Oceanic Launches Exclusive New USA Product Line

Oceanic Leads the Way Showing Their True Colors With Launch of New USA Product Line

New Patriotic Themed Product Line Demonstrates Commitment to Supporting Veteran’s Programs Across our Country

Oceanic is pleased to present our USA product line, hitting the shelves this summer. This initiative has been in the planning stages for years and has finally come to fruition. Throughout the years Oceanic has supported the myriad of programs that engage our injured military personnel and introduce them to the sport of diving. This year it was time to launch our own signature program. With the funding made available from the sales of the USA product line, Oceanic hopes to reach and support many more of these veterans than previously possible.

The USA product line is attractively styled, appropriately in red, white, and blue. 7% of Oceanic’s sales from the USA line will be committed each year towards this program. We anticipate that this program should provide $250 to each of 300-350 qualified veterans. The $250 will be applied directly to the veterans gear purchases through our participating Oceanic Dealers Nationwide.

It’s a great feeling to know that you are giving back to those who gave so much; thanks to them we are able to enjoy the freedoms that we do. Isn’t it time to show your true colors? We know you will want to be diving in our patriotic product line this summer too.

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  1. This is really a scam. I just hope that most people realize that “USA product line” is not made in USA as is implied by the name and coloring. Making the products red white and Blue is a total sham and is flagrant deception! I suppose they are putting a flag on the packaging too! <br /> If they want to support the troops give them the discount without pulling the wool over the consumers eyes!