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Did the second and last triathlon of the year today

Discussion in 'Ideas and Stories' started by Gary D., Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Gary D.

    Gary D. ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Post Falls, Idaho
    This year’s Triathlon is in the history books.

    The group of “Rescue divers” showed up again and asked us for transport three of them to their dive stations. The Sgt. and I said OK, lets see what they have to offer.

    First off they have way to much gear, the wrong gear and the wrong configuration of it to even be decent sport divers.

    Two of their group were in ALL rental gear. So I question why a CRACK RESCUE team would use rental gear. Ready for this? Because the gear is always ready to go. I said that might be ok for recovery but not rescue. OH NO, EVEN RESCUE. All we have to do is swing by the shop and pick up the gear that we know is always ready. So what if the shop is closed? Just call the owner and he will open it up.

    So the mouthpiece of the group goes to get into our RAVE. He steps on the bladder and goes right into the deck on his head. Damn that’s a rubber boat. DUH!

    So out at their staging location he is still fumbling with his gear. So being a smart-*** I suit up, roll off the side and came up on the stern of the boat. He laughs and wonders where this guy came from. I hop up and get out and he was surprised it was the guy he was just talking to on the boat, me.

    Finally he enters with a style picked up from watching way to many Sea Hunt episodes.

    Now I don’t know what they are going to do being in the water with limited vis. and no communications. Just wait for someone in trouble to come to them?

    So the race is over and it’s time to pick them up. Now there are four of them. Two are to weak and so far out of shape they can’t climb up on the dive platform even without their gear on. They swim into shore. One didn’t have any trouble but the mouth gave us a good laugh.

    We told him that until he knows how to do it to just dump his gear and hand it to me. NOPE, I can do it. He did make it about half way when he slipped and crushed a Scuba Pro second stage. Three tries and with some help he makes it.

    He sits down and I noticed something I had a bit of trouble with. He is wearing a one piece 7mm wet suit, Twin HP 100’s, SS BP with a 100# wing and 24 pounds of weight.

    I mentioned to him aren’t you a bit heavy? NOPE, I can dive with the wing only half full. I said it should be empty. Him, NOPE half full or more for prefect buoyancy. He needs to half fill a straight jacket.

    He tells us he had to get rid of his 36# lift because it just didn’t do the job. Then he asks me how much lift I have. I say we all have 65#. Him, You’ll kill yourself with such little lift. Now filling the other half of the straight jacket.

    One of my teammates asked why they had so much useless gear on. The mouth says you have to be ready for any situation that could possible arrives at all times. I say you need just enough to do the job your doing. NOPE, better to have way too much than not enough. Bet you guys don’t carry these as he shows us one of those emergency hammers for breaking glass and cutting seat belts.

    No we don’t. We use stuff that works like spring punches. You can’t swing a hammer underwater hard enough to smash a window. OH yes you can when your in shape.

    Why do you have that with you now? We are working swimmers. NEVER know when we might get called for a car in the water. Need a second straight jacket.

    Back at the dock he jumps up and jumps to the dock prior to us tying up. His feet go right out from under him and down he goes on his back, on his tanks and cutting the other regs hose almost in two.

    Man you didn’t catch me. I just said, I don’t catch smart-*** stupid wanna be divers. A real diver would have asked for help after we tied up the boat.

    These guys and two gals were better entailment that the swimmers were this time. They are also done getting onto our boats unless they are a victim, which they very well might be.

    Today just may have cooled their jets. There was a bunch more like picking him up SEAL style because that was the way he was trained. But you can get the idea about this team, team?

    Gary D.
  2. Kriterian

    Kriterian Solo Diver

    That's kind of scary actually. It makes me wonder what the team is like in my area. I'd be scared to be rescued by people like that! Did you really say the "smart-*** catching" comment? Man that's funny!
  3. Gary D.

    Gary D. ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: Post Falls, Idaho
    Don't worry about your local team. These folks are just a bunch that got a PADI Rescue cert and think they are a "Crack Rescue Team" because most of "US" don't have that Rescue cert.. He still does not know what PSD means.

    The Mouthpiece got on me today and said when I have the training and knowledge he has to contact him to see if there would be room on his team. I chuckled and shook my head.

    One of his followers is an ex-deputy that got the quit or get fired thing just 3 weeks into employment last year. He came from a department in the southern part of the state where he was the firearms instructor and head of the dive team.

    He took it as an insult when he was asked to produce the proper documentation and qualify at the range which he refused. As far as the dive team, hehehe the county doesn't have any diveable water. All his gear was rental.

    We just happen to be the idiot magnet of the world.

    Gary D.

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