Oceanic "Veo 200"???

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  1. Xtreme

    Xtreme Angel Fish

    Can anyone tell me anything about the Oceanic "Veo 200" Air/Nitrox Dive Computer Triple Navcon Console? I'm thinking seriously about purchasing one and was wanting to get a little info on them by someone who owns or has used one. Thanks...
  2. mjh

    mjh Loggerhead Turtle

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    We have the base VEO as a backup computer and I carry it when solo diving. It has worked great, is easy to use and easy to read.
  3. RockyHeap

    RockyHeap Scuba Instructor

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    We just bought the Versa Pro, which is very similar to the Veo......Versa just had an easier to read display I thought.

    Works great and easy to read underwater.

    "dive" them both at Oceanics main website.....great simulations there.
  4. ChrisA

    ChrisA Loggerhead Turtle

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    You might want to check out the tables implemented inside the computer and take that into concideration. Some computers are "agressive" and give you more bottom time than other "conservative" computers do. The Oceanic, I think is on the "agressive" side which may or may not suityou based on if you have any of the DCS risk factors.
    Age, weight, physical condition...

    But I don't know how to check out those internal tables. In the store all you can look at is the bottom time for a non-repetive dive. You can't see any credit it might give you for a slow acent or what it woud do for a 4rth dive of the day.
  5. DMDC01

    DMDC01 Guest

    If you go to www.oceanicworldwide.com it is very informative. as for it being aggressive, I disagree. It uses the modified haldanean/DSAT data base. We have sold several of these set ups to many different types of customers and will continue to do so. In my opinion it is one of the best dive computers on the market for a strictly recreational or nitrox diver.
  6. Xtreme

    Xtreme Angel Fish

    Thanks for all of the info...
  7. dvngagn

    dvngagn Garibaldi

    I finally purchased the veo 200 after getting into diving about 15 years ago. This computer is very easy to use with the whole array of lights and buzzers. It is very easy to see with the large numbers and does not take a lot of time to learn all of its functions. I primarily do lake diving in Canada where the temps are around 46 degrees. The computer performs quite well and has given me no problems. The only thing that it has helped me to really improve on is that it has really slowed down my ascent rates. It is quite easy to violate the ascent rate. As far as being an aggressive computer you can set alarms in for nitrogen loading to alarm sooner so as to be more conservative. Hope this helps. I would definitely buy this computer again.
  8. J75

    J75 Barracuda

    I use the VEO 200 Triple Navcon Console, and use a wrist-mounted 200 as a backup and love them both. I find the tables to be on the conservative side. The computer is very easy to read, is backlight, has a user-changable battery and is very easy to switch your gas percentages when using Nitrox. I'd highly recommend it.
  9. mnj1233

    mnj1233 Barracuda

    I dive a VEO-250 and like its simplicity and especially the "quick release". It is more aggressive than say a Suunto Viper being that I dive side by side with one who uses one. Only real complaint is you cannot even lift the console more than a foot quickly without getting an ascent-rate alarm.
  10. vondo

    vondo Single Diver

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    Lots of comments here, but is there anything in particular you want to know? For what it's worth, I second the comments here. I like mine and it is easy to trigger the ascent rate warning just moving around at 60', but all it does in beep.
  11. aabond

    aabond Barracuda

    I too second the comments here. It great little computer for a diver of pretty much any skill. Would I switch to something else probably, but then again it would to the Suunto D9 with is a very small wrist mounted wireless computer. A whole different animal and whole lot more expensive. For the time being, the veo 200 gives me what I need to know in orderly to dive safely.
  12. D_B

    D_B Biilápache, Dii Shodah? ScubaBoard Sponsor

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    VEO 200 ... I like mine, large display , very good price and as for the agressive side , I have mine set more conservative by setting the nitrogen loading alarm to warn me before/at the end of the green on the tissue loading bar graph


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