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Sony RX100 VII Underwater Camera Review

On the surface, the Sony RX100 VII looks almost identical to the previous Sony RX100 VI camera. Under the hood, however, it packs a new upgraded sensor and an improved autofocus system. The new autofocus system, in particular, is completely game changing for compact cameras.…
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Sony a7R IV Underwater Camera Review

The Sony a7R IV video looks really good in the right conditions. Macro is its strong point, but the ambient light wide angle looks good down to about 45 feet. Backscatter has been busy putting the new Sony a7R IV to the test in the…
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Sony RX100 VI Underwater Camera Review

The¬†Sony RX100 VI¬†follows a long line of excellent cameras that has evolved over the years in the RX100 line. With the Mark VI, Sony has made a major change with an all-new 24-200mm lens, making this the most versatile RX100 camera to date. This is…
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