Diving fatality, S Australia

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    Dive accident in S Australia - One death, two rescuers injured

    Diver dies, three others injured

    I imagine more details will come out in the days to come.

    The incident raises important questions about emergencies and protocols for rescue - an issue that always comes up in rescue classes.
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    How tragic, my condolences to the families and I hope the injured divers pull through. According to the ABC there are three injured rescuers. All are in a serious condition and receiving recompression treatment (Man dead after diving accident - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)).

    It's being reported that the deceased diver passed out under water, possibly from a heart condition and the rescuers rushed him to the surface to perform CPR, getting a DCS hit in the process. Also reported the deceased was experienced.

    BTW the accident was in Victoria, not South Australia.

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    Yea Victoria not South Australia.

    He was on CCR.

    The wreck sits at about 40m of water, one of the deepest you can go with a rec cert locally.

    Again, news article is not entirely accurate, but I guess that is to be expected.

    Sad day :(

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