a 14 acre limestone quarry perfect for both newly certified and technically trained divers. The underwater attractions are many: A Grumman twin engine turbo prop airplane, the largest, most complete plane in any quarry in the country; a 73' Sikorsky Helicopter; school bus; two pickup trucks; VW van; 30' sailboat; two 25' cabin cruisers; fishing trawler; swamp boat; the tubes (stacked storage tanks with the ends cut out for swim thru's); and 3000 sq. ft. of suspended instructors platforms. More attractions are planned for the near future.
    Entrance and exits from the quarry are easy with stairways and docks that lead to 4 floating staging platforms with stairs leading into the water.
    Gilboa Quarry also has 26 primitive campsites nestled among large trees with picnic tables and fire pits. There are also 10 RV sites with electric hookup. If you desire a roof over your head, you can choose from among 2 bunkhouses that sleep 5 and 6 respectively (AC will be put in soon), 1 apartment sleeps 5 and 1 cottage sleeps 6, both with AC. Heated Flush bathrooms and newly remodeled showers are available on site.

    Depth Range: The South side of the quarry (the shallow end) is 5' to 65'; The North side (the deep side) is 117' to 140'. To dive the North side you must have the following: AOW certification; at least 30 cold water dives; redundant gas supply; and you must file a detailed dive plan with the owner.

    Water Temps: Depending on the season and depth: 39 to 78 degrees.

    Visibility: 30' to 100+ depending on weather and time of year; Average is about 40 to 60 ft.

    Aquatic Life: Amazing! 15 species of fish: Bluegill, Crappie, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Steelhead Trout, Perch, Channel Cats, Brown Cats, Shovelhead Cats, Koi, White Amurs, and 17 Paddlefish up to 7' long.

    Fees: $15 entrance - $6 non-diver; $8 pp camping; $8 air fill - $12 nitrox to 40% - $15 over 40%; $10 per day electric hookup; $10 per day pet fee (please, non-barking and non-biting dogs); $4 pp per day to park car at campsite, or free parking in the main parking lot.

    On-Site Amenities: Full line of rental gear (Call ahead to reserve on weekends); repair items: o-rings, fin straps, AquaSeal, etc. Snacks, soft drinks, grilled food available; fish food; and a 35 min. souvenir DVD "Relive the Memory" that chronicles the Gilboa experience to take home and relive.

    Website and Phone Number: Gilboa Quarry Scuba Diving phone 419-456-3300

    Open Hours: April 1 to Nov. 3: Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Fri. 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Sat.- 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sun.- 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Winter Hours: Dec. 1 to March 31 - Mon.- Fri. closed; Sat.-Sun. open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Restrictions: No fishing, no touching fish; no defacing UW attractions; no swimming, but snorkeling with wet suit (required) is allowed; No boats allowed; Do not bring in firewood (It's the law); for safety to all, 5 mph speed limit - strictly enforced.

    Boat or Shore Access: Shore access only via staging docks.

    How to get there: Address: 3763 Old St. Rt. 224 Ottawa, Oh 45875. From I75 take exit 159 Rt. 224; Coming from the N, turn right. Coming from the S, turn left. Look for the sign.

    From Findlay:
    * Take St. Rt. 224 (the middle exit, Exit 159) west about 15 miles.
    * Turn left (south) on County Road 4 (Pearl St) just after the grain elevator, but before you pass the large cement steer pictured above.
    * Turn right (west) at the 4-way Stop sign 2 blocks south, just before you go over the bridge, and head through "downtown" Gilboa.
    * As you head west out of Gilboa, the quarry entrance is on the left (south side) of the road down in a slight dip in the road about 1/4 mile past the Methodist church (located on the west edge of town).

    From the west:
    * Take St. Rt. 224 east just for a few miles past Ottawa.
    * Turn right (south) on County Road 5 and go about 1 mile to Old St. Rt. 224.
    * Turn left (east) for a few miles and look for the quarry entrance on the right (south). If you enter into the small town of Gilboa, you've gone about 1/4 mile too far.

