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The normalization of dives to 100 meters and beyond

Discussion in 'Rebreather Diving' started by 2airishuman, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. TrimixToo

    TrimixToo Regular of the Pub

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: New York State
    I have, but not a lot of them. All on OC.
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  2. sea_ledford

    sea_ledford Captain

    Unfortunately, the OSHA compliant CCR doesn't exist, so any CCR instructors would have to be independent contractors so there isn't a employer-employee relationship.

    OSHA requires:
    eCCR only
    Moisture monitors
    Constant CO2 monitoring calibrated to within 10% of a CO2 concentration of 0.005 ATA or less
    Duration based CO2 monitoring is acceptable but only under the EXACT conditions of the Mfg test (depth and temp)
    Water temp and loop gas temp monitoring
  3. Schwob

    Schwob Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Illinois
    Yeah, I think we are on the same page, although I am not entirely sure how 330ft (OP's 100m) became 1000ft and I am definitely not qualified to talk about either of those depths. My (covert, implied by just citing an example) point here was to speak to normalization. When the kids were new & very young we actually booked a couple of separate flights. I was convinced we have to do that to assure the continued existance of the greatest thing in earth, our family. Well, back from new parenthood thinking to the real world, that got old quick. We experienced often enough that really nothing bad happens during flights and that that risk avoidance tactic and the extra effort that comes with it really seems to not be justified to us anymore and changed our stance. Even so, at first we were sure it had to be that way... We now are comfortable flying together. Normalization at work... (that was meat to be the point).

    @rjack321 Thanks for your earlier reply. I wasn't thinking weight belt, but harness (forcibly due to my body shape) and it was a general question for understanding....
    (Hey, I am even wonderimg why suits, dry or wet don't come with integrated weight pockets, but that really does not belong here) and no I never plan to ditch my not yet existing RB at that depth or half as much or ever. I appreciate the answer so. And while I generally think contingency planning needs to heavily include exactly all that's not planned but could become necessary, I take it from your reply that ditching you RB at that depth is a very moot consideration to begin with.
    I also hope you didn't take my posts as posing with expertise on any such depth. I did not. I made a point not to and disclaimed properly... I think. It was not obvious to me, that the thread as posted by the OP should exclude my participation in terms of questions. My being here in this thread is reasoned in learning, not contributing, albeit I may have attempted to contributed on non depth related normalization. Old pet peeve as professionally and otherwise I see it happening everywhere and all the time.
    Anyway, no further thread hijacking from me here. Still a good, interesting thread. Thanks for your insights / contributions.
  4. W W Meixner

    W W Meixner Banned ScubaBoard Supporter


    Sorry...you're right...between 100 m...and the 333 m failed record attempt...I got my posts confused...

    As you stated...not going to either...I can't even dream that deep...

    Tobermory next week for three days...if the weather co-operates...may get 40 m...


  5. Dsix36

    Dsix36 Solo Diver

    First point of interest - If you have not done any of these deep dives, then you have no experience or knowledge of all the time in water doing work up dives to get to the level needed. These work up dives are generally filled with a lot of moments that cause you to pause and think though various scenarios. Things can and do happen even on the most beneigh dives that we can learn from if we remain open minded and willing to learn. Experience is a better teacher than anything else but not if you go too far and end up dead before you learn it. There is so much to consider when doing this deep diving stuff. It is more than mere physical abilities. There needs to be a rock solid metal preparedness without any room for second thoughts at all. The entire team must all work and train together and have a plan for any and all contingencies. Yes, even death must be planned for it you really want to do it right. You better be honest with yourself and others about every aspect of it too.

    Second point of interest - Most people that have actually done deep dives like this are not very forthcoming with information. There is the simple reason of covering their arses in some instances. Most of the time it is merely because they do not wish to encourage or tempt others to do something that they know very well is a seriously dangerous activity. Beware of those who might be boastful about their deep dives and really steer clear of any chest thumpers. This is something that should never be tried just for bragging rights.

    Third point of interest - Yes, I was foolish enough (and still am) to go deep enough to comment on this thread.
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  6. cerich

    cerich ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Georgia
    well, someone made the comment that a CESA would never work from that depth with no qualifications at all, it was blanket, those qualifiers were added after when it was pointed out.

    I'm a Hypoxic Trimix Instructor Trainer and CCR diver/instr and SCR IT. I have in the range of 500 dives or so below 200fsw, a few dozen deeper than 300
  7. KevinNM

    KevinNM DIR Practitioner

    If you could elaborate on this that would be great.
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  8. Dsix36

    Dsix36 Solo Diver

    Being extremely familar with the location of this event and having had a "bad day" there once myself, I would venture to say that team structure was either not fully prepared mentally for such or that they lacked the proper prior experience at that location. Either one of these is enough that they never should have attempted their plan.
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  9. kensuf

    kensuf Cave Instructor

    Speaking as one of the guys that pulled the decedents out, the double fatality at EN had nothing to do with support for the dive and whether or not there was a chamber or habitat on site. I was also a very active member of the WKPP between 1995 and 2000 and there were dives that the WKPP accomplished during that time with minimal support, including a couple of world records (one of which still stands).

    However, I agree with your thesis that some people are taking on dives that are beyond what the US Navy would call "Exceptional Exposure Decompression Dives" without fully appreciating the risks and magnitude.
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  10. kensuf

    kensuf Cave Instructor

    I'm gonna echo Chris and repeat this. Anyone that paid attention to Doc Deep and how that unfolded witnessed a support team that became a huge enabler for a foolhardy attempt.

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