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  1. mndolphin

    mndolphin Angel Fish

    Is there anybody that has ordered a computer from leisurepro?
    I have a couple questions. Did you have good or bad experience?, Did you have to return for service? If itwas an uwatec or other computer that isnt supposed to be sold over the internet, what did you do about servicing? Do you send it to scubapro or leisurepro to get it serviced or get batteries changed.
    How long did it take? can you take to lds for service?
    I am thinking about getting one over the internet and really would appreciate any help you could give me?
  2. awap

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    including an Oceanic Data Plus. Never had any problems. Only return I've ever had to make was a pair of booties (I ordered wrong size) and that was no problem. Oceanic does not permit online sales so it must have been grey market, thus no Oceanic warrenty. Not much that can be serviced with a computer other than battery change which is done by the user with Oceanic computers. So mfgr warrenty was not an issue. Generally, I have found the cost savings an online dealer warrenty simply does not justify the large LDS retail markup associated with mfgr warrenty.

    While your mouse is doing the shopping, check out www.scubastore.com. For stuff that is made in europe, like Apeks & Scubapro reg, their prices are often better than LP. Although they are in Spain, their shipments are usually sitting on your doorstep in 4 or 5 days.
  3. Triton

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    I too have ordered a few things from LP including S&S MX10, Suunto Cobra with SK7 and a few other things. Usually they arrived within 3 to 4 days. Never had a problem with any of the equipment I have ordered so I never had to send it back. LP offers their own warranty as opposed to a manufacturer warranty so you would need to send it to LP for service.

    When I did get my Cobra, I noticed that it did not come with the original manual. Instead it was a copy of a manual and for the wrong computer, but I was able to download it from the Suunto Website so it was no big deal.

    I short, I had really good experience with LP and I would buy from them again.

    Hope this helps.
  4. AquaGuy

    AquaGuy Barracuda

    I too have had no problems with leisurepro. I have purchased a coba computer, ATX 200 Reg, Henderson Wetsuit and all have arrived within a few days. I have never had to send anything back yet, so I can't comment on their return policy.
  5. JDostal

    JDostal Divemaster

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    I wanted to buy my computer online, but am glad I didn't. I picked up the Uwatec SmartCom, and it didn't calculate RBT nor did it monitor breathing. I went to my dive shop, told 'em the problem and they handed me a different one and I was off.

    With LeisurePro, you do have to send them in. I'm not sure what the warranty situation is, but I know that Uwatec/ScubaPro is very fussy w/ warranty. Just be careful. The last thing I would want to have out of warranty is a $700 computer....

    And I agonized for a couple of weeks on where to buy from. Save money online, or get great service from my dive shop. Glad I went w/ the dive shop....but I do miss the couple of hundred dollars I could have saved.
  6. nk5

    nk5 Angel Fish

    Keep in mind that unlike regs the "limited" warranty on the computers is only good for 1 to 2 years depending on the brand. I bought my computer from LP for almost half the price that my LDS quoted me. I have had it for less than a year and it won't really bother if it breaks on me anytime soon. I'll just get another one, maybe even a different brand.
    I know a diver that bought a wrist computer with a two-year warranty from a LDS, it stopped working after a year or so. He took it back and was given a loaner (you can't really get this service online). He was then told that the warranty did not cover loss, I can't remember the exact detail. He told me that the LDS was nice enough to hook him up with a replacement at a fantastic price.
    To make the long story short, there is now doubt that the LDS could provide you with great service, however, I personally prefer to take my chances and save by buying my computer online. When it comes to regs or BC I my only choice would be my LDS, I want the service, the warranty, and peace of mind, regardless of how big the markup is.
  7. mndolphin

    mndolphin Angel Fish

    I am not sure but, it looks like I am going the internet route (unless I win the lottery)
    If I wait till I can afford to buy my equiptment (and my husbands) from the LDS, I will miss out on alot of dives!!
  8. FloridaSpork

    FloridaSpork Angel Fish

    I bought a Suunto Vyper from LeisurePro. Probably like many others, I was agonizing over purchasing essential equipment over the Internet... especially since Suunto's warranty is void if you buy over the net. After researching the computer and looking over LeisurePro's own warranty, I decided to take the plunge (so to speak).

    LP's warranty card came packaged with the computer. I filled it out and sent it back the same day. Just as NK5 said, the warranty on computers are generally 1 or 2 year limited. If it breaks, I don't really have a problem buying a new one. Plus, since it's a Suunto, replacing the battery isn't a problem because I can do it myself.

