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Where to move on in Thailand??

Discussion in 'Thailand' started by sommer71, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. sommer71

    sommer71 Angel Fish

    Going to Koh Tao-come December...where would be the best place to Move up thru the certf. in padi?? Any info on the matter would be nice!!

    All the best!:)
  2. chiara

    chiara Instructor, Scuba

    If you are already certified, forget about Koh Tao.

    Those who say good things about it either know close to nothing about good diving or they have some economical interest in sending you there.

    Besides, December is rain season in the Gulf of Thailand.
  3. sommer71

    sommer71 Angel Fish

    We are moving there cause we vant to become instructors, and it seems like a nice island to do it on!??
    The diving i admit is not the best, but we really like the island!! We have been there for a week 2 years ago! If we could find a god and SERIOUS place To do the idc-in ???
    The thing is it seem like the best place to us, comparred to other places we have been diving (Bali-Lombok-Turkey-Tennerife-Denmark) Then after we have done the Certf. we could move on to "perhaps" another job in another part of the world!

    Do you have any info-or surgestions to where,vhen or how??

    Our time frame is start: come December and then 6-9 months after we have to be working as instructors!!

    Best regards-and thx
  4. keralucu

    keralucu Senior Member

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Beijing, China
    Chiara is right about the weather on that side of Thailand in December. Rough seas and strong winds... Quite often the ferries cannot get across from the mainland.

    What is your present certification level? I have just sent you a PM about this... let me know if you have any questions.
  5. travelem

    travelem Barracuda

    I agree Koh Tao is pretty crap. 80% divers have less than 10 dives. That's the main problem, the main problem is the low visibility, murky water, usually 5m-10m, lucky if it is 15m at one or two advanced sites. The great problem is lack of fishes and damaged corals.

    November and December are also the worst months on east coast.

    If you are divers, go to Malaysia or the Philippones for real diving. I am not lookin worls class here, Koh Tao is just too bad, medicore at best.
  6. Tommer

    Tommer Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Southern Cal
    Thailand is the main reason that I got certified from PADI recently, I been there twice last year first time phi phi and 2nd time koh tao, and am planning another trip back to koh tao in december. did you guys said dec. is a bad season? i remember 1st time i went on phi phi was during november. weather looks fine to me, occasionally cloudy, but doesn't bother me that much, as far as rough water, my instructor told me if i can learn how to dive here in southern california, i can dive anywhere in the world easily. i find that quiet true, the current down here are way way stronger than in thailand, visibility here totally sucks, most diver down here are for hunting reasons.

    can someone suggest a good location in thailand to dive other than koh tao during december? thanks in advance

  7. keralucu

    keralucu Senior Member

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Beijing, China
    In December, try the the Indian Ocean side of Thailand... Phuket, Similan Islands, Koh Lanta. The good weather is supposed to start there in November thru March... Having said that, we are now supposed to be in the hot season but it seems the rainy season may be upon us already, 3 months early! - black skies, heavy showers, thunder & lightning. The weather patterns are definitely screwy this year but generally, the winter months are good for Thailand's west coast.

  8. savant

    savant Angel Fish


    I agree the western side of thailand would be better to dive for the decemebr periods. in fact, i am probably heading up to the similan islands in decemeber when one of my dive friend (who is also a teacher) gets a break during the school hols. Got some contacts there that does LOB for thailand. I think they do samui side though but charges a really reasonable price, will check if they will do similan as well. ...... Maybe will see you there in decemebr. cheers
  9. FarEastYankee

    FarEastYankee Angel Fish

    The topic seems to have changed from your original question regarding certification, to whether or not the diving is any good on Koh Tao.

    In regards to your certification, I would look long and hard into whom exactly you're learning from. There are a lot of "certification factory" type shops in that area, and if that is what you are interested in, then go ahead.

    The other option (which would be my choice) is to find a good instructor that will teach you to be a teacher instead of pushing you through a course. If you PM me, I can offer you a couple of instructors that I recommend. Probably not in the immediate Koh Tao area, but very close.

    The way you learn to dive, and then to teach will be forever passed on to your students. Keep that in mind.

    Good luck,
  10. lingfish

    lingfish Angel Fish

    When the weather's bad in thailand, have u guys ever tried crossing the border and diving in Malaysia?? Some really great sites down there. Only 12 hour bus ride from hyat yai to Mersing. From there Tioman island is 1.5 hour boat ride away. Some good diving, and always good for a looky especially when u're so close by anyway.

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