SEI collaborates with YMCA of the USA to service YScuba divers with replacement cards

Effective August 31, 2014, YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) no longer replaces lost or damaged Y-SCUBA certification cards. Y-USA does not support any part of the former Y-SCUBA program but recognizes that some divers who achieved a lifetime SCUBA certification may require a replacement diver certification card. Y-USA had previously discontinued the SCUBA diver certification program as of December 31, 2008.

Y-SCUBA divers in need of a replacement diver certification card may contact Scuba Educators International (SEI). SEI can offer certification verification to many, but not all, Y-SCUBA divers who were originally certified by the Y-SCUBA program between 1984-2008. Y-SCUBA divers can obtain an SEI replacement certification card. For divers holding a Y-SCUBA card issued prior to 1984, it is recommended to take a copy, scan or photo of it (both front and back) in the event the original is lost and a replacement card is desired or replace it before you lose it.

If an original Y-SCUBA certification cannot be validated by SEI, they offer courses to achieve a new SEI certification. Any diver needing to replace a lost or damaged Y-SCUBA certification card with an SEI certification card should contact SEI by phone, (765) 281-0600, by email at or online, at


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