Destination Spotlight: Cozumel, Mexico

For immediate release from Maduro Dive: Crystal clear waters, delicious (and we mean delicious) food, friendly locals, rich history and of course drift diving, which is a must for experienced divers, and so much more.

We’re going to try the best we can to fit all of the best of Cozumel Mexico into one awesome post.


Here’s your next stop in our virtual destination tours: Cozumel, Mexico.

Diving Cozumel

Divers from across the globe travel to this beautiful island to enjoy Mexico’s uniquereefs, marine life, and dive conditions.

Diving in Cozumel takes place in the Meso-American Barrier Reef at the National Marine Park, which has been protecting the area for over 15 years. Depending on the season, currents vary from nonexistent to about 2 knots or so. And at times, you may be able to experience the Cozumel Drift, which allows you to partake in spectacular diving with little to no effort.

What can you expect to see at the largest reef in the Western Hemisphere?

Over 250 species of fish and 26 classes of coral inhabit this area as well as sponges, sea turtles, crustaceans, stingray and more. You can also see nurse sharks, small black tips, barracudas, and grouper year round.


The must-dos are in the Palancar reef area. It consists of over 6 miles of reefs, caves, drop offs, and tunnels. This reef alone contains 25 sites which are divided into different areas known as Horse Shoe, Caves, Bricks, and Palancar Shallow – just to name a few.

Some other famous dive sites include: Columbia y Columbia shallows, Punta Sur and Santa Rosa.

Cozumel also offers a series of smaller reefs that are extremely fun and have tons of marine life: Tormentos, Yucab, and Chancanaab.

A popular place to stay that is extremely diver-friendly (you can tell by its name) is Scuba Club Cozumel. Located on the waterfront about a mile south of the downtown ferry dock, this attractive multi-level building of Spanish-Colonial architecture blends in with its magnificent waterfront.

No hype. No pretensions.

That’s how divers find their way here. Designed and built for and by divers.

The hotel’s even got a PADI 5-Star facility. A full service dive center is located inside the premises and includes an air filling station with four compressors and a four-stage filtering system, a full line of rental gear and basic repairs shop.

If you’re looking to up your dive skills Scuba Club’s also got an International Training Center offering specialty courses and certification at all levels.

Got your fins perked again, huh?


No doubt, Mexico’s FULL of rich history and culture, some of which are noted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But there are some wonders you can experience right in Cozumel.

San Miguel: Cozumel’s main town is just a short walk away from Scuba Club Cozumel. The pueblito is known for its numerous family restaurants, bars, shopping, and much more.

For a more authentic Mexican vibe you can go to El Mercado (the Market), which is open daily from 6am – 1pm. There you can meet locals and shop for some Mexican food and wares.

Visit El Museo (the Museum) located right on the waterfront where you can enjoy local artist works and an exhibit on Cozumel’s history and heritage.

The ‘Other Side’: Looking for a different experience in Cozumel? Rent a car and head to the quiet mostly uninhibited other side of Cozumel. There you’ll find beautiful beaches, snorkeling, bars serving fresh fish, and you can even visit the small Mayan ruins of San Gervasio.

Want a little more adventure?

If you’ve got more time you can visit nearby attractions such as:

Chichen Itza: Said to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, and let us tell you, it IS. This site is a little further away but definitely worth the effort, as it is known as one of the most important civic and religious centers of the Mayans.

X-Caret Park: One of the most noted things about Mexico other than its ruins are its cenotes, which are openings (small or large) or a lagoon to underground fresh water rivers, caverns and caves. X-Caret Park offers a magnificent archeological experience of Riviera Maya. Enjoy snorkeling in underground rivers, wild life, vibrant Mexican culture and exhibitions, beach and much more.

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2 Responses

  1. I have been to Cozumel three times now, and have stayed at Scuba Club all three times. Along with Palancar I would suggest that the Columbias are must do dives as well. :cool3:<br /> <br /> On my first trip I had the chance to travel to Chichen-Itza, as well as to tour the island and ruins (San Gervasio) quite extensively. <br /> <br /> Looking forward to going back sometime in the near future.<br /> <br /> Divegoose
  2. Just got back from a week of diving in Cozumel. It was my third dive trip there and still just as much fun and exciting to dive. There is also a great wreck dive called C-56, just outside of the Chankanab park. Warm water, great viz, professional divemasters and nice locals make this an ideal vacation getaway for divers....