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Are you happy with your Aeris Elite T3?

Discussion in 'Computers, Gauges, Watches & Analyzers' started by Queequeg, May 28, 2011.

  1. Queequeg

    Queequeg Contributor

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Smithsburg, Md
    I looking for a computer. Thinking of getting in line for the Mares Icon HD with Air integration whenever the heck that's suppose to come out OR I've been eyeing the Aeris Elite T3. I've read reviews...they are scant. I've also read alot of complaints...as with any item I suppose. Most people post when they are having problems or are dissatisfied with a product...or its the latest greatest thing.

    So..is anyone using the Aeris Elite T3 and are you Happy with it? Wish you went a different route or would do it again?

    The whole "wireless" thing does cause me some concern but I like the idea.

    Plan B...the Aeris Atmos AI. No transmitter to worry about.

    Weigh in....Please. :)
  2. phillybob

    phillybob Contributor

    I use an Oceanic VT3 (with an Aladdin Tec2 as backup) and LOVE IT !! I think the T3 and VT3 are the same. Had it for almost three years and never lost the signal on a dive. If you do get one, get the DSS bungee mount. I have both my computers in bungee mounts and I have them mounted side by side on a piece of 4" PVC pipe cut to be a curved 'forearm plate' that is then bungeed to my forearm.
  3. kanonfodr

    kanonfodr Contributor

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Seattle, Wa
    I've been using my Aeris Elite T3 for over a year now and I really like it. The AI is surprisingly functional, and even if I do lose signal I've got an SPG so it's no biggie. I also recommend the DSS Bungee mount: a very nice accessory.

  4. DarkCoffee

    DarkCoffee Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Manitoba,Canada
    Also an owner of T3.
    • Biggest gripe: the weak backlight. If you dive in dark water it really requires additional light to read.
    • The display layout is nice;
    • Don't set the sampling faster than 15 sec as the log fills too quickly. When the log rolls over (fills and then starts over writing oldest dives) you may lose the current dive from the log. My T3 (at least) has done this to me twice. Not that the DC doesn't work during the dive, you just lose the dive when you try D/L it from the DC.
    • The additional transmitter support. You *must* start the dive with the #1 transmitter. If you have two sets of regs, each with a transmitter, you will need to reprogram the #1 Tx code when you switch regs (or move the #1 transmitter over to the active reg set), It would be nice to be able to change the 'active #1' Tx as entering the 6 digit # can be tiresome if you switch between regs a lot;
    • Love the Dive Time Remaining feature. Not that its super accurate, as its so dependent on what you are doing at the moment, but seeing your DTR drop from 50 min to 10 min in a few seconds is a great clue that you are stressing! Sometimes you just don't realize its happening;
    • Like the 'conservative mode as a safety option;
    • The receiver in the T3 is much better than that found in the Elites. Like others have mentioned, I've only had a couple of signal losses from the Tx in the 4 years I've had it, and those were only momentary. (Think the cause was the camera strobe I was using.);
    • The download cable is specific to the T3 and not cheap. A little finicky to connect if you use the DSS mount (I do)
    • The Dive Log software, though under constant revision, really is a nice tool when compared to other DC log software, regardless of the price of the DC's.
  5. JohnE

    JohnE Registered

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Newport, Oregon
    I know this is a few months old but thought I'd add my T3 Elite review.

    I've had my T3 with wireless pressure transducer for 6 months now, 50 dives with it. My previous computer was a Suunto Cobra air integrated that had air pressure and depth transducers go bad after a little over 200 dives.

    I am very happy with it. Looking forward to many happy dives with it.

    The good:
    + wrist computer with air is awesome. A quick glance gives me all the info I need. When doing work this comes in very handy.
    + I have not had a single loss of signal when diving.
    + The nitrogen loading bar graph is nice.
    + I download dives to my macbook / MacDive. Works just fine. The T3 goes into "PC" download mode automatically when the cable is connected.

    The Bad/Ugly/slightly-bad:
    - After a dive download the T3 locked up, display had all characters turned on at once. Required battery reset.
    - The T3 download "port" pins showed slight rust with my first casual after-dive rinses. I now soak mine in fresh water for 6+ hrs and use a q-tip to clean the port out.

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