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02-19-06 Breeze Club dive

Discussion in 'Hawai'i' started by Cacia, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Cacia

    Cacia Divemaster

    Well, I always like these dives because Captain Pang knows the best spots. His sites are so great, we don't mention where they are.
    The current was a problem getting down if you did not do what Dan said. I have vowed to stop making this mistake of not using the line. We drifted along and saw a pregnant white tip, a beautiful big nudi, some cool eels, some local fish stalkers, and a couple guys did a tank switch that made me wonder what was up. I offered my long hose which only was a distraction. The water is chilly! I took my usual grief about changing into a dry 5mm on the surface interval. Becky snapped a pic of me we are calling "Hawaii cold snap". Thanks guys, wish my pictures were better, macro is hard for me in current and I was trying to focus manually. Cheryl gets my graceful diver award--I never see this girl struggle with anything! She seems to anticipate all that happens!
  2. chepar

    chepar Contributor

    Those were some really good dives! I really enjoyed the sites - you know when John and crew are along, you'll be going somewhere good. The added plus was taking the big boat out with the number of divers - I love all the room.

    As far as the tank exchange, I couldn't figure out why there were so many people involved - :D - I look over and think "ok, tank exchange" - and then glance back and there's this crowd over there. I had to watch for a bit to make sure you guys weren't checking out some cool fish or something.

    BTW Catherine - just saw the email from Dan - if you wanted to get on the 3/19 dive they only have room for maybe 1 more. The 3/11 dive is still wide open.
  3. drbill

    drbill The Lorax for the Kelp Forest Scuba Legend

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Santa Catalina Island, CA
    And just what constitutes "chilly" Catherine?

    Are you aware that new record lows were set here in SoCal at 32 F (Santa Barbara). Now THAT's "chilly" (and I don't mean con carne).
  4. sea nmf

    sea nmf Contributor

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Honolulu, HI
    Oh yes, the tank exchange. Some drama from the divers. The guy exchanging his tank was weight integrated and trying to exchange with someone who was using a weight belt. The third person saw the potential problem and went to help. Then two more people decided to help. Cheryl and I just watched, sure that it would eventually get solved and we were under the boat anyway and not deep.

    So basically, it was just a floor show for me. :)

    Very nice dives. Cheryl found some rare eels. And the rare "regular" sea star.

    It was about 77 degrees F in the water. It was overcast and windy surface conditions. This makes for "chilly" in Hawaii. But Catherine bundled up pretty good even so.
  5. Cacia

    Cacia Divemaster

    yea! That dry wetsuit for the second dive makes me feel like a rock star! Bill, I remember being in Catalina this time of year and I used to go out at midnight in my golf cart (and make my little kids get up) to see the endogenous Catalina red foxes---this one had a whole litter of...pups and they had frosty little exhales. I loooove Catalina in the winter the best. I think you should organize a "Catalina Invitational". Try and do it when the Kiwi racing team comes through---always the best party scene at the Galleon (after a nice meal at the Villa Portafino) Johnny Carson used to show up! Maybe you could coordinate the festivities with Ken, I think he has a nice boat....called a yacht!
  6. justleesa

    justleesa Neither here nor there ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives:
    Wow! looks like you guys had fun :D...sometimes I wish there wasn't that thing that I had to do every weekend....what's it called again? ....oh yeah, work :bawling:
  7. JSpree

    JSpree Divemaster Candidate

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: VA
    I got my certifications through Breeze. This place is great! The people are very friendly. I may just join the dive club.
  8. Cacia

    Cacia Divemaster

    Yes, it is the least political, least back biting, club I have seen. We really have fun and it is very easy going. Also, these captains set out for their personal favorite sites each weekend so we don't mention where we go. They even have some hidden moorings. It makes me feel special.
    We are never rushed, so it is more like "a day out on the boat". Very photography friendly, I might add! Both our regular dive guides take pictures also. It is truly run by divers who love to dive.

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