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Vintage pictures done with Nikonos …in ‘Freediving’

Discussion in 'Snorkeling / Freediving' started by dcvf2, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. dcvf2

    dcvf2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Belgium

    The Nikonos 2 … with my adaptations :
    - the tray
    - the flash rebuilt with the electronics of a terrestrial Flash Canon … disassembled and reassembled in the available volume of the red ball, an old lamp of +/- 1975.
    - A laser pointer in the center of the front of the red ball ... that I synchronized so that it goes out by means of a small electronic circuit I developed.
    So the red dot (showing me if the flash is correctly oriented) is turned off when the flash is fired.
    Nikonos + Flash 2004.jpeg

    Sorry for the poor quality of certain the pictures, it coms from my ‘process’ :
    - subject photographed on slides ( film 100 or 200 ASA)
    - slide projected on my screen
    - screen photographed with my Canon AE1 ( film 100 or 200 ASA) to get the photo on paper
    - photo on paper scanned with my Canon Printer.

    Later I got a slide-scanner, but the result wasn’t better.

    Mediterranean sea Spain
    - Common octopus, Octopus vulgaris, (Baleares 1977),poulpe in French
    Poulpe 1977 ?.jpeg

    - Xorix (local name), Dactylopterus volitans, (Menorca, Binancola in 1992), Grondin volant
    Grondin volant de Menorca 19920728.jpeg

    Red sea (2002…2008) at Shark’s Bay in the Sharm El Sheikh area
    - Roving coral grouper, Plectropomus pessuliferus, mérou corallien
    Mérou coraillien.jpeg

    - Yellowbar angelfish, Pomacanthus maculosus, Poisson ange géographe
    Poisson ange géographe.jpeg

    - Red sea bannerfish, Heniochus intermedius, poisson cocher de mer Rouge
    - Blackspotted sweetlips, Plectorhinchus gaterinus, gaterin tacheté
    - Bluecheek butterflyfish, Chaetodon semilarvatus, poisson-papillon jaune
    Cocher, Gaterin Papillon jaune.jpeg

    - Red sea racoon butter, Chaetodon fasciatus, poisson-papillon raton-laveur de mer rouge
    Papillon raton laveur.jpeg

    - Spotbase burrfish, Cyclichthys spilostylus, poisson porc-épic à taches jaunes
    Poisson porc-épic.jpeg

    - Sabre squirrelfish, Sargocentron spiniferum, poisson-écureuil…à grande mâchoires ou sabre
    Poisson écureil sabre.jpeg

    - Milk fish, Shanos Shanos, ( that can grow up to 6 feet )…never seen again since 2003, poisson de lait.
    Milk fish.jpeg

    Other pictures in the next message.
  2. dcvf2

    dcvf2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Belgium
    Continuation of 'Vintage pictures done with Nikonos… in ‘Freediving’'

    - Yellow-edged lyretail, Variola louti, mérou croissant jaune
    Mérou queue croissant jaune.jpeg

    - Manta ray (the second in June 2004), Manta alfredi, raie manta (d’Alfred)
    Manta ray.jpeg

    - Leopard shark (or zebra shark), Stegostoma fasciatum, requin léopard
    Lying on the sand at a depth of 50 feet.
    The strobe failed (the original one with a big bulb, not yet the electronics from the first picture above)
    Requin léopard 20050531.jpeg

    - Whale shark, Rhincodon typus, (first in June 2008 it’s a snapshot from my video…not Nikonos), requin baleine
    Whale shark .png

    - Sailfish ( The Unique I saw …bad exposition), Istiophorus platypterus, espadon voilier.
    When I was approaching its huge dorsal sail was totally developed.
    It was a warning...'Be careful'(*)
    I reduce my approach speed and stop to tweak my framing.
    He thought I understood his warning and unfortunately he folded his huge dorsal veil ... when I pushed the lever of my Nikonos to take the photo.
    (*) At home later, I read, "A spearfighter's thigh was pierced by the rostrum of a sailfish"

    Espadon voilier 20031220 copie.JPG

    Red sea (2002…2008) In the Marsa Alam area (El Nabaa, Abu Dabbab, Brayka Bay)
    - Halavi's guitarfish ( The first …it’s not a shark !), Glaucostegus halavi, raie guitare
    Raie guitare.jpeg

    - Dugong, Dugong dugon , (The first at El Nabaa in 2004), dugong

    - Whitetip reef shark (The first at El Nabaa 2004 ), Triaenodon obesus , requin corail
    At the end of the day, without flash.
    Requin corail.jpeg

    A Camel …’Not my wife :wink:, but the small on her hand’ ! ( With Canon AE1 not Nikonos)
    Camel ...the small one.jpeg

    That's all folk :)
  3. mattherat

    mattherat Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: everywhere
  4. John C. Ratliff

    John C. Ratliff Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Beaverton, Oregon
    Great job. I Have to get my Nikonos II cameras going again.

  5. dcvf2

    dcvf2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Belgium
    Thanks 'mattherat' & 'John'
    Best wishes

    As i said in french ' bonnes et heureuses APNEES' :wink:
  6. John C. Ratliff

    John C. Ratliff Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Beaverton, Oregon
    What a lot of people don't realize is that the 35mm film camera has as fine a resolution as the most expensive full-frame digital cameras. This photo of a snail eating off a fisherman's lead sinker, which by the way introduces lead into the food chain of Aquatic organisms, was taken using a Nikonos II camera, Ikelite strobe, and a 1:3 extension tube behind a 35mm Nikonos lens. The 1:3 extension tube men's that the subject will be 1/3 life size on the film, which was an Ectachrome slide (ISO 100). I think the F-stop was either F-11 or F-16, shutter speed at 1/60th second.

    48476364102_6b7176b265_k.jpg Snail feeding on lead006 by John Ratliff, on Flickr

    ere are some more photos I have taken with the Nikonos underwater camera, which by the way is about as robust a camera system as has ever been produced.

    42184348251_ddba4d6408_k.jpg Underwater Swimmers Sch003 by John Ratliff, on Flickr
    USAF Pararescueman surfaces from a deep dive at the U.S. Naval School for Underwater Swimmers in 1967.

    40321695615_05f41a2cad_k.jpg PJ Okinawa Dive003 by John Ratliff, on Flickr
    Pararescuemen Terry Wetzel and Stephen Samo diving a coral reef off Okinawa in 1968. This is a flash bulb photo with the Nikonos II underwater camera and its flash system.

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  7. dcvf2

    dcvf2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Belgium
    @ SeaRat
    Very nice pictures :)

    The Nikonos… (originally Calypso) ... a Belgian story :wink: => Nikonos story
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  8. Sbiriguda

    Sbiriguda Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Italy
    Thank you for the very nice pictures
    And I suspect back then the environment was much more intact than now...
  9. dcvf2

    dcvf2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Belgium
    Thanks Sbiriguda...Yes sure
  10. MaxBottomtime

    MaxBottomtime Divemaster

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Torrance, CA
    My late wife Marilyn shot with a Nikonos V. I still have a few of her shots from Catalina Island.



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