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Atlantis Light Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Boulder Engineering Studio, has announced the production of the Atlantis MKI, a leap forwardin lighting for underwater photography and videography. Designed for use by elite amateurs andprofessionals alike, the MKI’s combination of rugged design and user-friendly controls sets anew standard unmatched by other manufacturers.

“Lighting for underwater imaging poses numerous unique challenges,” said Dan Bodenstein, co-founder of Atlantis Light Systems. “In addition to the difficulties of operating in such a harshenvironment, water absorbs white light. Everything becomes darker and colors are drowned outand replaced by blue.” Red is the first color to disappear. As you go deeper, the other “warm”colors also fade – first orange, then yellow and green. Additionally, ambient light diminishes asdepth increases, even in crystal clear waters.

To overcome these challenges, the MKI uses an integrated system of twenty LEDs, each with anindividual reflector of thirteen facets. These LEDs, focused by a solid-poured lens manufacturedof aerospace optical materials, cast a beam of light without hotspots, rings or shadows. Themurkiness withdraws under the MKI’s powerful beam, the brightest in the industry at over 4000lumens; and at 5000 kelvin, or closely matching daylight, it has the ideal temperature to re-invigorate the missing colors.

Other more practical concerns for the underwater videographer include the size and weight of the equipment and its ease of use. Both video and still underwater cameras are bulky and awkward;an additional large piece of equipment would unnecessarily encumber the photographer. Lightcontrols also must be usable while wearing thick gloves. The MKI combines a lightweightdesign – three and a half pounds – and simple, rear mounted controls in a sealed, hard-anodizedaluminum case.

Noted underwater videographer Jonathan Bird summed it up nicely, “After thorough testing inthe field, I can say for sure these are the brightest lights I have ever used. Perfect for HD cameraswith poor low light capability when you need all the light you can get - be it in a cavern, cave, oron a night dive. And the 5 hour battery life on low is great for repeat dives.” The MKI marks atechnological step forward for filming and photographing underwater.

About Atlantis Light Systems:

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Atlantis Light Systems was founded in 2009 with the sole purposeof creating a better light for underwater photography. For more information about the companyor the MKI, please visit

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