Vancouver's First Major Artificial Reef Open to Divers


Vancouver, BC, 10 April 2015. The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia(ARSBC) announces today that its newest artificial reef is now officially open forVancouver area divers to explore.Saturday, 4 April 2015 started off wet and windy as boats started to arrive atHalkett Bay to witness the sinking of the Reef’s Society’s newest reef. By 13:00though, the rain stopped, the wind had died down and the sun came out. Therewere approximately 200 boats assembled outside the safety perimeter and over4300 computers tuned in to the webcast awaiting the final signal from the controlboat. At 13:07, the air horn sounded and the bay echoed as fourteen chargeswere detonated in the ship. Two minutes later, all that could be seen was acloud of smoke hanging over the water where ANNAPOLIS had been floating.Amongst the people attending the sinking were three past Commanding Officersof ANNAPOLIS as well as the family of the very first Commanding Officer.Watching via the live webcast were a number former crew members from acrossthe country. Many shared memories about the wonderful times they had whileserving onboard Annapolis. To many, Annapolis truly was more than just a ship.The ship landed within the pre-designated target zone remaining upright andlevel on her keel in 100 feet of water. Society President Howie Robinscommented: “This was by far the best executed sinking operation for the Reef Society.Divers are already enjoying the experience”.The following day, clearance divers ensured that all the explosives had fullydetonated, and then a small team of divers went down to remove all the banners,conduct a general survey, and take depth readings. Then, on Monday (6 April),recreational divers were allowed to begin exploring.

For more information on the project, images or for media interviews, please contact: Rick Wall – Director, Communications / ANNAPOLIS Project Navy Liaison E-mail: & Mail: Article & aerial picturesCTV News article HMCS Annapolis sunk off B.C. coast to create artificial reef full side view News Helicopter HMCS Annapolis sunk in Howe Sound, ending years-long saga Forward view Annapolis sinking

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