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What is scuba diving's orange shovel?

Discussion in 'New Divers & Those Considering Diving' started by JGBrown, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. JGBrown

    JGBrown Contributor

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    Location: Victoria, Vancouver Island BC, Canada
    I'm not quite sure how else to ask it, when hiking you can almost always pick out new backpackers by the small orange colghans shovel in the side of their pack for digging poop pits.
    usually when helping someone out who has this shovel I start with the very simplest and human caused reasons for gear malfunction
    This shovel is one of those Good Ideas that while it does do exactly what is advertised, is usually ditched by the 3rd trip, because a stick works just as well and is therefore a waste of money.
    So what bits of dive gear are like the orange shovel, totally functional but not needed, although they seem rational to have as a beginner.
  2. daniel f aleman

    daniel f aleman Contributor

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Austin, TX
    H on their gear - overly expensive, purchased due to peer-pressure brought on by a lack of self-esteem.

  3. divad

    divad ScubaBoard Sponsor ScubaBoard Sponsor

    Orange Scumballs(sp).
  4. El Orans

    El Orans ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: The Netherlands
    Yes, I'm a victim of peer pressure. :rofl3:

    But I do use spell-check software... :D
  5. The Kraken

    The Kraken He Who Glows in the Dark Waters (ADVISOR) ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Roswell/Alpharetta, GA
    Tank bangers or tank wraps.

    the K
  6. PerroneFord

    PerroneFord DIR Practitioner

    # of Dives:
    Location: The Borg Cube

    MAN what an awesome question. Only problem is that it encompasses nearly everything a new diver walks out of the shop with.

    Backpackers, but their very nature, tend to be minmalist. The opposite seems to be true of divers.
  7. pengwe

    pengwe Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Australia
  8. El Orans

    El Orans ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: The Netherlands
    This thread is getting better by the hour...
  9. Mo2vation

    Mo2vation Relocated to South Florida.... ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: 33472
    All of this is true. You guys are killing me.

    Clear skirted 3 window masks need to be near the top. Aquarium on your grill means new card in your pocket.

    Mesh hose covers with matching strain reliefs

    Any snorkle over $35

    Atomic Split Fins

    Neoprene Slap Strap with the Dive shop name on it (or even better, some resort name in Coz where said Orange Shoveler got their resort cert!)

    An bright green 02 clean slider on your primary second stage hose (complete with month / year punch out...)

    Mesh backpack dive bag (OK OK... some of you WWW's use them. They're worthless in SoCal)

    DAN Tag matching your mesh hose wraps and strain reliefs.

    An orange whistle clipped to your chest D-Ring


    Oh, man - this is rough. I was so this guy. I think I had every one of these (except the slap strap...)


  10. socal619

    socal619 Registered

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    Location: Corpus Christi, TX
    Haha, I had a 3 window mask, w/ purge valve! But I like the idea of a slap strap, the silicone ones tug my hair, even my instructor wore one.

    I guess this stuff is the equivalent of bicycling's unshaven legs and reflectors still on the road bike.

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