    GPS Coordinates:
    0. N 41deg 00.865min
    W 083deg 56.055min

    Rating: 5-excellent--The Midwest's Premier Dive site. It doesn't get any better than this!
  6. tomdiddle

    tomdiddle Angel Fish

    Name of the site: Portage Quarry Recreation Center Inc. Over 30 years of service.
    12701 South Dixie Highway, Bowling Green , Ohio 43402

    Description of the site:The Quarry is a Full Service PADI resort and will be holding an International Legends of Diving Event In the Grand Bahamas at the UNESCO site on Lacaya Bay in April 2009,and is located on just over 50 acres of land, 23 of that is Water. Wooded lots and open lawns for camping. Parking is available on 3/4's of the Quarry and a large parking lot for the beach crowds adjacent to the beach at no cost. Multiple covered grilling areas are place around the Quarry as well as open grills. There are many many camping sites scattered near wooded area as well as open area for both Primitive camping as well as campers as. The sites large enough to accommodate 40 ft campers. Electric and Water hookups for those who need it for just $7 a night. More electric and water sites are under way.. A large beach is waiting for those who enjoy a cool dip in the hot sun. Easily large enough to accommodate several hundred college students which is a good thing because most days you can find it full of the college crowd. They have 6 pontoons 3 of which are in deep water. 3 of those have adult slides. There are 3 on the ledge with one side in deep water and the other side in shallow water 4-5 feet deep. 3 Sand Volleyball courts are available at no cost as well as 3 horseshoe pits. There is a beach snackbar and a shelterhouse next to the beach. The shelterhouse is available for private parties for a fee of $35 and a deposit which is refundable. They also have a 20ft by 20ft tent for rent. Port-a-johns are scattered around the Quarry as well as 4 very nice spacious hot shower and flush toilets in a new building. There is also a sewage dump station available for campers. Lifeguards are usually on duty all day during the summer. An old diving platform is a favorite for the brave to jump from. It is 8-10ft from the surface of the water. An open area is good for Frizbee or catch but is also used for the several concerts held during the summer. Weekends such as Country Blowout, Sledgefest and NEW this year is The Parrothead Weekend. Full of games, movies and fun, but culminates on Saturday August 2nd with Steel Drum music and then The Parrots of the Caribbean Concert. Not one to be missed if you like Jimmy Buffett. This is the #1 Buffett Cover band in the country.Bring your craziest outfits and win prizes. There will also be movie night on the weekends with Family Friendly Films so take a lawn chair or a blanket for the show.

    Depth Range: The depth ranges from a walk-in depth to around 72 ft. at the old sump pump area. Average depth is around 50 ft.

    Water Temps:Temps range from 36 degrees under the ice to a balmy 72-73 during the summer.

    Visibility: Average visibility is 15-50+ year round. I have seen 70+ on the back wall, where few people go.

    UnderWater Attractions: The highlight is a very rare Hanza Jet ( only 54) ever made. It is the only one in the world that has ever been sunk in a Quarry so that makes it a very cool dive. The History of the jet is in the Dive Shop. A smaller plane lies at the bottom on the West side of the Quarry. There are over 10 boats sank at different depths. To many cars to mention. At the center of the Quarry is a pickup truck with a boat and trailer in tow. Original equipment include the Silo famous for the massive amount of fish and also penetrable, the scales with a swim through in the back,a building foundation, the old road and loading dock, the pumps and the newly found dynamite shack which was lost for some time. In a very remote spot in very clear water usually exceeding 50 ft. With 1 foot thick walls and doors it is pretty neat. The walls on the north side even have some of the drilling holes still there for the dynamite to be put into. There is a Underwater Navigation Course that is second to none. This coarse is for those who really want to challenge their navigational skills. It takes you past one of my favorites. An underwater Graveyard, complete with a Burial Vault and many headstones with wreaths, flowers and all. Also past the Dragon Wagon along the back wall and the Metro Bus. There is also a Floating sailboat at about 20ft, a telephone booth, and the school bus at the bottom of the silo. Dramatic walls surround 2/3rds of the Quarry. The back ( south) wall has many large standing trees which make you feel like your flying. The car crash site complete with stop lights. A semi trailer, a semi cab, a bronco 4X4 and a vertical boat as well as another boat that floats in mid water. So many I can't think of them all. There are also tech training T's set in deeper water to practice your decompression dives, a 100ft square to practice your kick cycles, oh yeah and a motorcycle or two for that evening ride. So as you can see they have much much much more than anybody else.

