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Visual Jumps

Discussion in 'Cave Diving' started by Sas, Jul 7, 2011.

Do you do visual jumps?

  1. Often

    4 vote(s)
  2. Sometimes

    19 vote(s)
  3. Used to

    2 vote(s)
  4. Never

    48 vote(s)
  1. Wormil

    Wormil Manta Ray

    It's why I won't do visual jumps.

    Didn't notice the dates, but when argued to 'It's peacock blah blah blah' I referenced this and said sorry, not doing them.

    Also, the dive plan that was to be argued was Peanut line to visual jump onto the dark water tunnel and then visual jump onto the main line. I'm pretty certain that was a fu-cking stupid plan. Needless to say, I did not dive darkwater tunnel.
  2. Jax

    Jax Deplorable American ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: AZ TX

    You're demonstrating good sense and forethought. Be careful or you'll ruin your reputation!

  3. SuPrBuGmAn

    SuPrBuGmAn Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Tallahassee, FL
    Cave divers used to have something like that too, but that group doesn't really support accident analysis for cave divers anymore :shakehead:
  4. uberdude

    uberdude Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Darwin, Australia
    Cave Diver thanks for the link (SB search really struggles sometimes...actually all the time :)).
    As a Cave curious reader as well, and only having read the link and no formal report, I would have to say that that incident and the preceding incident at Ginne pretty much answer the question posed by Sas. Would appear visual jump = VERY BAD for many reasons. Definitely a link in the accident chain and preventable.

    That's a real shame regarding the accident analysis SuPrBuGmAn, a tool like that would definitely save lives. Such analysis should also include non leathal accidents and incidents that could have had serious consequences but were averted by correct actions. Here's hoping someone resurrects the analysis side of things. Today's aviation is far safer for the lessons learned from others errors and experiences. I have access to lot of info on error chains and prevention of accidents and human factors relating to averting accidents with relation to aviation if anyone is interested. I'm sure a google search would reveal most of it anyway. I think it fits well with Cave diving.
  5. Sas

    Sas Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    She was and cute accent. Too bad wormil saw her first and called dibs :(
  6. LiteHedded

    LiteHedded Great White

    I think this would have made an interesting t2t thread
  7. The Chairman

    The Chairman Chairman of the Board

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: Cave Country!
    This has been an interesting read... even as seldom as I get to dive in caves, I see this on a regular basis. I know a lot of divers who do a visual jump from outside the cave to the gold line at the onset of their dive. In popular caves like P1, I can see it getting pretty convoluted if every one ran a line in. I have done the jump in the Godzilla room with a reel and was glad I did, because I did not recognize it until we made the loop back around. :shocked2:
  8. Jax

    Jax Deplorable American ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: AZ TX
    :scorned: What, the rest of us aren't good enough to listen in? :scorned:
  9. Cave Diver

    Cave Diver Divemaster

    Feel free.
  10. Jax

    Jax Deplorable American ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: AZ TX
    Just an observation from a non-cave-diver . . . the divers that 'hang-out' on the forums tend to be more concerned with learning more about their sport, and are more concerned with overall safety. I think that is why the poll appears skewed from what people observe day-to-day. In other words, the 'safer' cave divers are involved with the forums, and more likely to not skip the put-in-a-jump step.

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