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Thread: So you think scuba diving is expensive!!


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    Apr 2002


    $1500 for dive gear? When are you getting the rest of it? Or maybe you just left out a zero?


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    May 2003


    When you are 16 and only make 100 a week yes. I had to pay for my class and everything that I wanted to go divng with.

    You know moms save your money then you can do it. Iam not paying a dam thing, your old enough, you got a job save your money.

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    [QUOTE][i]taat2d once bubbled... [/i][B]Sea...

    taat2d once bubbled...
    Seahunter, either you bought your gear used, or you have very cheap scuba gear. And PLEASE tell me where you can go diving for $5 a day. I had the misconception of buying all my gear for around $1200. That was BEFORE I actually saw all the gear needed and wanted. Needless to say I have invested well over $500.00, and that's being modest.
    He owns a shop in Canada. That should answer your question.

    Looks like his post backfired if you ask me.
    "I will spare you a gushy description of the dive itself, except to say that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you've been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent. "
    -Dave Barry

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    Apr 2002
    St. Thomas, USVI

    If he owns a shop......

    I want him to put me in a complete set-up (including tanks) for that Canadian $1500. If that gets me dives for $5 a piece.... I'm in!!!


    P.S. Does that include the drysuit?

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    Feb 2003
    Chino, CA

    I'd say it's a tough call between diving and ...

    I'd say it's a tough call between diving and RC airplane modelling. I have one bird with over $800 wrapped up in it, and that's not including the radio or engine. Bare minimum is $200-$300 per bird including radio, and that's for gliders. power planes add another $100-$200 to that, depending on the size.
    Fuel is $15-$20/gallon, and my 1/5 scale aerobatic plane burns that $20 in 2 hours of flight time.
    Add to that $10-$50 in gas for my truck to get to a suitable flying field now that urban sprawl and golf courses have taken away many of the good sites (my favorite site is actually near Salton Sea, 150 miles away).

    Can you do it for $500? Sure... with a basic trainer, and if you're happy not getting extreme and just relaxing... sure. Some of the newer electric park flyers are also pretty inexpensive, but only stay up for 10-15 minutes.

    Any sport can get as expensive as you want to make it. I've probably got over $15,000 wrapped up in dive gear... and at least $5000 of that is duplicated costs for "wrong" equipment that I bought because I listened to a salesman and not someone who knew what works. What pi$$es me off is that at least $2000 of that $5000 is stuff that I bought knowing that I'd be happier with something slightly more expensive but I figured I'd save a few bucks... in every case within 6-12 months I replaced the cheaper one with what I really wanted the first time.

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    Lufkin, Texas


    Actually I don't find it all that expensive. The trick is getting around the Dive Shop 9000% mark up and the PADI chain of "give me your money in order to dive" classes. Once past that you can out fit yourself pretty nicely for about &1500-$2000.
    Mike Lillie

    "If they have to post a sign to warn you away, it is probably going to be fun!"

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    May 2003
    Sanford, Michigan
    200 - 499

    What is a person worth?

    Yes, between OW class, AOW class, Adv. Nitrox/Deep course, and Dive Control Specialist course I have about $2500 wrapped up into classes alone. My gear is probably another $20K.

    My big expense now is travel and charters to use all of the above, LOL. And it is worth every penny! My ex's antique business was costing me nearly as much and I didn't enjoy it (still does some months).

    This is spent on me and I love every fraction of a second that I spend under the water. I didn't have to spend as much as I have to get into diving, but this is my hobby and I chose to jump in with both feet (pun not intended). I am glad that I did.
    A Diver's Got to know their limitations.-->Harry Callahan (paraphrased to meet intent)

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    Santa Catalina Island, CA
    2,500 - 4,999

    It's like anything else

    Jeez some of the "stuff" you posters are talking about re: equipment and expense seems ridiculous. I could purchase all the gear I've got for about $850 (add a computer if you'd like). This includes tank, BCD, reg, wetsuit, booties, mask, fins, etc. I can dive out here (or on the mainland) for $4/fill.

    Admittedly I am fortunate to live on Catalina. Those who live in Hawaii or Florida or other warm water locations have it even easier (and cheaper). This doesn't not include dive travel (certainly a major expense for those in landlocked areas, but skiing can involve that as well).

    I see so many gizmos that people carry these days when they go in the water that aren't needed for basic rec diving. For techies there are certainly added expenses.

    My advice: KISS. Don't get caught up in unnecessary equipment, top of the line, air integrated computers, etc. Of course I get the added benefit of writing it all off if I do buy them.

    Dr. Bill
    Dr. Bill: I once had a 6-pack but now I have a full keg... well, maybe just a pony!
    Dr. Bill: Not THAT kind of doctor... but I'll take a look at it anyway!

    Kelp forest marine life images, DVD's for sale, and archived "Dive Dry with Dr. Bill" newspaper columns
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    Haarlem, The Netherlands

    swimming sure is cheeper....

    swimming sure is cheeper.

    3 speedo's: 100 dollars
    1 goggle: 7 dollar

    pool fees, 15 dollar per month.

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    May 2003
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    1,000 - 1,999

    I agree with Dr bill, want and need are two ...

    I agree with Dr bill, want and need are two differant things. I dont think that I,ve spent over a thousand dollars on gear but then I always shop for the really good deal on used gear. I buy good stuff but not new stuff, well almost never buy new stuff. I might have replaced all the origonal stuff I bought but I did it over a span of yrs. To me the expense is going out on charter boats, its about a hundred bucks a day for perhaps 4 dives, thats 25 a dive. The maintenence is what 1-2 hundred a year. If I lived in Avalon it would be easier to get wet for sure. I used to have my own boat, that got really expensive and labor intensive.
    Want is differant than need for sure.

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