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Olympus mirrorless suggestion??

Discussion in 'The Olympus Outlet' started by nicole2, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. nicole2

    nicole2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: California

    I'm trying to upgrade my camera from GoPro Hero 7 to a mirrorless camera. I first thought of getting a decent point and shoot camera but as i do more research on this I feel like mirrorless would be the best in my case.
    I love macro x 3000 and would also love to shoot some wide angles!
    From researching, I got recommendations for:

    Olympus OMD-10 mark with Olympus 60 lens

    Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark II

    Olympus EM-10 mark III

    To be honest, these models look so similar to me that I cannot choose which one to buy. My budget is $3000 including everything like strobes, lenses, etc. I'm thinking about buying macro lens, two strobes, and maybe the focus light.

    I would appreciate if you recommend me a great combination I can use with the model. Also, any thoughts on second-hand equipments? personally have never used second-hand electronics but it seems to be the way to go in UW photography from reading the threads..

  2. FezUSA

    FezUSA Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Hiram, OH, USA
    Budget is a constraint here with those options. I shoot the TG-4 in a case, with a light/arm/tray combo. Total was about $1k. Considering an upgrade, so I looked at the E-M5. I shoot an Oly E-5 topside, and my son as the E-M5 that I could test with. A housing for the E-M5 starts at around 1k and can go up to 1.5k for the Nauticam or 1.8k for the S&S. He already has the camera and the 60mm macro. So I would need the housing and the lights. Lights are the difference maker and you're looking at 650 for a single z-330 or equivalent, double obviously if you want two. Then the tray and arms are going to add another 300-500. So I'd be looking at about 2k for a single strobe set up and camera housing, 2.5k for a dual strobe. That does not include anything for the 60mm macro. You don't have the camera (900) or the lens (500) which would bring it closer to 4 or 4.5k depending on exact configuration. Used may be option?

    For now I think I will keep my set up and add the Z-300 and upgrade my tray/arms (I'm not liking the stiffness or squeaky ball joint arm I have). The new strobe and tray/arm combo will work also on whatever camera I eventually settle on, and one of my other children will then shoot the TG-4 kit. I also like the look of the LX100 mk II which uses the same 4/3 sensor but in a compact PnS body.

    I would also call the fine folks over at Backscatter and talk to them about what kind of shooting you want to do (macro, wide angle, ratio of stills to video etc.). See what they recommend.
  3. Furnari

    Furnari Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Eugene, OR
    Of those 3 cameras, the M5mkII is the way to go for a variety of reasons, but from a cost perspective the biggest thing is that Olympus offers a housing that's much cheaper than other decent quality housings, and I don't believe they offer a housing for the M10 series. In fact, not too long ago they had a package deal with the M5mkII camera, housing, and lens for 1600 bucks. You might be able to find that price point if you shop around. With a little luck, you could put a package together and stay within your budget but it would be tough and would require skimping on lower-end strobes. For what it's worth, I currently run an M1mkI with the Olympus housing and I'm very happy with combination- I dive in rugged cold water conditions pretty often (just spent 4 days on a Truth Aquatics boat off Big Sur) and I've never had a problem.
    Personally, I'd have no issue buying used, and I've had particularly good luck with Olympus refurbished stuff (you just missed a 20% off sale, in fact). For used, the Wetpixel classifieds is a good place to start. but I'd even be comfortable with ebay if you're careful.

    While I'm spending your money, something else to consider is that the Oly housings for the M5mk1 and both M1 models use a different (and vastly better) port system than the M5mkII and PEN models. It's not really a big deal for macro stuff, but it's almost a deal breaker for normal / wide angle work because Pro-level zooms like the 12-40, Oly 7-14, and PL 8-18 won't fit. Another thought about macro is that the 30mm is a great alternative to the 60 depending on what you're shooting as it's smaller, cheaper, and easier to use. I don't think I've taken more than a couple dozen topside shots with my 60 since I got the 30, and none underwater.
  4. nicole2

    nicole2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: California
    On backscatter, EM5MK2 + 14-42mm lens + Olympus housing is for $1299. I think it's a pretty good deal. But my concern is the housing. I heard that it's better to get Nauticam instead of Olympus..
  5. nicole2

    nicole2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: California
    Ah actually they sold out long time ago lol.
  6. WS007

