Scuba Buoyancy Masterclass 4of9 - Assessing Your Weight Requirements

Assessing Your Weight Requirements Divers can achieve precise and correct weighting through the application of several assessment methods. As the diver progresses in experience, whenever they change equipment or whenever they change diving environments (salt/fresh water) they should re-assess their weighting. During initial stages of…
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Anatomy of a 17th Century Shipwreck

Text written by John Mattera Photos by John Mattera & Howard Ehrenberg We do not know what name she went by, so we have given her one. As a matter of course, we have given her a few. Her name changes as we learn more…
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The Fumitsuki: A Destroyers Fight For Survival

The Fumitsuki A Destroyers Fight for Survival Text & Photos by Mike Gerken from The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon ¬©All rights reserved. The initial time I set eyes on the wreck of the Fumitsuki, I knew she was remarkable. Sitting erect in 120 feet of…
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My review on the VT3

Well, I was going to wait until our new "Articles Section" was up... but I just can't. Here is my review: The VT3: the first blush. OK, I have to admit: I love to dive with a computer. I have no problems trusting them and…
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