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  1. Swoll

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    I want to get my Enriched air cert thru PADI what book does PADI use. I want to buy it online to save some money. And were can i find it

  2. buddhasummer

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    Im not 100% what the deal is in the US but here the price course is fixed and includes the manual/tables etc i.e you cannot just buy "it" in pieces, but if you type in "Padi Enriched Air Diving" you should be able to find one online, although the book is not very big so cant imagine youre gonna save a lot if anything, good luck. Alternatively just go and check out the Padi website and Padi online.
  3. UnderH2OView

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    I'm not sure with online purchase, but if the book is bundled with the 32/36 tables they may have been pulled. There was a misprint in one of the nitrox NDL tables where one of the boxes was not populated with data. I just took this course through my LDS and I got the book before the class with EAD table. The correctly printed 32/26 tables were handed out by the instructor at the class.
  4. MX727

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    You can get the pack from many places. You will get the book, three tables and a DVD. Try LeisurePro, ScubaToys or any of the other popular online stores you see mentioned here.
  5. orlandoscuba

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    Most Instructors include it in one course price, my course was $135, which included the book, c-card test etc.

    If I wanted to I could of bought the book pack for $60, with dive tables, but I still would of had to pay the rest of the course fee. Note: PADI charges $30 for a C-Card.

    There are also two set of books. One Imperial (for USA and the engish system) and the other metric for the other system.
  6. Don Wray

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  7. aussie_ian

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    Does the Nitrox certification require a dive with Nitrox to get the certification? From what I read you can 1. Get the crew pack online, study it and then 2. Sit for the exam. If I pass the exam what happens then - does the tester send off the results to PADI? do I need photos for the c-card? I get some conflicting stories as one website said I need to show I can test a tanks oxygen contents ?

    Any advice welcome, cheers
  8. zerogravity89

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    You have to analyse 2 tanks for Oxygen content.
  9. Don Wray

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    You must analyze 2 tanks for O2 content and plan 2 dives using the mix. There is some classroom work to do, then the written. The Instructor would then submit a PIC to PADI and some require a photo, others can send a digital.
  10. Gen San Chris

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    Here in the Philippines you can only get the manuals bundled with the slates and the PIC envelope. To to turn up for the training only with the manual would cause the Instructor problems having to apply to PADI for a single PIC!

  11. kadleck

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    No dives are needed, as the act of diving is really no different to diving with air. What is different is the planning, and (if applicable) setting of your computer for the mix.

    Aside from the exam (75% pass mark, so very straightforward, assuming you can use the tables), as has been said, you will have to analyse gas, fill in the log correctly, and stick a label on the tank(s) showing the analysed mix, MOD, etc. (We only analysed one tank each.)
  12. Dive-aholic

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    It's a little more involved than that. The Nitrox class I do can last anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on how many students and how well they grasp the material. We also talk about a few things that are not included in the manual. Then we analyze a few different mixes and learn how to log them on a Nitrox log sheet. Dives are no longer required for certification. As for the photo, I take photos of my students. Other instructors may require you to submit one.
  13. k ellis

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    0 Its one of the easiest courses out there
  14. Sas

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    You don't need to do dives to get a Nitrox certification with most agencies. I am doing my Intro to Nitrox course at the moment with TDI. The process was
    1. Complete a book of questions after doing home study

    2. First theory class where we covered (in about 3.5 hours):
    -History of Nitrox
    -DCI/Narcosis/OxTox/etc (i.e. the usual dangers of diving)
    -all the usual pressure stuff from OW
    -Pros and cons of Nitrox
    -Different decompression models including Buhlmann, Pyle (sp?), Wienke, and Gradient Factors (which is what he focused on)
    -Standard gases v best mix. My instructor says he uses GUE standard mixes rather than best mix and gave reasons why
    -tissue compartment theory by Haldene
    -a bit about helium, as he seemed to be a massive fan :p

    3. Second theory class on Tues where we will cover (again 3.5hrs approx):
    -how to use different types of dive planning software, with a focus on GAP
    -detailed dive plans with using Nitrox, as well as minimum gas requirement planning. We have not been provided with tables other than those for air and have to do the calculations manually - this is not hard however
    -different types of Nitrox fills
    -how to analyse fills

    4. Exam of 50 questions

    5. We have to submit detailed plans for two dives

    6. We get our card, presume they need pictures taken

    We are expected to go and do the dives planned in Step 5 soon after our course but this is not supervised by an instructor.

    Anyway, hope this helps with what to expect :) It is a different agency yes but I am not sure it will differ heaps from what PADI teaches as they are both Intro to Nitrox courses (but I could be wrong).
  15. NudeDiver

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    FWIW, I'll sell you my PADI Nitrox book, with dive planners, for $10 + shipping.

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