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Discussion in 'New Divers and Those Considering Diving' started by Maule, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Walter

    Walter Instructor, Scuba

    Things to look for in a BC:

    1. No padding - Padding requires additional weight, yet compresses at depth so it no longer cushions. Additionally, air in a BC lifts the BCs weight off your back rendering padding redundant. Padding also increases drag, making dives in current more difficult and increasing your air consumption.

    Zeagles fail this test.

    2. No cummerbund - Cummerbunds increase drag.

    Zeagles fail this test.

    3. Dump valve at the highest point of the BC. - Inflate the BC and hold it up as if you were wearing it at the surface. Is the dump valve at the highest point? If not, look for a different BC. If it is, turn it as if you were swimming in a prone position. Is there a dump valve at the highest point? A good BC will pass both tests. If the dump valve is not at the highest point, it will trap air, requiring contortions to dump all the air or additional lead. A nice extra is a right shoulder dump valve and dump valves at the bottom.

    Zeagles fail this test.

    4. No fabric covering of the bladder. - These BCs are sometimes called "bladderless" or "single bladder BCs." The fabric covering creates drag in current.

    Zeagles fail this test.

    I also wonder why people love 'em, I guess because they're comfortable in the dive shop.
  2. Doubles

    Doubles Instructor, Scuba


    So Walter did you develop a math algorithm to determine the difference in the drag coefficient between the zeagle and your favorite BC? You didn't seem to mention another option...

    I think this is a tad overkill on the drag issue

    1. padding, it's not standard on the ranger, is on the ranger ltd. Your right it doesn't do much but there really isnt any more drag with it

    2. The cumberbund keeps the bc in it's proper position and excess drag give me a break

    3. Dump Valves, funny my Zeagle Ranger has 2 rear dump valves at the bottom and when in the tech position they are at the highest point

    4. Fabric Covering - provides protection and the drag issue is way out there

    Overall it feels better in the water than in the lds shop. As for the drag issue, the cumberbund, fabric over the bladder and the optional pad probably create the same drag as the hose running from my 1st stage to my bungied octo. What, I might consume .25 of a cubic foot of gas on a 60 foot dive for 55 minutes?????

    As for the comment on the need for added weight for this bc, another non-issue


  3. Jibeho

    Jibeho Barracuda

    :lol: Reduce drag...

    Dive Naked :lol:
  4. Amadeus023

    Amadeus023 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Chicago NW Suburbs
    Hello Maule - I am a new diver and I recently purchased a Zeagle Zena BC from ScubaToys. I just wanted to let you know that What I loved about it was that you can get a custom fit because it is a modular system. My BC is a MED back with a Sm front and SM shoulders. I dove with it for the first time this past weekend and it fits like a glove! I like the Zena because it does not feel bulky like other BC's that I have tried.
  5. Scubasw

    Scubasw Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives:
    Location: Maryland
    Ask 20 people get 20 different answers. Some love the Zeagle and some consider anything but a backplate, wing and 20 odd feet of 2" webbing sacrilege to the School of DIR:no . Seems to me they were diving that same rig 20 years ago along with single hose regulators, J-valves and no SPG. BCD's have come a long way since I started diving. I started out in a jacket style BCD and dove it for a year 10 years ago. I moved to a Zeagle Ranger then and never looked back. I've dove a number of different BCD's from our rental stock and always check out the new models when we get them in. I keep coming back to my Zeagle's. I own a Ranger for Public Safety Diving as part of the team, have a Zeagle Escape for warm water, which my son usually borrows, and just bought a Zeagle Brigade from Scubatoys.com. I wanted the harness of the Ranger and the bungied wing of the Escape. I can use this warm water or cold with a drysuit. I like the Zeagles, because they are tough, warranted for life, well designed and built to last. The Zeagle is designed to wear the cummerbund low down on your abdomen, which brings the weights down onto your hips near your center of gravity which makes it easy to stay vertical in the water, but still have great stability horizontally while swimming. The Ranger can use doubles as is, bolting directly to the mounting bolts on your doubles or single with or without a pony tank. The system is very modular so it's easy to fit someone even if they are not a perfect medium. Since BCD fit and performance is a very personal matter, I suggest you try as many different types/styles and configurations as you can based on your diving interests and style before making the plunge with your money.

    My BCD history
    Dacor Extreme Retired, but still holding air after 10 years.
    Zeagle Ranger 8 years old, still used weekly for dry suit diving and PSD duties
    Zeagle Escape, 5 years old, used weekly in Open Water pool sessions, warm water diving
    Zeagle Brigade, 1 month old, my new warm water bcd since my son keeps taking my Escape on vacation. Also a back-up to my Ranger
    Go Zeagle.

    I've tried Mares, US Divers, Dacor's Seasoft and several others.
  6. ckjacques53198

    ckjacques53198 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    Location: falmouth, mass
    I can't wait to buy a Zeagle Brigade. I think Walter just wants to stir things up. Padding and fabric cause that much drag? How about camera, lights, the bag of lobster.
  7. agilis

    agilis ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: N.J.
    My beloved Zeagle Scout has no padding. You don't need no stinkin' padding when submerged. It has no cummerbund. This is a drawback at black tie dinners, but not in the water. It does its job better than any warm-water BC I've ever used. It's light, has no buoyancy, is slick as sealskin, tough as razorback hide, folds up very small in my luggage, and can speak 3 languages.
  8. herman

    herman Divemaster

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Raleigh,North Carolina
    Want to make it even better?? Add crotch straps and it stays dead still, like part of your body.
    As for languages I am trying to teach mine Papiamento. Bon BC! Masha Danki Zeagle!
  9. agilis

    agilis ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Location: N.J.
    Mi stima Mi dushi Scout.

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