New Feature: Keyword Alert

Since the changeover to Xenforo, there are many new features on ScubaBoard.  One extremely useful function is the Keyword Alert.  This is similar to "Google Alerts" and can be easily configured to notify you when someone uses a keyword that is important to you.  This article will explain the usage and implementation of keyword alerts.

To find keyword alerts, click on your name and select Keyword Alerts.

keyword alert

Once you're in the Keyword Alert section, choose your options:

  1. Title the Keyword Group - This specifies a name for your keyword group.  You can have several groups in your alerts.  This group I've titled, "My Keywords"
  2. Specify Notice Frequency - You can specify when you want to be notified.  This means, "BY E-MAIL" - you can choose immediately, daily, weekly, monthly, or "Don't send e-mails"
  3. Also Send Alerts - Will send an alert in your alerts at the top of the screen.
  4. Enter Your Keywords - Here you list your keywords and / or keyword phrase.  Use quotes for exact match phrases. (you can also specify "in titles" which just looks for your keyword in the title.
  5. All Forums - This option allows you to narrow your forum selection.  You can whitelist (select forums in that list) or blacklist (exclude forums in that list) for your keyword searches.
  6. Excluded Rule - This option allows you to exclude variations of your keywords.  For example if your keyword is "dive" you can exclude "diver" and you won't be notified if someone types in diver.  If you don't exclude "diver" then "diver" would match for "dive".

Email Alerts 2


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