    Based on my experience, I would recommend buying a computer from LP.
  9. raviepoo

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    I bought my Suunto Viper from LP about a year and a half ago. I've hed no problems with it so I can't comment on warranty service.

    The Suunto Mosquito I bought from them seems to have been grey market merchandise. The instruction manual was in German. I went back to LP and they gave me a different manual.

    I have also bought a BC and reg from them. I have been able to have the reg serviced by my LDS. I pay for parts as well as labor but it doesn't amount to much.

    When I think about how much money I saved by buying my wet suit at LP I just want to get up and do a little dance of joy. In fact, I plan to go over there this afternoon to try on some 7mm suits.
  10. Ari

    Ari Moderator

    Bought a computer, light, compass and a lot of other stuff. It was always a good experience.

    And the prices are GREAT.

    Ari :)
  11. John Mathieson

    John Mathieson Angel Fish

    Not exactly Leisure Pro, and not a whole computer - but this is interesting -

    Bought a Suunto Cobra at a local shop that was going out of business - (great price) and then ordered the quick-disconnect piece from DiveInn in Spain. The piece cost only 57% of what another LDS wanted. The going-out-of-business place was out of stock.

    The same day, I ordered a little computer do-dad from a store about 40 miles away from where I live (far left coast of Canada - a LONG way from Spain).

    Today - both packages arrived the same day. Halfway around the world, and 40 miles away. The shipping cost from DiveInn was actually LESS than from the local shop.

    Go figure.

    Love that internet.
  12. GeekDiver

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    I bought a Cobra and a Apeks ATX200 got all the manuals and were in english. Items were at my ft door in just a couple of days I'll buy from them again soon
  13. GeekDiver

    GeekDiver Single Diver

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    Forgot to add. I got my ATX 200 for $379 Local dive shop wanted 650. My Cobra paid $415 dive shop was close to $700
  14. dcostanza

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    Good evening,
    I thought I would add to the discussion. Last week I ordered and received an Aeris 300g and a Scubapro s550 reg as well as a few small items. Got a great price on the items I ordered. Had they not been closed today I would have placed an order for a few more items for me and another 300G and Scubapro reg for my wife. Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I placed the order on Tuesday of last week, got it on Friday and did an 85' deep dive as well as nine additional dives in a local quarry and had no problems. I wanted to be the test subject on this equipment before ordering the same for my wife, from Leisure Pro once again. This was my first order and it won't be the last.

    Best Regards

    Don Costanza
  15. rcasey

    rcasey Angel Fish

    I was in the process of buying all new equipment for my wife and I . A daunting task, I may add. I fought the good fight between going with LP of a LDS. Well since the savings were over $1000, it wasn't too hard of a decision, just worried about the stuff not working.

    Got in 3-4 days from LP.

    Suunto computer (2 of em')
    Mares BC
    Sea Quest BD
    Mares MR22 first and second stage (2 of em')
    Apeks T20 Octo (2 of em')
    Integerated Weights
    Reg Bags

    Show me some water!

  16. Genesis

    Genesis Great White

    there's a lot of water.

    Its salty.

    Its full of fish.

    Bring a speargun :D
  17. jamiei

    jamiei Manta Ray

    LP has great prices and great service... thats been my experience. My fiance' ordered the wrong size wetsuit for me for Christmas and I called LP when I saw the size was a medium (well over the 14 day return policy also) and they said all I had to do was include a note and the return # on the box. I paid $8 for shipping/insurance and got the right size back in a little over a week. LP even paid for the return shipping even though it wasn't their fault we ordered the wrong size.
  18. reefkeeper

    reefkeeper Guest

    I just outfitted my wife and I with complete gear. The LDS offered a "special" price of $4,500, after giving me what they proclaimed a significant discount.

    The best price on the internet for the same stuff was Leisure Pro ($3,100). Truthfully, if the LDS would have been closer, say $3,500, I would have bought there to support them. Suffice it to say, they did not feel like dropping the price and I did not feel like haggling.

    The experience with Leisure Pro has been outstanding. I picked the wrong size on a few things, and the exchange was effortless and hassle-free.

