DUI Media Release - Announcing 2012 Demo Tour Calendar

Mark your calendars now to be part of the DUI Demo Tour – the biggest dive equipment demo event in the industry!

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Mar 10*

San Diego, CA

National University Polytechnic Institute

Mar 31-Apr 1*

Pelham, AL

Dive Alabama

Apr 28-29

Eureka Springs, AR

Beaver Lake

May 5-6*

Gloucester, MA

Stage Fort Park

May 19-20*

Bethlehem, PA

Dutch Springs

June 2-3

South Beloit, IL

Pearl Lake

June 9-10

Gilbert, MN

Lake Ore-be-gon

Aug 11-12*

Mukilteo, WA

Lighthouse Park

Aug 17-19

Newport, OR

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Aug 25-26

Monterey, CA

San Carlos Beach Park

Sept 8-9*

Ottawa, OH

Gilboa Quarry

Sept 22-23*

Metropolis, IL

Mermet Springs

Sept 29-30

Bethlehem, PA

Dutch Springs

Oct 6-7

Alexandria Bay, NY

Alexandria Bay Marine Park

Oct 20-21*

Rawlings, VA

Lake Rawlings

Nov 3-4*

Chiefland, FL

Manatee Springs

Nov 10-11*

Terrell, TX

Clear Springs Scuba Park

Dec 1-2

Catalina Island, CA

Casino Point

Each Demo Tour event includes:

  • TEST DIVE DUI drysuit systems – the world’s leader in drysuits and keeping divers warm!
  • TWO HUGE tents filled with over 120 DUI drysuit systems & other equipment
  • ENJOY the camaraderie of your local fellow divers
  • GET FITTED by DUI factory professionals and expert dealer staff
  • SEE all of the options available to design YOUR ultimate DUI drysuit system
  • FREE Barbecue Lunch
  • FREE collectors DUI Test Dive Team Hat
  • JOIN US Saturday night for dinner and presentation at select locations

*RISK MANAGEMENT THROUGH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY for Public Safety Professionals & Dive Teams at these events

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