How to Take Off a Two-Piece Freedive Wetsuit..

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    Dear Divers,

    Lately, we have been working on developing some instructional videos, such as how to install the MAKO Flat Lens on a Go Pro Housing and how to install the MAKO rapid on/off speargun camera bracket.

    For our most recent subject (wetsuit removal), we enlisted the help of Brian Pucella, Chief Safety Diver/Freedive Instructor, Deans Blue Hole, Bahamas.

    In this video, Brian shows two methods, the solo method and the much easier technique that requires about 10 seconds of help from a buddy. You will notice in the video that the buddy folds the bottom edge of the suit over itself so that he never has his fingernails in contact with the smooth rubber interior of the suit. This is important.

    It is also worth mentioning that if your buddy is still wearing his dive gloves when he provides assistance, it is impossible to get fingernail cuts on the inside of the suit.

    How to take off your two piece wetsuit - YouTube


    makospearguns - YouTube

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