    Aquatic Life:Very Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Carp,Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish ( one over 6 ft) and very friendly, Large Bluegill and Sunfish, Yellow Bullhead, Koi, White Amor, Northern Pike, Walleye, Crayfish and some painted turtles. Edgar is the star Largemouth Bass which I measured with my arm (shoulder to past finger tips) to be over 30" yes that's right and estimated over 25 pounds!( very friendly)

    Fees:Only $10 for divers, $5 for beach goers, NO parking Fees, $7 for Airfills of (3000), $8 (3300), Nitrox $12 for up to 40%, $15 for over 40%, Camping is cheap at $5 plus $5 for the next day. Electric and Water is only $7 a night

    On-Site Amenities:A complete rental selection is available. Tank rental is only $10 including a fill. Full service fill station with many items for sale from O-rings to underwater lights, as well as snacks and drinks. Bags of fish food. T-shirts galore for a nice souvenir, as well as sweatshirts and jackets for those cool evenings after a long dive. They also have a pretty neat Museum of Vintage Scuba Equipment, and Pictures to see at no cost while waiting for your airfill ( which usually is only a few minutes). There are also changing rooms near the infield grassy area. They have a very friendly staff that is more than happy to go out of their way to help you. There are 5 training platforms and more are in the planning stages.

    Website or Phone Number: The website is Scuba Diving and Recreation Center in Northwest Ohio - Portage Quarry and the Phone # is 419-352-9203

    Open Hours: They open the first weekend in April and are full time from Memorial Day to September 15th

    Restrictions:NO FISHING ( VERY STRICTLY ENFORCED),No Glass, No kegs, 5 MPH speed strictly enforced, No pets, No firewood brought on Property( that is the Law), No defacing Underwater attractions,

    Boat or Shore Access: Both are available( no motors) as well as Kayaks,Sailboards

    How to get there:From The North -- I-75 south to Rt 6 exit, go West to Old 25exit then left under Rt 6 heading South for 1 mile. Quarry is on the right with a Dive Flag mailbox.
    From the south - Take I-75 North to Rt 6 exit, go West to Old 25exit then left under Rt 6 heading South for 1 mile. Quarry is on the right with a Dive Flag or you can get off at the Cygnet exit, turn left then right after you cross I-75, Follow old rt 25 through Portage (speedtrap) then about 1/2 to 3/4 mile on the left. If traveling by Route 80/90 Interstate turnpike, get off at exit 64 and travel south on I-75. From Detroit, drive south on I-75 to Bowling Green, Map is on the website also.

    Rating you would give it: (1= Bad, 5=Excellent) 5+ second to none
  7. El Orans

    El Orans ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: The Netherlands
  8. rickydazla

    rickydazla Staff Instructor

    # of Dives:
    Location: London / Detroit / Cali

    Description of the site: Located on Michigan's thumb, on the southwestern portion of Lake Huron, this 163 square mile preserve was established in 1980 to promote the conservation of some fifteen or so wrecks that lie submerged within a 16 mile radius of Port Sanilac. Some of the wrecks are wooden, some steel, some are older (1856), some newer (1975), some are large and some are very small. All have a story behind them.

    Depth Range:
    • 10' Charles A Street
    • 18' Eliza H Strong
    • 20’ Sweetheart
    • 40' Sport
    • 45' John Breeden
    • 45’ Queen City
    • 55' F B Gardner
    • 64’ City of Genoa
    • 70' Charles S Price
    • 75' Regina
    • 80' Col. A B Williams
    • 85' Mary Alice B
    • 90' North Star
    • 98’ Canisteo
    • 110' Checotah
    • 110' New York
    • 170’ City of Milwaukee

    Water Temps: Low 40's and upwards depending on depth and time of year. You could get away with a 5mm, no hood or gloves on the shallower wrecks in July and August.

    Visibility: 15'-60' - weather and wreck dependent

    Aquatic Life: Zebra mussels and gobies abound! Bass, sunfish, carp, all sorts really but it's the wrecks you're going to see!

    Fees: Charter boat fees vary.

    On-Site Amenities: Port Sanilac Marina has good facilities for pre and post dive, including showers, outside BBQ area and inside lounge with TV, coffee..

    Website or Phone Number:
    Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve
    Port Sanilac Marina
    Port Sanilac Village [currently down]
    Sanilac County

    Open Hours: The handful of charter boats that run trips out to the Sanilac Shores Wrecks operate mostly on weekends from late April through to early October.

