Scuba diver dies after being found floating at Kurnell, NSW, Australia

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    Another death this weekend in Australia, this time at one of Sydney's more popular shore dive sites.

    Scuba diver dies after being found floating in water

    Another report, with photos of the police recovering some gear:
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    It's my sad duty to inform users that we have reason to believe that the diver in question was one of our moderating staff.


    We have no specifics regarding what happened. Needless to say this has made a very deep impression on all of us and I would like to implore people not to speculate and to await further factual information.

    On behalf of the Scubaboard staff,

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    Note: Due to the nature of this discussion, this is not the thread that friends and family are looking for.

    Friends and family are advised to visit the following thread:
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  3. NetDoc

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    This diver’s identity has been confirmed by her dive buddies and I was promptly notified. We don't know all the details just yet, but the dive community lost one our brightest stars. Via con Dios, Marcia Fisk Ong, aka Quero, one of my Advisors.
    Many of us who knew and
    respected her will abstain from discussion in this thread. Suffice it to say that the Marcia’s last moments were spent doing what she loved - scuba diving.

    Please visit this thread in Passing to express your condolences.
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    Any details yet? I realize this is going to be hard to discuss but I'm surprised nobody has started a discussion on this,yet.
    Perhaps we're just in shock,still. I'm wondering if the fact that Quero was just learning to use her drysuit and admittedly struggling with it could have had something to do with this.
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    I was just coming to see if there were any updates....

    wonder if any of her dive group were from SB.

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    I found another article on but of course my tablet crashed and I lost it...

    Didn't say much, but did mention a camera being pulled from the water.
  6. Dive Bug Bit Me

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    If I were part of the dive group, I'd be out getting drunk trying to pretend that the last 48 hours of my life never happened.

    I suspect we will see a full report, but it may be a while yet.
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  7. DandyDon

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    The camera found by police divers was mention and shown in some updated news stories.
    Nothing to discuss yet. Just no info presented to be discussed.
  8. uncfnp

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    Would anyone be willing to share a little bit about the dive site where she was found?
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  9. Pedro Burrito

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    [h=1]Scuba diver?s death off Kurnell still a mystery | St George & Sutherland Shire Leader

    Scuba diver’s death off Kurnell still a mystery[/h][h=2]By Sheree Mutton [/h]Oct. 8, 2013, 4:26 p.m.
    Police are still investigating how a scuba diver died yesterday morning at Inscription Point, off Kurnell.
    The woman, 62, believed to be an American, was diving with three other people about 10am.
    She was found unconscious and dragged to shore near the monument at Captain Cook’s Landing Place.
    A witness tried to revive her but she was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.
    Miranda police crime manager, Detective Inspector Shane Woolbank, said the woman was a competent diver with more than 15 years’ experience.
    ‘‘There will be an examination of the diving equipment, particularly the air tank to see if there were any faults,’’ he said.
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  11. LetterBoy

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    She was 62:shocked2: I would not have guessed that... She appeared to be in good physical fitness.

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    Looking at Steven link the site appears to taper down to 15m with what appears to be deeper depths to the east.

    Beautiful creatures from the description.

    Google maps shows a shore entry into a harbor.
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  12. awap

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    She was found on the surface and that is probably a good thing. That probably means the incident either occurred on the surface or she recognized a problem and was headed to the surface. That is an indication that she was doing what a good diver could do.
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  13. uncfnp

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    She had just celebrated her birthday. I believe it was October 1st.
  14. koozemani

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    Subscribing to keep up with any updates.
  15. RickyF

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    Very sad when anyone dies that young I hope they can determine the cause so we all can learn.
  16. clownfishsydney

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    I am the author of that article on my web site. That is not the location she was diving. The spot where she was diving was about 300 metres to the west, much shallower. Here is a link to the article on the site, The Monuments: Michael McFadyen's Scuba Diving Web Site.

    On Monday when she died, I was diving from a site about 900 metres to the east to the site mentioned in the quote above. The conditions on my dive were close to perfect, flat seas, visibility of 20 metres, no current. The conditions at The Monuments would have been better with totally flat seas, but perhaps visibility a little worse at maybe 15 metres. The site is one of the easiest that can be imagined, especially when conditions were so good as on Monday. We finished our dive and left the site without even realising that this sad event was unfolding about 100 metres from where drove past.

    As I know three of the people involved, I am aware of some of what happened. It is very sad indeed. My thoughts are with her family and the divers involved.
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    While I only knew Quero herself casually, from a few online chats, I do know two of those who were diving with her, and my heart goes out to them too.

    This will be emotionally devastating to both of them, even life changing as they are both deeply caring people who will beat themselves, even if nothing they could have done would have changed the results.
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    Thanks, clownfishsydney.

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