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Dumbest Thing You Have Done...

Discussion in 'Basic Scuba Discussions' started by syruss32, Oct 15, 2001.

How many times have you broken gear doing something stupid?

  1. Never

    135 vote(s)
  2. 1 time

    44 vote(s)
  3. 2 - 3 times

    31 vote(s)
  4. 4 or more times

    20 vote(s)
  1. syruss32

    syruss32 Manta Ray

    Well now we have covered almost everything other than the dumbest thing you have done that you should have known better than doing...

    Here is my beginner oops.

    During training my instructor kept harping about laying the tank and bcd down. If he caught it standing and you were more than 3 feet from it, you owed him a 6 pack. Luckily I never got caught.

    Well a couple weeks ago I was getting ready to dive and to make putting the gear on easier I stood it up on the tailgate of my Tahoe. Then I realized my fins were still in my sotrage box on the ground 10 feet away. Since it is much harder to get to things on the ground in full gear I walked over and grabbed them.

    Just as I picked them up I heard theloud his of air behind me. I immediately thought my reg was free flowing. I turned around and the whole rig was on the ground with a busted BCD inflator hose. So I was done diving for the day.

    Luckily the shop I rented the gear from didn't charge me to replace the hose. I felt like such a doofus. I knew better than that.
  2. Butch103

    Butch103 Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives:
    Location: Southeast Ontario (Marmora)
    Syruss, buddy , hmmmmmmmmmmmm sorry can't say I have done anything dumb. heehee. :rolleyes:

    Other than cutting loose my lift bag from a sunken anchor, without letting the air out. No nothing dumb................:D

    I think the liftbag is still in orbit :boom:

    Butch :peace:
  3. CGoheen

    CGoheen Angel Fish

    Are you asking the number of mistakes per dive? or per year? or per ceritification? And do I need to include the mistakes I make prior to going diving?

    Just kidding:froggy:
  4. joewr

    joewr ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives:
    Location: Northern California
    a dive master chuckling...

    There was the time Barbara and I, who have wetsuits that look the same, grabbed the wrong wet suit by mistake. There we were trying to put the other's suit on: Barb with my L and me with her XS.

    We were not watching each other, however. Thus, Barbara was sliding into mine and wondering why "her" wet suit had stretched so much. I, of course, was struggling to get into hers and wondering what the hell was going on! When we heard the DM laughing with glee, we looked up and...well, you know: the color was "TECHNICAL RED".

  5. 100days-a-year

    100days-a-year Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: NE Florida
    I break a min. of 1-2 tickle sticks a year due to being clumsy.A fin strap once.The worst was jumping in to freedive down to wreck and forgetting my fins in a hurry.
  6. hphobbie@aol.com

    hphobbie@aol.com Angel Fish

    Let's see now:

    --- hopping in water with air off --oooh about 3X a year
    --- hopping in water w/o weight belt -- about same
    --- forgetting to set O2 mix and being told I am in deco and oxtox at same time
    --- weight pockest falling out of my BC on 5 of 7 dives in NC

    But the worst is the firts time I put on a back zip suit ... thought is twas a front zip and wondered why the knee pads were on back of knee :)
  7. bradymsu

    bradymsu Instructor, Scuba

    The only time I came close to drowning was in 3 foot of water. I was doing a shore dive in a rocky surf zone on Lake Michigan and took my reg out of my mouth since I figured I didn't need it anymore. Well, I was attempting to get my fins off since I couldn't walk through the rocks with them on. Lake Michigan decided to batter me against the rocks and it was a struggle trying to find the reg. I got a big drink and some bruises to show my why we're not suppossed to remove the reg until we're back on land or in the boat.

    My other stupid thing was to try to catch a tank rolling out of a truck with my foot to keep the valve from smacking the ground (hands were occupied). I have a permanent mark on my toe to remind me what a bad idea that was.
  8. Belushi

    Belushi Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: I'm a Fish!
    Location: London
    Some really daft things I have seen.
    Only numbers 1, 2, 4 & 5 apply to me before anybody asks!

    1) Arriving with the student's gear and leaving all of your own behind. Having to use the spare gear, BCD, Reg, boots & gloves in 8 deg C water temp.
    When the wetsuit is for a ML lady and you are a XXL male.

    2) Getting in the water with 8 guests needing to be guided without a mouthpiece on your reg, as you were going to change it after lunch, and then you fell asleep on the front of the boat with no time after lunch!

    3) Taking an u/w camera on holiday, and thinking it was faulty because the flash did not work, when in reality it was because the on button was not used.

    4) Trying to airlift a lobster pot to find that the rope is attached to your leg as it ascends, so do you (upside down!)

    5) Getting banned from the dive shop :wink: because the other instructor's students found your juggling more interesting both u/w and on the surface than the other instructor's tours of a boring dive site.

    6) Taking off your scuba unit, slightly inflated and watching as it sinks rapidly with someone elses twin 15l tanks on, because you have left the integrated weights in the pouches
  9. syruss32

    syruss32 Manta Ray


    Don't worry I would still dive with you and scubababy!

    As for the Poll:

    I think we have 7 fibbers, maybe 2 have never had anything go wrong, but 9 seems kinda high!
  10. scubanole

    scubanole Nassau Grouper

    Ready to do the giant stride off the boat and the DM asked if I had forgotten anything. When I said "no", he asked how I was going to see. I had forgotten my mask. Oh well.

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