    Restrictions: The Michigan Underwater Preserve system was created in 1980 through legislation supported and largely drafted by Michigan sport divers. Since then, divers have ensured that their sport will remain a high-quality activity with stiff penalties for disturbing the shipwrecks and their artifacts. It is a felony to remove or disturb artifacts in the Great Lakes. Those caught removing portholes, anchors, anchor chain, deadeyes, blocks, or other “souvenirs” will have their boat, car, and equipment confiscated immediately and will face up to two years imprisonment and stiff fines. Divers who have information about the theft of artifacts can report violations to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources by calling (800) 292-7800.

    Boat or Shore Access: Boat

    How to get there: M-25 from Port Huron (30 miles) or M-46 from Sandusky (15 miles)

    Rating you would give it: (1= Bad, 5=Excellent) 10!

    Charter Boat Websites:
    All Seasons Diving
    Four Fathoms
    Great Lakes Diver
    Rec and Tec
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2008
  9. KJackson60

    KJackson60 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Northwest Suburbs of Chicago Il.
    Name of site: Devils Lake, Wisconsin

    Description: Spring fed inland lake. Stone and mud bottom.

    Depth Range:0-40'

    Water Temperature: Varies with season. Winter, upper 30's under the ice. Summer, 80 on surface, 65 below 15-20 foot thermalcline.

    Visibility: Varies 10-30'

    Aquatic Life: Small Mouth Bass, Rock Bass, Blue Gills, Crappie, Northern Pike, Snapping Turtles, Crawfish, etc.

    Fees: $7.00 per car per day for a WI. resident. $10.00 per car per day for out of state.

    On Site Amenities: Picnic tables, latrines, potable water, camping, swimming, fishing, non-motorized boating.
    Three Little Devils Dive Shop located on HWY 123 just outside the north entrance to the park. Three Little Devils has air refills, equipment rentals and sales. They are a PADI 5 Star facility.

    Phone #'s
    Devils Lake State Park 608.356.8301
    Three Little Devils Dive Shop 608.356.5866 or 800.356.9016

    Open Hours: 6:00 am -11:00 pm, Summer Hours.

    Restrictions: Must have a Dive Flag. See Dive Map for areas Diving is allowed.

    Access: Shore Diving.

    From the North or South take Interstate 90/94 to the Baraboo/Devils Lake exit.

    Rating: 3.5-4.
    A very nice, relaxing place to dive. Enough fish and other aquatic critters to keep your interest. Interesting rock groupings, especially on the west shore north of the boat launch.
  10. KJackson60

    KJackson60 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Northwest Suburbs of Chicago Il.
    Name of site: Haigh Quarry, Kankakee, Illinois

    Description: Spring fed rock quarry (retired).

    Depth range: 0-80'

    Water temperature:
    Winter, Upper 30's below ice
    Summer, Surface 60-70 deg. F, At 45' 50-60 deg. F.

    Viz: Variable, 10-40+'

    Aquatic Life: Blue Gills, Cat Fish, Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, Spoon Bill fish aka Paddlefish.

    Fees: $20.00 per diver, $10.00 per non-diver.

    On site amenities: Porta-a-potties, pic-nic tables, grills, potable water, changing house, and a cabana to rent.
    On site gear rentals, air fills and nitrox.

    Contact Information:
    Phone # 1-815-939-7797

    Hours of operation:
    Closed Tuesday
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday-8:00 am-5:00 pm
    Friday 8:00 am-7:00 pm
    Saturday 7:00 am-7:00 pm
    Sunday 7:00 am-5:00 pm

    Restrictions: NO FISHING

    Boat or Shore access: Shore or dock.

    How to get there: I-57 from the North or South. Exit at Exit #315 for Bradley/Bourbonais. Drive south on Route 50/Governors HWY to intersection with E. North Street. Turn left. Follow E. North Street over bridge spanning I-57, Haigh Quarry is aprox. 3/4 mile farther. Drive is on the right side and is marked with a very impressive sign.

    Rating: 4-4.5
    Great location. Very helpful staff. Grounds are clean and well maintained. Numerous items sunk in the quarry at various depths to keep your interest. Location can become crowded on the weekends. Great place for multiple dives, plan on spending the day. For more info see their web site. Address in contact information.

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