Huish Outdoors launches North American website for Sharkskin

Huish Outdoors has launched a special North American website for Sharkskin, its popular Australian brand of technical watersports apparel.

Sharkskin is an internationally recognized name in diving and watersports, but the Huish team felt a new site was needed for the North American dive community.  “We built it specifically for North American divers and watersports enthusiast as well as to support our retail network,” says Peter Falk, Huish Outdoor’s VP of Marketing.

sharkskin-300x167“This new site is built on a North American digital platform,” Falk explains. “It’s written for North American consumers and is mobile-friendly. We made it so everyone can access it how they want. And it allows us to drive traffic to the site via digital ads as well as through other social sites we’re also launching like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

Huish Outdoors is committed to growing its family of leading dive and watersports brands and making them more accessible to consumers. “We’re passionate about diving,” says Falk. “It’s why we’ve brought the world’s best diving brands together into ONE company and are doing everything we can to make sure our community and retail network have all the tools they need to learn about them.”
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  1. <p>rash wear....def no vintage sharkskin in sight or in site</p>