    Unless the LDS' change their business models and/or mindset, it seems to me that they will be gone. I understand we all need to keep our lights on, but a consumer cannot justify a $1,500 subsidy. The service is nice, but with the reviews and information available on the internet these days, it does not command the kind of price the stores currently demand. Just my thoughts :)
  19. captJohnBoy

    captJohnBoy Guest

    Well, after reading some of the comments on this posting, I feel much better now. I love to support my LDS here in town -- but I can't be responsible for the 50%+ markup in prices for general equipment, including accessories and dive computers just to keep my local buddy in business (he has a full-time job anyway!)

    While I probably would never buy my Life Support gear (such as 1st/2nd stage, tanks, hoses, etc.) online due to servicing issues, I really didn't want to waste about 400-500 bucks simply to buy my new Uwatec Aladin AirZ computer through my LDS (I currently wear an Uwatec SmartPro (officially bought at full rate from my LDS and under warranty) as a primary so it will be relegated to my secondary on most dives.

    I found the price a-ok on EBAY for a subsiderary of LeisurePro (ScubaEquipment I think) but I'm really bummed about no warranty. Here's my two cents worth:

    I filed a complaint today with the Fed Trade Commission requesting an answer to my question that ScubaPro was failing to honor these warranties, especially relating to safety recall info and support, and might be illegal under section 1 of the Sherman Act of 1980. If you will research the case law on FAS (several Chrysler dealers that bonded together) who decided to refuse warranty service on autos that were bought online by non-authorized dealers outside the geographic area, the courts ruled that such actions were in violation of the section on free trade and price fixing. If the new cars were provided by the manufacturer to the non-authorized dealer, it was between those parties, not the consumer or external parties. Any warranty work normally covered from one dealer must apply to all dealers, even though online and outside of the geographical region of their contracted zone (with the manufacturer).

    Think about it -- ScubaPro wants to keep the prices high and to lock out resale of used equipment. They allow the products to fall into the hands of LeisurePro and other Internet discounters but then try to penalize the consumer because a lower price is available outside of the LDS region. I actually had a non-SP vendor tell me that he knew that ScubaPro's management was intent on stopping online sales and was doing everything possible to force consumers to stop buying cheap (potentially illegal), rather than focusing on stopping non-authorized dealers from obtaining the products (legal). In fact, this person said that battery replacement (free for most LDS purchasers) can run as much as $150 for people like me and any upgrades of software, etc. would be so prohibitively expensive that we consumers would be taught a lesson never to buy via the Internet again. As a solid ScubaPro customer until today, I don't appreciate someone busting my chops simply because I want to save a few C-notes.

    I love ScubaPro equipment -- but this practice of potential illegal price fixing and failure to notify users of registered products, especially keeping the serial number info in the database has got to stop. You simply can not require consumers to police themselves when products are freely available at non-authorized dealers at a lower rate. If the manufacturer allows those products in the hands of non-authorized dealers at a discount, it is not the responsibility of the wary consumer to keep up with the list of authorized dealers and lose the warranty. It smacks of price fixing, collusion to avoid warranty repairs that would otherwise be covered, and is a negligent safety hazard to those "illegal" persons that want to save a few bucks and register a product for safety bulletins but fail to receive them. Yes, I can check for recalls at other places, but why should I have to? What gives any manufacturer the right to force registered product users into paying a fixed rate for a product or risk safety issues because their registration wasn't accepted? This isn't something that can simply be placed as a disclaimer on the web page and be expected to pass legal recourse. No business can declare these kinds of self-imposed rules in the course of trade and expect not to receive some sort of pushback from consumers. I thought that the US was a free-market operating under principles of captialism.....

    Keep in mind that I know ScubaPro is not the only manufacturer that does this....but reform has to start somewhere and usually starts with one person asking the infamous question, "WHY?"

    I will keep everyone posted on any response that I may receive from the FTC but in the meantime, check to see if section 1 of the Sherman Act of 1980 prohibits this practice. Any information on this topic is appreciated! Any be sure to tell your ScubaPro buddies to complain to anyone who will listen, including ScubaPro management. One person's voice does little...but many voices are powerful!
  20. MaresMan1

    MaresMan1 Barracuda

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    My son and I have been buying equipment from Leisure Pro for years and never had any problems. Any issues that came up were handled quickly and they have even shipped equipment to us at a vacation resort.

    Even though we service most of our own equipment, we have had no problems with their warranty or service. The savings alone has paid for the service for a long time to come.

    Enjoy the ride

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