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Ear problems after diving

Discussion in 'Diving Medicine' started by hnladue, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. hnladue

    hnladue Manta Ray

    I have problems with my ears after diving. They feel plugged and I can't hear well. Also everytime I swallow they crack and pop. Blowing my nose is a real challenge as they REALLY pop, but then go back to muffled. I feel like a little old lady that needs hearing aids!!! The problem lasts for about a week. Any ideas on what I can do?? Equalizing going down and up is ok but sometimes a struggle. If I go really slow I don't have issues.

  2. rmediver2002

    rmediver2002 Instructor, Scuba

    It sounds like you have some fluid in the middle ear, more than likely the result of a middle ear squeeze.

    This is not at all uncommon, especially on shallow dives or those that your depth is frequently changing. Most of us will forget to clear until we detect some slight discomfort but this allows a small pressure differential that will over time draw some fluid into the middle ear space. One event were we most likely all have experienced this is in the pool phase of training...

    Are the problems with slow clearing normal for you or due to some congestion?

    If not due to short term congestion then it would be more than worth your while to see a ear, nose, and throat specialst for an evaluation.

    Stay safe,

    Jeff Lane
  3. idahodivers

    idahodivers Angel Fish

    I have the exact same symptoms, though less popping as my eustachian tubes are a bit clogged now. Saw my doc yesterday and he identified fluid in the middle ear, prescribed Zyrtec and Flonase. Hoping to have it cleared by this Saturday so I can finish my OW cert. It happened during the confined water portion of training last weekend. From my reading on diving medicine seems to be pretty common?
  4. suzie q

    suzie q Guest

    I had this problem after some deep diving, and even had some hemmorraging, but no perferation. everything cleared up within a week without any meds or drops.
  5. ZenSquirrel

    ZenSquirrel Nassau Grouper

    I had a similar problem. My first couple dives I had great difficulty getting my ears to equalize. I had to stop several times and ascend to get them to go. After the dives like this, I had similar problems to what you describe.

    Now I pinch my nose and blow before my head is even under water. I more or less equalize continouously for the first 33 feet of decent. When I do this, I don't have trouble with my ears and I don't have the symptoms after diving.
  6. dludlow

    dludlow Guest

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    Location: Aqaba, Jordan
    Thanks guys! I'm a new diver and this answered my question exactly. Old info is still good info!
  7. strmchsr

    strmchsr Garibaldi

    # of Dives: 0 - 24
    Location: Millbrook, AL
    Thanks for the info. Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with this. I hadn't thought about starting the clearing before going under, but I suppose it I wait until I'm already under the pressure might close the tubes before I can get air in making equalization impossible. Thanks again for the good advice.
  8. mareo007

    mareo007 Garibaldi


    3 moths ago I went for a hollyday to Turkey. Fiew days before flight back to Poland me and my girlfriend we decidet to try scuba diving for a first time. There was two dives 4 and 6 meters deep. My girlfriend was fine but I cant say the same about me. Durning first dive I feel big pressure on my ears and even that I was trying to equalize the pressure in my ears I still was feeling uncomfortable. After diving every time I swallow or jawn I hear crakling in my ears. When I came back to Poland I went to see a doctor he told me that my eardrum is fine and probablly I have got some infection. He gave me some antibitic for a week. It didnt help me so next time after next two weeks he told me that I can have water in middle ear I need to wait until it disapear itself. Nothing like that happend. I have to be honest with you I never belive that I had that water in middle ear because my hearing was fine. Another nose and throat specialist told me that my ears are fine and he dont now what is wrong with them. Meybe someone knows what is wrong with my ears????

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