    WS007 Professional Photographer

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Empersdorf (Austria)
    Hi nicole,

    My wife had an olympus EP-PT10 housing (for EPL-6, same domeport connection as the oly housing for EM5II) for about three years and it worked fine. Then, however, she flooded it and this was the end of the EPL-6 and kit lens.
    I used EM5II in Nauticam. Besides the lack of vacuum the problem was also the port system: she never could use my dome- and macroports with her setup. So I gave her my EM5II plus Nauticam housing and graded up to EM1II :) (both Nauticam housings I bought second hand via Wetpixel, I saved a lot of money and they work well). She is very fond about the new WA possibilites (we have Pana 7-14, Zuiko 8mm fisheye, Canon 8-15mm fisheye) and use them with Zen DP170-N120 or Nauticam 140-N120 minidome). Before she used the Zuiko 9-18mm behind the standard flat port, but the results were of bad IQ and did not satisfy her.
    I heared that vacuum is also possible with olympus housings with third party vacuum valve (you need to ask at the stores), but the Nauticam N85 port system seems to me very future proof and I think is cheaper when considering longer time intervals (later in the future, when cameras with better sensor and IQ come out (and after waiting 1-2 years) you buy a new camera plus housing and can continue using all the rest)...

    Second hand is the way to go with your budget. You have to look in e.g. Wetpixel classified for EM1, EM5II or EM5 (in that order; IQ almost identical, but AF (good for macro) better in EM1) in Nauticam housing. I saw such cameras plus Nauticam housing between 700 - 1600$, depending on model. Add lens (60mm macro, 7-14mm WA (and/or 8mm fisheye)), domes and flash(es). Budget looks realistic to me, depending on ports and lenses that you want...

  7. tursiops

    tursiops Marine Scientist and Master Instructor ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: U.S. East Coast
  8. nicole2

    nicole2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: California
    I can actually make my budget even higher.
    Can you recommend me the ideal setup for EM5II? I'm going to order all of them! Will be taking macro and wide angle shots. Here is a list I'm going to start.. I'm looking at the setup on backscatter and it gets so confusing when it gets to lens choice.

    Olympus EM5II (body)
    12-40mm lens/14-150mm II lens (which one should I get?)
    Nauticam NA-EM5II housing
    Nauticam M16 Vacuum valve (do you think I need airlock vacuum system?)
    Nauticam Macro Port 65
    Olympus 60mm macro
    Nauticam 4" Wide Angle Port
    Olympus 9-18mm (needed?)
    Nauticam Zoom Gear
    one strobe or a pair of strobe -- I'll take any suggestion.
    a pair of handle -- suggestion please!

    Is this all I need?
    As I do more research.. it's getting more and more and more confusing and complicated :/
  9. boletus1973

    boletus1973 Nassau Grouper

    Hi nicole, i'm a Olympus user… in the past i have the em5mk1 and now the em1mk2, both with nauticam housings…
    the 12-40 is a beautiful lens for land photography… one of the best… i prefer this one instead of the 14-150...
    housing and nauticam vacuum valve are perfect...
    the ports…. in the past i have the macro port 65... but now i have the macro port 45 plus the extension ring 20... i use both for the 60mm macro and only the port 45 for the 30mm macro... for wide angle i use only the Olympus 8mm pro... the port is the classic 4.33 dome with the same 20mm extension ring i use for macro… in reality i use also the 3.5 semidome plus extension ring but i cut out the sunshade of my Olympus lens ….
    in the past i have the port for the 9-18 but i sell it because i don't like the combo.
    for wide angle photography a pair of strobes are mandatory… inons are my favorites z330 z240 d200 or sea&sea ysd2... going cheaper with strobes isnt a good idea… imho
    you can find a lot of used staff online…
    another usefull thing is the nauticam flash trigger… you can save the camera battery and go over the 1/250 syncro limit…
  10. nicole2

    nicole2 Nassau Grouper

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: California

    thank you!!

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