DUI Introduces the New Improved - DUI FLX50/50

DUI’s FLX50/50 Drysuit - the original hybrid of drysuits - is now even better!

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As the undisputed leader in drysuits and diver thermal protection, DUI has been offering the FLX50/50 - the first hybrid of drysuits - for 15 years. Made with DUI’s proprietary crushed neoprene CF200™ on the bottom and trilaminate material on the top, DUI’s FLX50/50 has been the drysuit of choice for dive instructors, wreck divers, underwater photographers, shore divers and most any diver wanting maximum durability on the bottom and lightweight flexibility on the top.

The FLX50/50 is now even better with redesigned patterns offering better fit and comfort while maintaining all of the popular features. The new design focuses on the crucial transition between

the two materials at the hips and waist. Here’s what FLX50/50 divers told us about their suits:

The combination of the durable CF200 material on the bottom and the lighter, flexible material on the top is perfect for my type of diving. I have at least 3,000 dives on my FLX50/50 after ten years!

-- Rick R.

I love the fit and more warmth on the lower half, the flexibility of the top and the look of the FLX50/50!

--Laura D.

I like the ruggedness of the CF200 bottom for shore, wreck and cave diving. The trilaminate top has the flexibility I need to help me reach my valves for technical diving.

-- Wendy Q.


--Keith B.

I like the rugged bottom for working with students and moving around the bottom doing skills. The trilaminate top allows me flexibility and comfort.

--Robert S.

It just makes sense! Most of the wear will be on the lower half, climbing in and out of boats and crawling up the beach with waves chasing your backside. Besides, I just look so cool in it!

--Paul B.

It's the most comfortable drysuit that I have ever owned. It's like I'm not even in a drysuit. I LOVE MY DUI FLX50/50!

--Jennifer C.

The DUI FLX50/50 is available in standard sizes, Select Series for extended sizes and Special Production for both men and women. Click here http://www.dui-online.com/dry_flx.htm for a complete list of features.

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Diving Unlimited International, Incorporated (DUI) is the world’s leader in keeping divers warm and comfortable. Located in San Diego, California, DUI specializes in drysuits and high performance equipment for recreational, military, scientific and commercial divers. DUI has an extensive offering with a wide variety of styles and designs and is best known for exceptional fit with both standard and made-to-measure sizing, unlimited configurations through options and accessories, product dependability, excellent performance and superior customer service. Founded in 1963, DUI gives divers the ability to go places and experience adventures they never thought possible. DUI's equipment is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and distributed through over 400 dealers in North America and exported worldwide including Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, Ukraine, Mexico, Korea, and Brazil.

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