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CETATEK is currently using KICKSTARTER as a platform to introduce the new abs binding-technology for fins to the general public.
ABS is a fusion of hybrid boots, bindings and interchangeable modular fin blades.
We are raising awareness for a quantum leap in the development of diving fins.
We strive to achieve as many pre-orders as possible to show that there is demand for innovation.
Our goal is to establish the abs fin system as a reliable alternative to standard mono-bloc diving fins.

  • Eliminates foot-pockets, heel-straps and a significant percentage of weight
  • Improves handling and performance on many levels
  • Inspired by the progress made by similar applications in modern alpine skiing or Shimano’s SPD bicycle pedal-binding-system
  • Allows divers to connect modular fin blades in different styles and performance parameters to high-end diving boots
  • Provides an instant secure connection between boot and blade-binding modules
  • Direct centralized transfer of blade forces into the “system diver” utilizing Y-frame blade-binding inserts
  • Discards all material not directly contributing to thrust
  • Applies highest ski industry standards and is virtually indestructible using top of the line thermoplastic polyurethanes
  • Components are being engineered in collaboration with leading producers of sports shoe and ski-binding equipment in Austria, Germany and the USA.

Divers have five (5) more days (until May 1, 2018) to pre-order the abs system at KICKSTARTER pricing.

Right now prices on Kickstarter reflect a never to be seen again 35 % off the intended future MSRP of US$ 300.00

Please read Dave Pollock’s insightful commentary below:

I am Dave Pollock, the owner of Riptide BCD’s and Riptide Sales Group. As many people know I have been in the dive industry my entire working career. From my early days in commercial diving to owning dive stores and resorts in Canada and Turks & Caicos, GM of Mares, VP of Head Sports and sales and marketing consultant to many companies.

I have seen several key changes in product technology and the impact they have played in framing our market. Many store owners and divers will remember the impact of these products had on our industry.

The biggest decade we had in product technology arguably came in the 1980’s when all of the following innovations were introduced.

  • New mask styles in silicon with colors – Early 80’s
  • Stretch rubber wetsuits, we no longer had to custom fit every suit – Mid 80’s
  • The ADV BCD, the first open front BCD from the Stab jacket – Mid 80’s
  • Dive Skins, the first truly warm water product – Late 80’s
  • Orcas Skinny Dipper, the first widely distributed and recognized recreational dive computer – Late 80’s

All of these new technologies helped drive our industry and improve our sport. I personally encourage every diver to embrace this technology, and get involved any way you can.

Dave Pollock


Cetatek's Kickstarter Campaign


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